The Best Hair Twist Hairstyles For Men (Trends Haircut 2022)

If you are looking for a fresh haircut, check out the best twist hairstyles for men for ideas. The curly and popular hairstyle has become the main hair trend of men. Regardless of your taste or personality, there are many styles for black men to choose from.

Twists are one of the best hairstyles for black men. Guys with long, medium and short hair can all easily combine with different twists to create a stylish and individual look. While twists are low maintenance and easy to style, twists are modern, chic, and versatile. With so many different twists for guys, you can combine twists with fades, undercuts, braids, high tops or mohawks to achieve any hairstyle you want.

Best Twist Hairstyles For Men In 2022

Twisted hairstyles for men go by many names: double twist, rope twist, Sengalese twist, Havana twist, Marley twist, and possibly a few more. All of these twists are gentle protectors on the scalp and work really well for hair growth. Some other ways to wear a twist is a flat twist that is twisted flat against the scalp, like a corn beard. Single or double-stranded short helices can be starter twists or established helices can be twisted together. And twin-strand twists can be twisted together for extra texture and fullness.

Best Twist Hair For Men

Best Twist Hair For Men 2022

Natural twist hairstyles for men

Natural twist hairstyles

Natural twist hairstyles for men

Flat twist hairstyles

Kinky twist hairstyles for men

Kinky twist hairstyles

Afro twist hairstyles for men

Afro twist hairstyles

Twist hairstyles african for men

Twist hairstyles african

African american male twist hairstyles for men

African american male twist hairstyles

African natural twist hairstyles for men

African natural twist hairstyles

Twist hairstyles braids for men

Twist hairstyles braids

Twist hairstyles bob for men

Twist hairstyles bob

Twist hair bun for men

Twist hair bun

Black twist hairstyles for men

Black twist hairstyles

Coil twist hairstyles for men

Coil twist hairstyles

These are all two-strand twists but they can be very different. The twists are made up of boxes or triangles and hang loosely, like box braids. Boxes can be larger or smaller, creating thicker or thinner spirals. Remember that smaller twists will last longer. Many twists are natural but if you need to increase length or volume, many men also add extensions.

Long Hair Twists

If you want a similar effect to dreadlocks but don’t want to waste time, long curly hair is a great alternative. These coils take longer than the shorter ones but are less time-committed. However, they require more maintenance. When dealing with these problems, you need to detangle every few weeks to maintain the health of your hair. The overall appearance of this hairstyle is all about fun and fashion.

Long Hair Twists for men

Long Hair Twists hairstyles for black men

Short Hair Twists

You don’t always have to be long to make a statement, short curls are just as bold as longer hairstyles. This length may require more maintenance than a longer hairstyle, but it is worth the effort. To get the men’s short twist, you need to make sure there’s enough hair on the top, ideally 1 to 2 inches.

Short Hair Twists Twists for men

Short Hair Twists Twists hairstyles for black men

Short Hair Twists Twists

Faux Hawk Twists

Black men who want a mohawk with twists but want something less dramatic and more versatile, the faux hawk twist might be the look for you. Like the traditional mohawk, this hairstyle keeps the sides short with a cropped or slanted cut, while the top section is longer. A faux hawk allows for limitless styling options and can be pushed forward to partially cover your forehead. Whatever style you choose, you will look glamorous and stylish.

Faux Hawk Twists for men

Faux Hawk Twists hairstyles for black men

Faux Hawk Twists

Medium Hair Twists

Medium length curls are the quintessential and most popular length for this trend. Men’s medium length hair allows the coils to make a statement. Since the hair is longer, the weight from the hair creates volume and lets the hair fall around the face the same way a braid does. You can partially cut or trim the hair to expose the skin to add a unique touch to it.

Medium Hair Twists for men

Medium Hair Twists hairstyles for black men

Medium Hair Twists

Twist Out Hairstyles

Outward twists create an effortless and casual look. This is extremely low maintenance and allows you to maintain your roots. This twist allows your curls to do what they do best and gives your hair volume.

Twist Out Hairstyles for men

Twist Out hairstyles for black men

Twist Out Hairstyles

High Top Fade Twist

The high fade twist is a modern take on a classic look. Unlike flat bangs, the top twist adds interest by bouncing the hair and styling the strands in different directions.

High Top Fade Twist for men

High Top Fade Twist hairstyles for black men

High Top Fade Twist

Twists Fade Hairstyles

One of the most popular pairing styles, the twist with fade in is a modern modification to the natural style. The best part about pairing it with the fade hairstyle is that the shorter sides will accentuate the top hair, making the top hair stand out.

Twists Fade Hairstyles for men

Twists Fade hairstyles for black men

Twists Fade Hairstyles

Twist Braids Hairstyles

Twisted braids are a unique hairstyle for men. Braids usually have short sides with the hair tapered or cut short, but guys can braid their entire head. Experiment with box braids or braids for a stylish men’s look. Easy to style, braided hair requires good hair care but is simple to style.

Twist Braids Hairstyles for men

Twist Braids hairstyles for black men

Twist Braids Hairstyles

Twists with Temp Fade

A little variation with temp fade is a trendy hairstyle for black men. Temp fade blends well with all hair lengths and hairstyles. The best part of the temper fade is that the fade starts at the temples, bringing out the hair and drawing the eye to the top of the head. This style helps to elongate the face while being impressive and sexy.

Twists with Temp Fade Hairstyles for men

Twists with Temp Fade hairstyles for black men

Twists with Temp Fade Hairstyles

Two Strand Twists Hairstyles

Two twisted curls look like scarves but provide a unique fashion hairstyle for black men. Known for their simple masculine look, the two-strand twist can be paired with a fade or undercut on the sides, or guys can braid the whole head. Likewise, these twists are very versatile so they are suitable for men with short and long hair.

Two Strand Twists Hairstyles for men

Two Strand Twists hairstyles for black men

Two Strand Twists Hairstyles

The most popular twisted hairstyles for men are the most popular in 2022. Each hairstyle is a different style that brings an eye-catching look, making an impression on everyone.

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