50 Shaved Head Hairstyles For Men Is A Perfect For 2022

Shaved head hairstyles for men who do not have much time to take care of their hair. It’s a maintenance-free style and contrary to what most people think there are ways to enhance its look.

The most effective of which is to have neat and stylish facial strands. And so if you want a clean shave, here are 45 styles that will give you some ideas on how you can pair it with your beard for a sophisticated look.

50 Best Exquisite Shaved Head Styles For 2022

So you want to shave your head. Good for you. A shaved head can add a strong and solid edge to any guy’s style — all without making any changes to his wardrobe. Plus, maintenance couldn’t be easier: Just don’t let those strands get too long. Here are some guys who nailed the look.

Shaved head men's hairstyles

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Growing Out

This look is what you get a few days after shaving your head and face. While you can also puff the hair to this extent, the best idea is to just shave everything off and let them lengthen for that look. It’s an attractive look that makes a heart-shaped face look stunning.

Shaved Head Growing Out

Black and Bald

An elongated face like this may not be suitable for you because it only takes a few haircuts to make it stand out. However, you can shave as smooth as in this design and combine it with an elongated facial hair for a refined gentleman look.

Shaved Head Black and Bald Men

Perfect Line Up

The level of precision in shaping these facial hairs is amazing, and it helps to create a perfectly straight line that would dazzle any man. However, this style is best suited for oblong or oval faces because of the elongated chin.

Shaved Head Perfect Line Up

Neat and Buzzed

This style is very suitable for men with round faces who like to keep their hair neat and simple. It involves curling your hair to make it really short and also trimming your facial hair to make it even.

Shaved Head Neat and Buzzed

Classy Bald Fade

This cut offers a unique way to wear a bald head. Instead of just cutting the strands close to the skull, you should leave some in the crown and then trim the sides and back to create a chic bald matte design.

Shaved Head Classy Bald Fade

Round Bald Head

If you want to make your round bald head look stylish, you should also have some neat facial hair like in this design. In addition, you should also darken your beard so that they can create a nice contrast with your light skin tone.

Shaved Head Round Bald Head

Sweet Ginger Look

Full facial beards like these will require a lot of patience and attention to grow them out, but once you have them, you’ll look stunning. With this style, all you need is to shave your head and then dye it in a beautiful ginger color for a stylish look.

Shaved Head Sweet Ginger Look

Villain Bald Look

This villain looks very masculine, and if you can recreate it, then you can be sure of an incredible appearance. It involves shaving everything off your head and keeping a long and full facial hair because that’s what will give you the villain look.

Shaved Head Villain Bald Look

Natural Balding Look

If your roots are bald or receding, this will be the look you’ll get if you shave off all of your hair. This cut also looks great on an elongated face shape like this one, and you can enhance it by cutting the strands of your face close to form a short beard.

Shaved Head Natural Balding Look

Clean with Faded Beard

This round bald head would probably still look good even without a beard. However, the beard is blurred in this design with sharp lines that spice up the design and will make a man look very masculine.

Shaved Head Clean with Faded Beard

In the past few years, shaved hairstyles for men have come back in vogue. They provide a bold, statement look that says a lot about the wearer. However, they are also extremely versatile, allowing you to be as creative as you want in terms of length, volume, and texture. In this article, we have gathered 45 ideas that may inspire you in case you also want to start this trend and are planning to visit your stylist. Here they are!

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