40 Best Spiky Hairstyles For Men (Trends Haircuts 2022)

Spiky hairstyles for men is making a strong comeback as one of the most popular men’s haircuts. While spiky bangs have been trendy for many years, modern spiky bangs have added many new cuts and styles.

For example, short spiky hair looks messy and textured on top with a gradual or short cut on the sides. In fact, the spikey fade and undercut are the most suitable spiky hairstyles for men to choose from as they both style well with short, medium and long hair.

Similarly, medium length hair and heel length also look great with the face and the right haircut. Guys can decide between a bun at the front, full spiky, or combine your spiky hair with a long, side-combed, side braid or hawk. And because men’s spiky hair is so versatile, guys can do some interesting hairstyles when they want to change up their looks.

Best Spiky Hairstyles For Men In 2022

With so many different styles of styling, it can be hard to pick the best men’s hairstyles to get. From modern spiky haircuts with thick and textured hair to messy high buns with short sides, here are the most stylish spiky hair ideas men should try right now.

Mens spiky haircuts

Mens spiky haircuts

Choppy messy short spiky hairstyles for men

Choppy messy short spiky hairstyles

Spiky afro hairstyle for men

Spiky afro hairstyle

Short spiky asymmetrical hairstyles for men

Short spiky asymmetrical hairstyles

Asymmetrical spiky hairstyles for men

Asymmetrical spiky hairstyles

Asian male spiky hairstyles for men

Asian male spiky hairstyles

Black short spiky hairstyles for men

Black short spiky hairstyles

Back view of short spiky hairstyles for men

Back view of short spiky hairstyles

Spiky curly hairstyles for men

Spiky curly hairstyles

Spiky caesar hairstyle for men

Spiky caesar hairstyle

Cool spiky hairstyles for men

Cool spiky hairstyles

Classic spiky hairstyles for men

Classic spiky hairstyles

Blonde Spiky Hair

Blonde goes well with natural black or brown hair and can create a striking contrast that makes your hairstyle stand out. While shaggy hair with blonde highlights may look like the ’90s, we’re not talking blur tips.

Blonde Spiky Hair For Men

Instead, experiment with different men’s hair colors. Blonde hairstyles for men can be very glamorous when done right, so think blonde streaks or dye your hair completely blonde, platinum, white or gray.

Spiky Fade Haircuts

Curly hair is the most popular and versatile of all the curls. With the hair being faded on the sides, the modern spiky hairstyle above becomes the main focus of the look.

Spiky Fade Haircuts For Men

Guys can choose between many different fade haircuts. Starting with low, medium or high opacity, men can choose where to start blending. You can also ask the barber to trim the skin to fade the baldness or just fade it with a little hair left over.

Long Spiky Haircuts

Shoulder length hair can look very handsome and stylish if you know how to style it yourself. With a gradual cut or cropped on the sides and back, long spiky hairstyles are on trend right now.

Long Spiky Haircuts For Men

Whether you want to tie your hair straight, to the side, or back, you’ll want to use a high hold product. We recommend a textured, messy look for long hair, especially if you want spiky hair at the front.

Short Spiky Haircuts

Short spiky hair is probably the most popular hairstyle because short hair is easy to style, easy to maintain, and can look good with few hair products. Curly short hairstyles are timeless, and guys can always go for a ponytail, French side or parting, just to name a few.

Short Spiky Haircuts For Men

The foundation of short spiky hair starts with shorter sides, such as a tall bald section or a side cut. A short haircut on the sides will create the necessary contrast to focus the eye on the spiky top. Low taper with short spikes can also be a professional look of the business.

Spiky Fringe Haircuts

Sparse bangs are a cool hairstyle for men worth trying. This style is characterized by a long hair in the front and spiky hair everywhere else. The messy and wild look is perfect for men who need a side parting hairstyle with bangs and spikes.

Spiky Fringe Haircuts For Men

Messy Spiky Haircuts

Messy hair has become especially popular in barbershops around the world. Ruffled hairstyles are considered casual, fun and glamorous, and guys can easily style them at home with good hair care products and short haircuts.

Messy Spiky Haircuts For Men

First, you’ll need to decide if you want well-defined thick spikes or just a messy tip in all directions. A second hairstyle can be a great option for men with thinning hair who need to cover up hair loss or bald spots. Instead of sharp, jagged piercings, try a loose hairstyle with a high bun.

Thick Spiky Hairstyle

Thick spiky hair is best kept short due to the sheer weight of thick hair. Short haircuts for thick hair start with very short sides to accentuate the spikes. Gradual or short cuts combined with the layered trim above can thin your curls just enough for an attractive look.

Thick Spiky Hairstyle For Men

Just remember that the longer your thick hair is left in, the harder it will be to get it in place and hold it all day. To nourish thick hair, you will need to use a good amount of hair oil or hair care products. Start with slightly damp hair, style your hair the way you want it, and blow-dry it.

Tapered Spiky Haircuts

The spiky hair is like the fade variation, but the tapered side part is much more conservative and luxurious. The fade set has a spiky tip that combines very short hair, but avoids exposing skin. You can ask your barber for a classic taper cut for longer edges or a low, medium, or high taper cut.

Tapered Spiky Haircuts For Men

If you need a cool hairstyle for the business professional, the spiky bob can be a great way to style your hair without being too fussy.

Textured Spiky Haircuts

Textured hairstyles are growing in popularity and the good news is that there is a style for everyone regardless of hair length, texture or thickness. The only difference between these textures and their classics is the use of matte, clay, or cream pomade (depending on your hair type and needs).

Textured Spiky Haircuts For Men

The high ponytail with a textured spike is one of the best, as is the classic side cut with textured spikes. You can also go for the textured short cut if you have longer hair. For a business look, pair a textured ruffle with low opacity.

Spiky Undercut Hairstyle

The spiky undercut is another cool men’s hairstyle. With short sides and long tops, the spiked cut is similar to a fade hairstyle. The difference is that the undercut starts very high on the sides and is cut to full length (unless it’s an undercut fade).

Spiky Undercut Hairstyle For Men

The bold and edgy undercut is the perfect hairstyle for boys, teenagers, college boys and young men. Side cut with short to medium length hair allows guys to style like a messy comb on cropped, slanted, curly, fohawk, spiky side cut texture or short curly hairstyle.

The truth is that the spiky hairstyle is the hairstyle that gives a masculine and edgy look to your look. That’s why if you’re looking for a fresh twist to add to your style – we recommend you consider this compilation. Let’s get one thing straight – there’s a spiky hairstyle for all hair textures, so don’t worry here!

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