18 Coolest Undercut Haircuts That Every Man Should Try

The undercut haircuts are unquestionably among of the most popular men’s hairstyles 2022 right now. To begin with, the cut is youthful and versatile, meaning it may be worn with curly, straight, or wavy hair.

Another benefit of the undercut is that it may be worn in a variety of styles. As a result, finding the correct solution for your personal style is simple.

18 Undercut Haircuts That Are Super Cool For Men’s

This is the most comprehensive collection of both modern and classic undercut hairstyles. You can test out a variety of undercut styles listed below. Each one gives this traditional men’s haircut a modern edge.

Best men's haircuts undercut

1. Disconnected Undercut Haircut

The disconnected undercut is defined by a strong contrast between your hair on top and the shaved sides. As a result, it offers a strong and stunning look that is great for fashion-conscious gentlemen. If you’re looking for a bold new style and aren’t afraid to turn a few heads, this is the cut to go for.

Disconnected Undercut Haircut Men

2. The Classic Undercut + Slick Back

This is an extremely cool looking long undercut hairstyle for males with long waves slicked back. To achieve this look, apply a pomade with a hint of shine to damp hair, work it in evenly, and then style with your fingers.

The Classic Undercut + Slick Back For Men

3. Slick Back Undercut Haircuts

An undercut looks great on all hair types, but it looks especially good on straight hair. Consider getting an undercut and slicking your hair back with pomade or gel if your hair is straight. The undercut will not only look smart and elegant, but it will also give intrigue to your look without the need for extra texture. As an added bonus, it will make your morning ritual a breeze.

Slick Back Undercut Haircuts For Men

4. Men’s Undercut Fade: Styled Two Ways

This is an excellent example of how versatile this haircut can be in terms of styling. One haircut has been styled in two very different ways. The hair on the left has a lot of volume thanks to a blow dryer. If your men hair thick like this guy’s, use a firmer grip pomade and style it slicked back from front to back. The textured hair has been styled back to front in a sloppy crop appearance on the right. Two cool male hairstyles! An undercut fade is the current term for this style.

Men’s undercut fade styled two ways to style

5. Side Part Undercut Haircuts

Consider wearing your hair in a side part undercut for a stylish yet edgy look. This hairstyle is ideal for modern gents, combining the strong contrast of an undercut with the sleek elegance of a side part. A detached undercut is a daring twist on the appearance. Stick to a conventional undercut with a little amount of length on the sides if you want a more subtle look.

Side Part Undercut Haircuts For Men

6. Undercut With Beard + Medium Length Hair + Line Up

This is a fantastic haircut for men with medium-length hair. Simply comb damp hair into place after applying a heavy hold matte finish pomade.

Undercut With Beard + Medium Length Hair + Line Up

7. Undercut Blowout

One of the best things about an undercut is that the hair on top of your head may be styled as you choose. A blowout, for example, is a great way to experiment with the cut. Wash your hair and lightly towel dry it to obtain a great blowout. Then, using a round brush, blow-dry your hair, guiding strands up and back. After that, apply shape with pomade or gel before ending with hairspray.

Undercut Blowout Hairstyle Men's

8. Undercut for Curly Hair

Another stunning woman, but this time with curly hair and a beard. We have a high skin fade, which stands out against the thick curly hair. To give your curls more bounce and liveliness, use a medium hold pomade.

Mens undercut hairstyle curly hair

9. Temple Undercut

Not quite ready to shave your hair all the way to the scalp? That’s not an issue. A temple undercut is always an option. A temple undercut, unlike a conventional undercut, has shorter hair only around the temples. As a result, any hair behind the ears and at the rear of the head is left long, similar to the top. The outcome is a very stylish look that is both subtle and striking.

Temple Undercut hair men

10. Undercut Short Hair + Shaved Part

A fantastic short hair undercut. The rough section of this haircut has been detached and fashioned into a traditional combover tiny pompadour hairstyle.

Undercut Short Hair + Shaved Part

11. Grey Hair Undercut

An undercut may look amazing on anyone, not just young men. Many silver-haired guys can look fantastic with this sleek and stylish haircut if they have the guts to carry it off. So, if you have grey hair and want a fresh haircut, ask your barber for an undercut. The look will undoubtedly improve your appearance and attract attention. Simply combine it with a stylish smooth back to complete your clean and acceptable ensemble.

Grey Hair Undercut For Men

12. High Fade Undercut with Thick Waves

The thick black hair on top is shaped into stylish looking waves or a variant of the combover quiff haircut, thanks to the high bald skin fade. Check out our list of the top 100 men’s haircuts if you’re seeking for a new appearance. Choose a style, mix and match styles, and show your barber photographs. It’s quite straightforward.

High Fade Undercut with Thick Waves

13. Undercut Fringe

These days, undercut haircuts are really fashionable. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try incorporating a new aspect into your outfit. Fringes are an excellent approach to make your haircut more fashionable. A fringe will look great with any undercut, whether it’s all over or just at the temples. Just make sure it looks good on you before committing to it.

Undercut fringe hairstyle mens

An undercut style is a great choice if you have naturally curly hair men. This style will not only highlight your curls on top, but it will also help to control them. Because the undercut shaves the sides and back of your hair, all of your natural volume and structure is concentrated on top, giving you a tidy and professional look.

14. Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

Another tricky part and unconnected undercut hairdo. The longer hair on top is blown dry to create a wonderful natural flow.

Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

15. Short Undercut

Undercut hairstyles don’t always have to be paired with long hair on top. Even a modest length on top of your head will provide a striking contrast if you have shaved sides. If you like the look of an undercut but prefer a more subtle style, a short undercut is for you. However, without the weight that long hair gives, getting your hair on top to sit neatly back might be difficult. As a result, a short undercut looks best with a full style like a pompadour or a forward-swept look.

Short undercut men's hairstyles

16. Spiky Messy Undercut Hairstyle + Low Fade

A fantastic haircut. This trendy hairdo for men combines various different appearances. This haircut features longer textured hair on top that is turned back to front into a crop hairstyle with lengthier fringe, giving it a spiky messy look. To keep the choppy textures maintained all day, apply a heavy hold pomade to somewhat damp hair. The untidy undercut has become extremely popular.

Spiky Messy Undercut Hairstyle + Low Fade

17. Caesar Undercut

When a Caesar cut and undercut are involved, combining two fashionable looks into one can work exceptionally well. The Caesar cut is a classic men’s hairstyle with a short length and little fringe that has been popular since Julius Caesar’s time. The look is instantly transported from the past to present when matched with an on-trend undercut, giving in an amazing appearance.

Caesar haircut undercut mens

Best men’s haircuts undercut in 2022 help every guy become impressive in everyone’s eyes. The above beautiful hairstyles are a good combination of style and face angle to help create a unique beauty.

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