27+ Super Cool ​​Neckline Hair Designs For Men In 2022

We talk about haircuts as if they’re one-size-fits-all fashions that can’t be changed. Of course, this isn’t the case, and unusual neckline hair designs are simply one of many methods to add interest to a haircut. We’ve gathered photographs of various unique and innovative neckline hair cuts that you can use into your preferred style in this gallery.

A fade haircut can be used as a canvas for the neckline hair design, or a tapered cut can be given a surprise ending. The pattern might be as basic as a V or as complicated as a multiple fade pattern. Allow your barber to express themselves and see what they can come up with!

Super Cool ​​Neckline Hair Designs For Men In 2022

Neckline Hair Designs are suitable for all hair lengths, from short to long. Don’t be hesitant to try this look because it’s a low-cost option to add something distinctive to your haircut.

Cool ​​Neckline Hair Designs For Men

Check out a couple of the most popular new hairstyles for men with shaved necklines. These neckline hair designs represent some of our favorite cuts.

1. Faded Neckline with Tattoos

The neckline is really important, and the fade on the back, as shown here, brings out the finest in the tattoos. The sides are likewise pushed back with a combed pattern design that requires some product assistance, and the top is flat and pulled back.

Faded Neckline with Tattoos

2. Jagged Neckline Hair Design

This unique neckline features arcs and lines, as well as fades and borders.

Jagged Neckline Hair Design

3. Straight Neckline Cuts

These straight neckline cuts were made with care to provide new angles to an otherwise flowing and clean haircut. That small curl is also a wonderful touch!

Straight Neckline Cuts

4. Crop + Burst Fade + Double Hairline

This trendy look has a crop on top and two distinct hairlines separated by a shaved line. Many more unusual fade haircuts can be found at these barbers.

Crop + Burst Fade + Double Hairline

5. Reverse Fade Hair Design

Instead of tapering out, the reverse fade builds hair up from the neckline. Multiple fades follow an off-center V, adding depth and dimension.

Reverse Fade Hair Design

6. Margoned Neckline with Low Fade

This hairstyle for the neckline is a different way of bringing any cut to a close. The additional cuts provide a unique, layered effect that neatly breaks up the design.

Margoned Neckline with Low Fade

7. Unleashing Tattoo’s Faded Neckline

Long hair might be attractive, but it doesn’t mean one should also have a long neckline. The top is quite lengthy in comparison to the sides and neckline, but that’s part of the appeal. The back is faded with a little taper, which helps to keep the hair volume while also revealing the neck tattoo.

Unleashing Tattoo's Faded Neckline

8. Speared Neckline

Using your imagination to play with the corners of your neckline might result in unique designs. Here’s a spear design that looks great and is simple to replicate.

Speared Neckline

9. Curly Top with Pocky Undercut Neckline

The undercut and the curly textured top go together. The shaved slit is certainly a plus, but the clean sides allow the curled top to stand out even more.

Curly Top with Pocky Undercut Neckline

10. Textured Blow Back and Pointed Neckline Design

This is a solid 11 in terms of originality on a scale of 1 to 10. The sharp neckline is fantastic, the three-line design in the beard is brilliant, and the height and texture at the top are the ideal finishing touch.

Textured Blow Back and Pointed Neckline Design

11. Afro Weave Neckline

What better way to dress up your neckline than with an almost three-dimensional design? This is going to make people’s jaws drop!

Afro Weave Neckline

12. Turbulent Neckline

Choose an artistic pattern like this to make your neckline the focal point of your haircut. Then you may keep the rest of your outfit simple and focus on the neckline.

Turbulent Neckline

13. Blow Out with Layered Neckline

Choose an artsy pattern like this if you want your neckline to be the focus point of your haircut. Then you may keep the rest of your outfit simple and focus on that neckline.

Blow Out with Layered Neckline

14. Sideburn + Hairline Hair Design

This creative cut combines diagonal lines shaved into the temple and hairline with a matte pompadour haircut on top, creating a styled version of the blow out.

Sideburn + Hairline Hair Design

15. Taper Haircut + Shaved Lines

Simple hairstyles nevertheless have a lot of impact. This medium length slicked back style is finished with a couple of shaved lines at the tapering neckline.

Taper Haircut + Shaved Lines

16. Asymmetrical Neckline

This neckline contrasts an angled line with a fading neckline for a new take on a classic taper. One of the coolest hairstyles for the neckline.

Asymmetrical Neckline

17. V-Shaped Neckline

Check out our list of the top 100 men’s haircuts if you’re seeking for a new appearance. Choose a style, mix and match styles, and show your barber photographs. It’s quite straightforward.

V-Shaped Neckline

A V-shaped neckline is a popular way to end a range of haircuts. In this version, spikes on top contrast with a striped V-cut.

18. Striped Neckline with Tattoo

Wearing a high skin fade to show off a great tattoo like this makes perfect sense. When you add additional stripe designs, it becomes an even more amazing display of body and hair art.

Striped Neckline with Tattoo

19. Winged Neckline

We’re getting Logan/Wolverine vibes from this haircut’s great texture. And the neckline echoes the silhouette, making the whole look more better!

Winged Neckline

20. Shaved Slit with Low Tapered Neckline

Necklines that reach to the beard are always stylish. For a simple yet eye-catching style, the shaved slit starts below the ear and extends down to the bushy beard.

Shaved Slit with Low Tapered Neckline

21. That Curl Density with Angular Neckline

With the top being all thin curled and the neckline being practically batman-ized, the contrast between the top and the neckline is the main appeal. With that deep “V” resting precisely in between, the slits on both ends provide the appearance of clean cuts.

That Curl Density with Angular Neckline

22. Horizontal Neckline Disconnects

A few disconnects were employed to break up a dull mass of hair in prior neckline designs. Similar disconnects can be made even more noticeable by aligning them horizontally.

Horizontal Neckline Disconnects

23. Undercut with Tri-Line Shave

Even something as basic as three converging lines shaved into the undercut can make your hairdo stand out. This is a cool ‘do from all angles, with a trendy faux hawk on the front and a tri-line shave on the side.

Undercut with Tri-Line Shave

24. Clean Swipes Design

Hairstyles for the neckline are virtually limitless. In this case, a sharp, curving neckline is trimmed with plenty of lengthy and ferocious sweeping cuts for an out-of-the-ordinary look.

Clean Swipes Design

25. Blonde Undercut with Designed Neckline

To turn heads with your hairdo, you don’t have to go for a big and complicated design. Even something as subtle (yet inventive) as this can have an impact.

Blonde Undercut with Designed Neckline

26. Double Disconnected Design

A clean cut is perhaps the most frequent neckline hairstyle; in this case, a little extra trimming above the neckline provides an already macho buzz cut more sturdiness.

Double Disconnected Design

27. Straight Angle Pompadour and Hardline Design

This pompadour’s exceptional height alone is worthy of a GQ spread. The line design down the neckline, however, adds a unique touch to the haircut.

Straight Angle Pompadour and Hardline Design

Hairstyles for the neckline have become extremely popular in recent years. Taking advantage of the current hair tattoo craze, this variation moves the design from the sides to the back of the head for a striking back view.

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