2022 Updated Compilation of Top Haircuts for Men

Top Haircuts for Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022). Some of these men’s hairstyles date back centuries, while others date back decades. Even if they’ve been around for a long time, they’re all instantly charming and undeniably fresh. That is arguably what distinguishes it as a proper men’s haircut, as there is no need to fix something that isn’t broken.

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Sure, you can gamble on a trendy hairdo plucked from the pages of a hipster website, or you may go to the barbershop and ask for a tried-and-true trim. Allow our authoritative list of the 10 top haircuts for men to be your guidance if you prefer the latter.

Recommended-By-Experts Top Haircuts for Men

Following on from last year’s bolder cuts and styles, this year’s collection features some of the best men’s outfits we’ve seen in a long time. This year provides a trendy alternative for every hair length and type, from short fades and undercuts to mid-length comb-overs and quiffs, and even long man buns and braids. The top men’s haircuts for men to attempt are listed here.

Top Haircuts for Men

1. Textured Slick Back

These are the most flattering traditional cuts for men, as well as some newer trends. Whether for short or long hair, fine or thick, all of these men’s hairstyles look great and are simple to wear.

Textured slick back haircut men

To achieve a distinctive look, mix different top haircuts with your favorite look on the sides and back. Longer sides, low fades, and neck tapers are becoming more trendy this year, whereas fades were hot last year and are remaining popular this year.

2. Undercut Hairstyles

While the sides are short, the top is longer. The key of a classic undercut is that it works with a variety of men’s hairstyles (curly, wavy, straight, etc). You can style the top hair anyway you want, slicking it back, spiking it up, or doing anything in between.

Undercut hairstyles for men

Disconnected and fading undercuts are the two most common varieties of men’s undercuts. The disconnected undercut is well-known thanks to Cillian Murphy’s attractive hairstyle in “Peaky Blinders.” A significant contrast or clear separation between the shorter and longer hair distinguishes it.

Meanwhile, as the short sides climb to the top, a fade undercut gradually tapers. As a result, there is a greater sense of consistency or flow. Which undercut is the best for you? That’s a conversation starter between you and your barber. With our post on short haircuts and hairstyle advice, we can point you in the proper path.

3. Short Quiff + Mid Fade

Flat hair with a burst of volume at the forehead makes up the top of a quiff haircut. This is as short as you can get while still getting that signature profile.

Short Quiff + Mid Fade haircut men

4. Short Hair + Drop Fade

A bald fade that falls behind the ear complements this short, textured crop.

Men's drop fade short hair

5. Textured Pompadour Haircut

Here’s a great men’s haircut that never seems to go out of style, despite the fact that it should. And if you think it’s out of style, we’ll let you tell David Beckham, who is no stranger to the pompadour. Of course, Elvis Presley is the most famous star to have worn this iconic hairstyle, which has been popular since the days of “Jailhouse Rock.”

Textured Pompadour Haircut men

The men’s pompadour has short hair on the sides and longer hair on top, similar to an undercut or fade. The robust volume of swept-up hair at the front, which progressively recedes toward the rear, sets this style apart from others. The almighty quiff, its popular cousin, hits a similarly fashionable chord.

6. Side Part Hairstyles

You might wonder how timeless the men’s side section is. Don Draper’s slicked-back style is timeless enough to span six decades or more, as proven by his enduring appeal.

Side Part Hairstyles for men

The side part is a corporate world standard that requires a good deal of length and volume and looks best on thick, straight hair. A taper on the sides with longer hair on top is the most classic example.

Sweep the top hair to one side using a comb and a little product. Voila! The side of the building. Ask your barber for a low fade haircut if you want a more conservative and classic style.

7. Short Curly Hair with a Trimmed Beard

Long beards are all the trend these days, but we’re not persuaded they won’t be considered a relic of their time in the future (they are, after all, retro). The well-trimmed beard, on the other hand, is timeless in appearance. To produce a style that’s equal parts approachable and manly, pair that trimmed beard with a head of short, thick, and curly hair.

Short curly hair with a trimmed beard styles

8. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut, as the name suggests, uses an electric buzzer to go short on all sides. It comes and goes in and out of popular culture on a regular basis, but it never truly goes away. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are just two of the many celebrities who have given this classic cut its due.

Buzz cuts for men

Without a buzz cut, no list of the best men’s haircuts would be complete. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a hairstyle that requires little to no upkeep? On the other hand, you should keep the cut in mind as a fashion statement. Consider wearing it with edgy or even aggressive outfits to emphasize its overtly masculine qualities.

9. Caesar Cut

If a men’s haircut has been popular since the days of Roman emperors, it’s safe to say it’s not going away anytime soon. The Caesar Cut, distinguished by short layered hair with a tight horizontal fringe, evokes associations with power and authority. Include a fade around the sides to modernize this centuries-old haircut.

Caesar Cut haircut men

10. Medium Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair is designed for high volume styles. To get an all-day hold with minimal product, use a blow dryer to guide hair into place. Alter the look by wearing your hair slightly tousled or straight up.

Medium Haircut for Thick Hair for men

11. Messy Side Part Haircut

Not only are the sides of the hair getting longer. Many popular men’s looks are worn longer and looser. This is an excellent example of a classic side part with plenty of volume and a tousled finish.

Messy side part hairstyle for men

12. Messy Waves Hairstyle

The messy waves hairstyle, best described as purposefully unkempt, requires more maintenance and intent than first appears. Take a small amount of product and begin working with the strands, aiming for a look that is somewhere between sculpted and casual. You’re awesome.

Messy Waves Hairstyle man

13. Long Curls + Temple Fade

Hair of all lengths, including curly and black hair, is becoming longer. Longer styles that layer and shape curly hair are just as easy to wear as shorter cuts.

Long Curls + Temple Fade for men

14. Tousled Style for Fine Hair

The textured and tousled trend is more difficult to achieve for men with fine hair, but it is possible. It’s all about combining the right cut with a texturizing product that adds volume, definition, and hold.

Tousled style for fine hairstyles

15. Short Dreads

We’re not aware of a time when short dreads were anything less than awesome. This men’s hairstyle, popularized by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, requires a significant amount of time and control. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, leave your hair to a professional. While we’re on the subject, long dreadlocks are also stunning.

Short dreads hairstyle for men

16. Slicked Back Haircut

The slicked back haircut, like the trusted side part, has been a mainstay in the business world for decades. As a result, it has come to represent the pinnacle of power and professionalism and probably one of the top haircuts for men.

Best men's slicked back haircuts

However, it appears that the slicked back cut is becoming less slick with each passing year. On that note, a word of caution: don’t use too much hair product. You want a voluminous, natural look that isn’t brittle.

17. Natural Flow + Taper + Temple Fade

Long hair is styled into a messy slick back, with a clean cut taper and temple fade.

Natural Flow + Taper + Temple Fade

18. Short Natural Curls + Neck Taper Haircut

These razor-sharp edges frame a short curly haircut beautifully. The same low fade would look great with longer hairstyles as well.

Short natural curls + neck taper haircuts for guys

19. Textured Crop + Bald Fade Hair Design

If you’re looking for a new look, check out our list of the 100 best men’s haircuts. Choose a look, combine styles, and show your barber some photos. Very simple.

Textured Crop + Bald Fade Hair Design

On top of that, this is the trendy textured crop that is all the rage right now. Typically worn with a fade, this style is given a bold finish with straight edges at the temples and neckline.

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