20+ Super Cool and Swag Short Fade Haircuts for Men

Short fade haircuts for men are hairstyles with very short sides and back that fades to the skin gradually. A fade adds contrast and a clean-cut style to short cuts including crew cuts, buzz cuts, and high and tight haircuts.

Short fade haircuts have been popular since the beginning of the decade and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! The adaptability of this current look is the single main reason why experienced barbers in the present world of men’s fashion enjoy it.

Fade can be added to any length of hair, short or long. For a low-maintenance look, try this fade haircut with short hairs; all you need is some styling gel on your fingers to style them however you want. Well-textured hair is essential for this type of haircut because the smooth, radiant, and silky finish gives you a great look.

Explore 20+ Swagger Jagger Mens Short Fade Haircuts

There are countless hairstyles you may easily design with all the volume and texture available on top. Are you attending a business meeting? Make a basic comb-over or slick the strands back. Are you planning a night out? Make a fake hawk out of it! Because of those short sides, you’ll become addicted to how well-kept your mane seems 24/7.

Mens Short Fade Haircuts

A monthly visit to your barber will ensure the freshness of your selected short fade haircuts! Check out the most recent photographs of short fade haircuts in our updated guide! To fight the sweltering summer heat, this hairstyle is ideal, since it keeps you from having to deal with long, bushy hair while also making you seem stylish.

1. Very Short Hair

Right now, the buzz cut is really popular. Not the military cut, but a more fashionable variation. A blurring fade, whether cut as near to the scalp as feasible or a little longer, gives elegance to the utilitarian look. For best impact with minimal hair length, add texture and/or a distinct line up. Replace the fade with a taper.

very short hair men's haircuts

2. Spiky Hair

Spikes are one of the most fashionable ways to wear short hair. It’s a stylish appearance that thickens fine hair or adds volume to thick tresses. Add additional texture, odd angles, or even a shaved line to your fade.

mens short spiky hairstyles

3. Longer On Top Haircuts

These fashionable men’s hairstyles have faded sides and are about as long as short hair can get. This length is just as adaptable as medium hair, but it’s easier to maintain and style. You can wear your hair in a distinctive style or spice it up with a pompadour, fringe, textured spikes, or a quiff.

Longer On Top Haircuts

4. Fade + Short Hairstyles For Men

This would be a typical buzz cut without the fuzzy fade, line up, waves, and beard. This is among the most popular short fade haircuts for men and is elevated by every detail.

Fade + Short Hairstyles For Men

5. Short + Messy Fade Hairstyle

For this chic messy look, a low fade keeps the sides tidy.

short messy fade haircut

6. Buzz Cut + Skin Fade

Yes, shaving your beard and hair at home can save you money. Time too. This, however, will not be the case. Giving yourself a fade and lining up a beard is doable, but it will take a lot of effort to get to this level. To obtain the best of both worlds, go to the barber before big occasions and keep the cut in between.

Buzz Cut + Skin Fade

7. Men’s Short Haircuts + High Skin Fade

The beard is exactly right, the hair is short, and the fade is high.

short spiky men's haircut & high skin fade

8. Very Short Fade Haircuts For Men

When you think your hair can’t go any shorter, the fade takes it all the way down to your skin.

mens very short fade haircuts

9. Short Fade Haircuts For Black Men

The question is how to tie a skin fade and a beard together. A fade is one possibility, while this tapered beard form is another.

short fade haircut for black man

10. Short Natural Hairstyles For Men + Fade

The natural texture is highlighted by short twists over a high fade.

Short Natural Hairstyles For Men + Fade

11. Short Hair with Fade Blended with a Faded Beard

With terse hair, this is a great look to opt for. A combination of faded head and faded beard hair is used to create this look. To generate a fade away effect, the dense hair at the top of the head is kept short, followed by a bald look at the ends.

Short Hair with Fade Blended with a Faded Beard

This short fade haircut is finely detailed, with a strong line running across the front of the head. Similarly, delicate intricate lines are added to the beard to complement the overall image. To appear their best, men with thin density beards should try this look.

12. Mohawk Fade Haircut

This short fade haircut is side parted and virtually bald on the sides; the side hairs are fashioned like steps with a trimmer, and the rest of the hair in the middle is styled in a front Mohawk to add volume; a little firm gel is needed to complete the appearance, and you’re ready to rock your party.

mohawk fade haircut black men

This sleek style is appropriate for younger generations, particularly teenagers and college students. With this attractive hairstyle, you may make a style statement.

13. Comb Over Fade Haircut

This comb over fade haircut adds volume to your hair, and all you need is a brush and some fixing gel to achieve this look. The side fade highlights the comb-over hairs.

mens comb over fade haircut

Because of the comb-over, this style will make any face shape appear longer; once done with the barber, you will not need to visit the salon even if your hair grows longer because it can be combed over. Get this exquisite haircut since this lively look will definitely make you popular with the ladies.

14. Heavy Crop Fade with a Beard

This is a version of a fade haircut for guys with thick hair, with a low skin fade to create an angled hairline that is attached to your beard to complete the look. The hair on top is heavy but still cut to enhance texture and reduce weight, and a low skin fade to create an angled hairline that is attached to your beard to.

Heavy Crop Fade with a Beard

Such a style can improve your individuality while also drawing attention to your appearance. The beard is also extremely neatly maintained with the help of a trimmer, and such styles require a lot of maintenance, but the coolness of this hairdo makes the maintenance expense worthwhile.

15. Drop Fade Haircut with Short Hair

This drop fade haircut provides you a complete gentlemen’s look, with short hairs on top and a slight hard gel in front that gives you a spike look. This look can be easily done at home and carried to work, as well as when you want to have some fun with friends at a club.

Drop Fade Haircut with Short Hair

This hairstyle necessitates good volume and structure, and it creates the illusion of side parting while being very little maintenance. You can wear this look with formal and semi-formal attire to seem handsome.

16. Buzz Fade Haircut

This buzz fade haircut is a classic that every barber knows. It’s the most popular among guys with short hair since it looks the finest with the least amount of effort; some men adore it, while others despise it. This low-maintenance cut through minimal elevates your status to classic.

short buzz fade haircut

This hairstyle is ideal for adventurous men who know how to flaunt their facial features. This style goes with any attire, formal, semi-formal, or casual; the haircut looks great with anything and makes you the center of attention at whatever party you attend.

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