Those European Haircut Trends For Men (Trends Hairstyles)

Barbers with exceptional skills can be found all around the world. These European haircut trends include styles from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen, and Barcelona, as well as looks from around the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, and Spain.

Another fashionable haircut is the taper haircut. The goal of these longer views is to create movement and fluidity. Finally, European haircut trends include aggressive forms with fringe, distinctive necklines, and disconnected haircuts.

Check out these European Haircut Trends for 2022

From the gentlemen of London to the gentlemen of Milan, European gentlemen know how to dress properly. While we already look to them for style inspiration, we should also follow their grooming advice. Elegant undercuts, slicked-back styles, and imaginative reinterpretations of classic looks are masters of European barbers.

European Haircut Trends For Men

These men’s hairstyles emphasize a few key elements. The top trend is texture, which can be observed in all types of crop haircuts as well as the style of lengthier looks. Here are some of the best European haircut trends to help you decide on your next style.

1. Textured Crop

One of the most popular men’s hairstyles 2022 is the crop. Some European haircuts are more daring, such as this harsh fringe with a blonde streak.

textured crop men's haircut

2. Disconnect Hairstyle

A heavy crop with a high fade, among the most popular european haircut trends, creates a striking hair arc with messy fringe.

Disconnect Hairstyle men's haircut

3. Spikes + Mid Fade

This crop contains a line of liberty spikes on one side and a clean fade highlighted by a couple of shaved lines, making it another men’s haircut that is all about bold defined shapes.

Spikes + Mid Fade men's haircut

4. Burst Fade + Stripe

A bald burst fade and shaved line below the ear distinguish this textured crop with a high fade.

Burst Fade + Stripe men's haircut

5. Angled Bangs

Bangs on textured crops might be angled or blunt. For maximum impact, this variant chops hair into a V.

Angled Bangs men's haircut

6. Angled Fringe

This long and hefty crop has a thick texture and diagonally cut fringe.

Angled Fringe men's haircut

7. Short Textured Crop

With minimal style, this shortcut offers lots of on-trend texture.

Short Textured Crop men's haircut

8. Heavy Crop

There are so many variations on the textured crop trend. What kind of fringe do you want? Short or long, thick or light. This cool variant has a lot of weight on top, with a texture and mess balance.

Heavy Crop men's haircut

9. Longer on Top Haircut

The bangs are the focal point of this new cut. Long hair on top is chopped into a textured front fringe after a high fade.

Longer on Top Haircut

10. Short Quiff

Pushing hair straight up into a front quiff looks good on virtually everyone and goes with almost any hairstyle.

Short Quiff men's haircut

11. Slicked Back

Men have been enjoying the classic slicked back hairdo for years, and for good reason! This cut checks all the boxes: it’s stylish, clean, and has a subtle edge.

Slicked Back men's haircut

12. Comb-Over

While the word “comb-over” may conjure up images of an elderly person seeking to conceal baldness, this is far from the case. With a full head of hair, the reimagined haircut looks even better, and it’s easy to style with a blow dryer, some product, and a comb.

Comb-Over men's haircut

13. Low Fade

With both short and medium length hair on top, the low fade looks amazing. If you choose a medium length, a slicked back hairstyle will complete your image.

Low Fade men's haircut

14. Pompadour

One of the most popular european haircut trends this year has been the Pompadour. This side parted variant keeps the classic pomp’s vintage charm while keeping the overall look very modern.

Pompadour men's haircut

15. Mid Fade

The mid fade haircut begins above the ears, giving it a distinct look while still being adjustable to various styling techniques. It’s a trendier version of this cut that goes well with short, straight hairstyles. Secure this cut’s styling with a firm-hold mousse or gel to keep it neat and under control.

Mid Fade men's haircut

16. Half-Bun

The man bun is still the most popular hairstyle in Europe and the rest of the world. The style is taken to the next level with this polished half-bun that leaves the bottom half of the hair unbound. Gentlemen with curly hair will look relaxed with this style, while those with straight hair would have a sleeker look.

Half-Bun men's haircut

17. Tight Waves

This polished tight wave haircut is excellent for elegant gentlemen. This look is perfect for businessmen because it has an all-over short length with some minor volume and bounce added to the top.

Tight Waves men's haircut

18. Preppy Cut

For the polished modern male, this preppy cut is the appropriate new hairdo. This design is excellent for any event because it is stylish and clean-cut with a subtle relaxed touch.

Preppy Cut men's haircut

19. Middle Part

The middle part haircut has resurfaced, as has everything else from the 1990s. This “curtain” type cut was extremely fashionable 20 years ago, and it’s back in vogue again! To prevent looking like you’re wanting to relive the decade, keep your clothing current.

Middle Part men's haircut

20. High Top

High-top haircuts were trendy in the 1980s and are once again popular. This style is wacky chic, with short sides (either undercut or fade) and a sky-high top part (sometimes secured with product). The length of the top is entirely up to you, but make sure you have adequate volume to pull off greater lengths.

High Top men's haircut

21. Wavy Curls

With this stylish wavy hairdo, you may channel your inner bohemian. This design is inspired by 1960s “mushroom” haircuts, but it’s updated with plenty of texture.

Wavy Curls men's haircut

22. Blonde Afro

While close shaves and braids are always fashionable, this medium-length Afro takes the cake. This natural style with blonde coloring is cool with a rock and roll edge and goes great with a bohemian wardrobe.

Blonde Afro men's haircut

23. 70’s Redux

This “redux” style from the 1970s has all the hallmarks of a mature, bowl-cut. Long curls at the ends and a large front fringe characterize this retro full-volume style.

70's Redux men's haircut

24. Curly Hair

While there will surely be an undercut in many designs, longer lengths will ultimately win out for men. This curled style is only one option, and it’s rather fashionable!

Curly Hair men's haircut

25. Light Layers

A light, layered haircut, especially in the summer, can be a refreshing style. This simple cut is ideal for those who already have a tiny wave in their hair.

Light Layers men's haircut

26. Long Layers + Side Part

Europeans have a knack for looking trendy without even trying. This long, layered cut confirms it, and it’ll quickly become your new go-to look for casual occasions. Just try to keep it textured with enough movement and loose strands to hide your portion.

Long Layers + Side Part men's haircut

27. Slick Back + Undercut

A long, sleek back top with an undercut characterizes this cool look. Blow-dry hair with a round brush to pull roots upwards before applying pomade to avoid the appearance looking flat and lifeless.

Slick Back + Undercut men's haircut

To sum up, a European haircut that compliments your facial shape and hair texture is the best. You can style it in a variety of Euro-inspired ways thanks to the versatile shapes that feature short backs and sides with extra length on top. After this post, I hope that you can choose a trendy fade and finish with slicked-back hair, a comb-over, or a pompadour on top.

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