30 Textured Hairstyles For Men That Will Make You Cooler

Textured hairstyles for men are extremely difficult to go wrong with. We’ve put up a portfolio of our favorite textures that push texture to the next level.

If you follow the world of men’s haircuts, you’ve probably seen that textured hair is becoming increasingly trendy. How well do textured hairstyles suit men? It’s fairly straightforward: aside from the volume, it provides a rather simple to manage hairdo that looks extremely contemporary.

30 Textured Hairstyles For Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

The last 12 months have seen textured cuts and styles become increasingly popular. The scissor cut texture adds volume and definition, which can be accentuated with styling. How about trying a sloppy crop for short hair, and textured spikes for any length since the texture trends also provide a modern touch to classic hairstyles, such as pompadours, comb overs, and quiffs, by creating separation and tousled finishes.

Textured hairstyles for men

If you have wavy or curly hair, a cut that emphasizes natural texture is key. Textured cuts can also be used to add volume to fine hair or reduce bulk in thick hair. Here are some of our favorite barbers’ best textured hairstyles for men.

1. Textured Wave

In your wavy style, adding volume to your hair is simple. The use of texture here creates a lovely contrast and encourages movement in the upper body.

texture wave hair

2. Layered Strands of Long Length

Many textured hairstyles may appear to be a touch too random for your taste. For a more sophisticated aesthetic, this style uses larger, smoother tufts.

Layered Strands of Long Length

3. Caesar Style Hair with Texture

They get all the Roman emperor feelings from a wispy shirt with a Caesar cut! Approved by Haircut Inspiration!

Caesar Style Hair with Texture

4. Bro Flow

It’s vital to know that you may nearly always request texture from your hairdresser. Unless you go for a buzz cut; nonetheless, with hair this length, it’s a guarantee that some added texture will complete the style!

bro flow hairstyles

5. Beard Fade in a French Crop

This style is for guys who want to make a fashion statement with their hair, with a thick head of hair and a hard part running the length of the head.

beard fade in a french crop haircut

6. Faux Hawk with Texture

Take a look at this faux hawk if you generally wear your hair in a quiff or pompadour and want to try something new.

textured faux hawk with short sides

7. Short Fringe on the Side

When short-to-medium-length hair dries, it can do strange things. A layered, spiky effect can be seen near the back of this cut, which most likely appeared on its own.

Short Fringe on the Side

8. Faded Sides on a French Crop

Another haircut where a little texture goes a long way is the French crop. The tufts on top provide a lot of charm with their loose and random appearance.

fade sides on a french crop haircut

9. Textured Top + Brushed Up Mid Skin Fade Undercut

A little subtle texture can transform an otherwise plain undercut. However, it’s likely that this appearance took a long time to perfect!

Textured Top + Brushed Up Mid Skin Fade Undercut

10. Partially Textured Pompadour

What more could you want to spice up this simple pompadour than tufty texture and a small but prominent part?

partially textured pompadour hairstyles

11. Spikes with a fade taper

Texturing does not have to be done on purpose. If you try to spike up the front of your hair like this with only your hands, you’ll notice that some texture appears on its own!

spikes with a fade tapered hair

12. Curls with texture Undercut with Discoloration

Texture and curls are inextricably linked, and the faded undercut helps them show brightly.

Curls with texture Undercut with Discoloration

13. Brush up on your classic drop fade with fringe

Almost any haircut may be transformed into a textured style by adding texture. Check out this fake hawk with a drop fade: the extra texture on top is what sets it apart.

Brush up on your classic drop fade with fringe

14. Textured Curls

The curls on Naturals are simply textured to add volume. These can be brushed up or tossed to the side.

textured curls hair products

15. Blonde High Texture

The top of the head was brushed up with blonde texture, providing a practically spiky finish. This styling’s mobility attracts attention once again.

Blonde High Texture

16. Textured Crop Experiment

The combination of a skin fade on the sides and a razor-sharp cut on the top lifts our pattern and texture. The hairstyle’s form contrasts with the experimental elements.

Textured Crop Experiment

17. Undercut French Crop

This disheveled French crop has a nostalgic vibe about it. Cillian Murphy has reintroduced a vibe we didn’t realize we were missing.

undercut french crop hairstyle

18. French Crop with Texture

This is a haircut that looks great whether or not you use any product! It appears to be excellent even without the use of any products.

French Crop with Texture

19. Longer Textured Crop Red Hair

The copper locks have so much detail that they appear to have been fashioned by Michelangelo.

Longer Textured Crop Red Hair

20. Fade Burst

The mullet is making a comeback, and there’s no excuse not to give it the texture it deserves.

fade burst haircut

21. Front Highlights with High Fade

Going for a tone as contrasting as this one will perceptibly bring attention to the haircut’s texture. Highlights are known for being a wonderful tool for enhancing the shadows and light play.

front highlights with high fade haircut

22. Simple Layered Texture

This layered look is simple but effective, with just a hint of messiness. This look will necessitate the use of a hair product, such as hair gel.

simple layered texture hairstyles

23. Taper Fade Texture with Confidence

Check out this look for a spiky style that isn’t overly spiky. It will also look great on finer or thinner hair.

Taper Fade Texture with Confidence

24. Spiky Hair Dye

We adore textured hairstyles because of the dramatic contrast they provide. Light color can also be used to give contrast to any hairstyle. See what happens when you put the two together!

Spiky Hair Dye

25. Mini Angular Fringe with Tapered Sides

When applied with shorter styles, asymmetry is particularly eye-catching. Because of the otherwise neat fringe and line up, the little notch in this fringe stands out.

Mini Angular Fringe with Tapered Sides

26. Flow Back Texture

Longer hair with a lot of movement taken to the back. When it comes to the sides of the head, there are numerous alternatives. This style requires further styling, but it is well worth the effort.

flow back texture hairstyles

27. Liam Payne’s Simple Texture

This brush up is simple but fashionable, demonstrating how a little bit of savvy styling can go a long way. This is the cut for you if your hair is rough and coarse.

Liam Payne's Simple Texture

28. Fringes with Disconnected Skin Fade

You may build larger, more purposeful spikes like this for something a little more grandiose. Note that you’ll most likely need a lot of hair product to achieve this look!

Fringes with Disconnected Skin Fade

29. Street Style Pushed Over

Short buzz cuts are simple to keep up with, yet textured hair has a certain allure for some of us. Why not blend the best of both worlds, as in this case?

street style pushed over hairstyle

30. Texture Skin Fade

This haircut has a lot of traction because the skin fades and the sharp and spiky modern style fringe, while still preserving the texture with ease.

textured skin fade haircut

31. Side Brushed with Fingers

The beauty of textured hair is that you can do it with just your fingers, anywhere, at any time. This is demonstrated in this simple side-brushed haircut.

side brushed with fingers hairstyle

If you’re looking for the Textured hairstyles for men right fit for you, then this fashion trend is for you. Feel a style that you feel is right for you to shine with your choice.

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