30 Temple Fade Haircut For Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

The temple fade haircut, also known as the temple fade or the Brooklyn fade, is one of the most popular fade hairstyles for men. Along with the high fade hairstyle, modern fade hairstyles give guys the opportunity to experiment with a variation of the classic fade hairstyle.

If you want to learn more about the temple bangs or simply want to see how it looks with an afro, faux hawk, waving or another men’s hairstyle, check out this guide. Our great guide to the best temporary haircuts for men!

In fact, although temporary fading is often preferred by black men, today it is quite popular among gentlemen around the world. If you want a fresh and fashionable look, keep reading for inspiration.

What Is A Temple Fade Haircuts ?

The easiest way to explain temporary fading is to imagine a high fade of the skin with an upward shape. Your barber will smooth the hair all the way to the temples with a mini trimmer, then use a trimmer or razor to cut the sharp edges into the roots. This sharpness results in a clean and fresh line that really accentuates a man’s masculine cheeks and delicate face.

What Is A Temple Fade Haircuts

Due to the need for detailed trimming for the temple fade haircut, we strongly recommend cutting your hair with an experienced barber. A talented stylist will make sure your temperature fade flows perfectly with the rest of your cut.

If you are curious about how to temporarily fade with afro, fohawk, scare or twist, the best way is to show your barber exactly the style you want! Since temporary haircuts allow for so many different hairstyles, we’ve compiled a collection of the hottest fade hairstyles that are trending right now. Check out our pictures of temporary haircuts for inspiration!

Temple Fade Haircut & Hairstyles For 2022

Why fade instead of one of the other faders? Temp fade focuses more on your hairstyle. It could be anything, from a shaggy cut to a stylish short to long hair and a braid or braid. The temple fade also creates a seamless transition into a beard.

Men's temple fade haircut

Men’s temple fade haircut

Low temple fade haircut men

Low temple fade haircut

High temple fade haircut for men

High temple fade haircut

Temple fade haircut waves for men

Temple fade haircut waves

Temple fade haircut with beard for men

Temple fade haircut with beard

Temple fade haircut afro style for men

Temple fade haircut afro style

Black mens temple fade haircut

Black mens temple fade haircut

Temple fade haircut curly hair for men

Temple fade haircut curly hair

Temple fade haircut designs for men

Temple fade haircut designs

Temple fade haircut drake for men

Temple fade haircut drake

Temple fade haircut for round face for men

Temple fade haircut for round face

Temple fade haircut for thin hair for men

Temple fade haircut for thin hair

Since its essential place is at the temples, this leaves room for a lot of hairstyles on the rest of the head. This article will explore the variety of temple fade positions, to the varied hair textures, lengths and hairstyles it can be paired with.

Buzz Cut Temple Fade

While the buzz cut is a simple hairstyle, it can be made more interesting by adding some gradients in the form of a temple haircut. This hair length transition can be even more apparent with slightly longer buzz cut versions. Combining this with a line-up can also add interest, making basic hairstyles look more modern and combinable, while still being easy to maintain. Another positive aspect of the buzz cut is that it can easily match any hair texture.

Buzz Cut Temple Fade for men

Low Temple Fade Haircut

This is the most refined version of the temple haircut. It is set low enough that the top of the sideburns is only slightly exposed as the hair blends into the skin. With facial hair, the hair on the head is just short enough to see the skin clearly before moving on to the jaw and chin. This causes the temple to fade away when viewed from a distance. This fade position is suitable for those who want to try this style without drawing too much attention. Another benefit of this hairstyle is that it allows more hair on the sides for those who want to add width to their face.

Low Temple Fade Haircut for men

Mid Temple Fade Haircut

This is the most common thought of the temple’s faded haircut version. The midpoint of its transition is located just above the height of the ear, allowing it to be noticed, but not dominant over the head. This also provides more space for the length of the transition hair, allowing the fades to be more blended. The fade can also be brought back to the nape. This is a suitable style for those who want to blur the hairline at the temples and neck while adding interest to the overall hairstyle.

Mid Temple Fade Haircut for men

High Temple Fade Haircut

The location of the fading temple began to blur the definitions between itself and other haircuts. The essential component of this position is to let the fading color blend in close to the top hairline. While some versions may just blend the temple area, others can bring the blend back behind the ears, almost like a fade. Some can even take this step further and bring the fade to the back of the head, which looks a lot like the fade in.

High Temple Fade Haircut for men

Taper Temple Fade Haircut

Speaking of the fuzzy definition, taper fade is actually a longer version of fade where the hair doesn’t blend with the skin. This still provides gradient length while also allowing for more coverage of the hair, which is also useful for those who want to add width to their face. While fade and fade can be different haircuts, a taper fade is one that includes elements of both.

Taper Temple Fade Haircut for men

Bald Temple Fade Haircut

As for the taper temple fade, the bald temple fade leaves a significant amount of hairless skin, which makes the hairline appear taller than it should be. This gives a more striking look, with more contrast between the skin and hair. This is ideal for people who want to get rid of the width and make their faces appear longer. To maintain the baldness of this fade, you will need to re-smooth the edges of the fade every week.

Bald Temple Fade Haircut for men

Temple Fade with Curly Hair

Whether natural or artificial, curly hair can look more stylish with a puffy bang. Curly hair gives more volume and body to the hairstyle, allowing the hairstyle to appear more alive. The fading of the temples allows the volume of the hairstyle to gradually transfer to the width of the face. This combination is also compatible with people with smaller foreheads who want it to look bigger. The haircuts and hairstyles men that are suitable for curly hair include ruffles, bangs, and different cuts.

Temple Fade with Curly Hair back man

The fade cut is best suited for those who prefer a more traditional hairstyle, but also want a modern look. While it’s not one of the top spotting fade hairstyles, the classic fade is a more timeless option.

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