40 Undercut Fade Haircut For Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

Undercut fade haircut has been a very popular men’s hairstyle for many years now. A combination of fade and undercut hairstyles, the fade undercut haircut for men offers a trendy short cut that is suitable for both short and long hair.

The great thing about undercut fade haircut is that they go well with pretty much any hairstyle out there. Versatile and modern, guys can combine undercuts with any style. Whether you want a low, medium, high, tapered, bald, leather or drop undercut, there are tons of fun undercut fade hairstyles to get right now. To help men find a new trendy hairstyle, we’ve put together these examples of short cuts that won’t fade. Check out the best undercut fade haircuts to try the next time you go to your barber shop!

What Is An Undercut Fade Haircut?

While the faded undercut works best for men with longer hair, if you have shorter hair this feature will still work. Undercut fade works by shaving or trimming the sides of your head to look very minimal or bare from ear to temple.

What Is An Undercut Fade Haircut?

The difference between undercut and fade is simple: fade refers to the sides while undercut is behind and just above the neck. The length continues to extend around the head, forming what is known as a cropped pattern. The result is a long top and short sides, great low maintenance and looks great for all men no matter what hair texture or length they have.

The benefit of choosing a men’s undercut hairstyle is that you don’t have to completely change your current look to accentuate it. Add functionality to your long hairstyle for a high bun or ponytail, switch the cut to an undercut fade, or go afro by adding an undercut. All of these looks will narrow your face and accentuate the best parts of your face.

Best Men’s Undercut Fade Haircuts In 2022

Undercut fade is a unique way to shorten your sides and back. The undercut is sleek and fresh, easy to style, does not require styling and always focuses the eye on the stylish look on the head.

Mens undercut fade haircut

Mens undercut fade haircut

Undercut low fade haircut for men

Undercut low fade haircut

High fade undercut haircut for men

High fade undercut haircut

Fade haircut vs undercut for men

Fade haircut vs undercut

Undercut medium fade haircut for men

Undercut medium fade haircut

Undercut fade hairstyle asian

Undercut fade hairstyle asian

Undercut fade slicked back haircut for men

Undercut fade slicked back haircut

Undercut bald fade haircut for men

Undercut bald fade haircut

Undercut fade haircut extreme for men

Undercut fade haircut extreme

Undercut fade haircut in back for men

Undercut fade haircut in back

Perhaps the most classy, the undercut fade style, combines the best parts of fade and undercut haircuts to create a cohesive and handsome trait that becomes in all men. But don’t just use our words! See for yourself below what translucent undercut is and why it should be part of your new look.

Taper Fade Undercut

The taper undercut is a short haircut that is neatly cut and suitable for all men. As one of the best professional business hairstyles, the taper fade undercut keeps the sides and back short without exposing the scalp. It’s shorter, looks modern, and suits all hair types, but is safe for the office.

Taper Fade Undercut For Men

Drop Fade Undercut

The drop fade undercut style cut is a combination for a unique cut that adds flair to any look. Modern and edgy, the fade teardrop curves around the sides and then drops down to the neckline. It can start high or low, but the signature styling will make your short hair on the sides and back stand out.

Drop Fade Undercut For Men

Bald Fade Undercut

Get a bald haircut if you like short hair. Great with short hair on top, the bald opacity effectively blends the hair into your skin. Fresh and cleanly trimmed, the bald cut offers a dashing look that can spice up your style.

Bald Fade Undercut For Men

Comb Over Undercut Fade

The undercut fade over comb creates an opportunity for a mix of classic and modern. Add hardware and grow a beard for a masculine look. Then, use a good hairspray to brush your hair to the side for great volume and bounce. As a popular hairstyle, you really can’t go wrong with a comb with a faint undercut.

Comb Over Undercut Fade For Men

Short Hair Undercut Fade

Short undercut fade is a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle that is still luxurious and handsome. Whether you want a buzz cut, a side cut, a French crop top or another short haircut, the short undercut provides the perfect contrast.

Short Hair Undercut Fade For Men

If you have curly or thick hair, use a strong pomade for control and styling. For men with thin or thin hair, consider a matte pomade for a natural texture that will help thicken your strands.

Long Hair Undercut Fade

You will often see short cuts fade with long hair on top. The short side hairstyle, long top gives flexibility and bouncy to the hairstyle. To capitalize on the latest men’s hair trends, think back, comb, backswept, pompadour, faux hawk, mohawk, and messy.

Long Hair Undercut Fade For Men

Long-lasting undercuts will require a stronger styling product. For a textured finish that gives you shine and flow, apply wax or clay. A high hold pomade that can provide just the right amount of shine and control.

Mid Fade Undercut Haircut

The fade-in mid-cut offers a sexy balance between low- and high-translucent cuts. Also known as the medium slanting cut, this haircut starts in the middle of the sides and goes back for added contrast.

Mid Fade Undercut Haircut For Men

Great for guys who want a youthful, bold and chic look, you can’t go wrong with this matte undercut. With medium to longer head hair, this is the ideal hairstyle for any style.

Low Fade Undercut Haircut

The low undercut is another great hairstyle for guys who need a stylish and stylish look that they can wear anywhere. The low opacity starts just above the ears and close to the neckline, while the short cut offers just a bit of edgy flair.

Low Fade Undercut Haircut For Men

Guys can make the cut bolder by asking the barber to trim the low skin on the sides. By wearing makeup to make your skin less bald, you add a bold yet chic look that the women in your life will love.

High Fade Undercut Haircut

The undercut high fade hairstyle is sharp and extremely trendy. Whether you go for a high-swept undercut or just the sides, this sexy hairstyle will suit short, medium and long tops.

High Fade Undercut Haircut For Men

Experiment with high-swept and back-brushed undercuts, back-swept, spiked or mohawk hairstyles for an aggressive look. If you want a stylish look that shows you’re a bad boy, then this cut is for you.

Skin Fade Undercut Haircut

The skin is gradually trimmed to slim down the hair for a complete shave. This high contrast crop works well with all types of opacity and can be added to high, medium or low opacity.

Skin Fade Undercut Haircut For Men

Plus, the undercut can be anything you want. From short hair to long hair, this very short side and back side cut can take any style to the next level.

In addition, this cut is suitable for all the best hairstyles for men, regardless of hair length or style. While there are many different styles, choose a crop that doesn’t connect for a more dramatic blended look that will make you stand out.

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