15+ Professional Business Hairstyles For Men In 2022

The Ultimate Professional Business Hairstyles For Men. So you want to have a trendy, stylish haircut while appearing professional. At the same time, you want a look that expresses your individuality. How do you meet all of these requirements at the same time?

Perhaps you need a conservative haircut for a different reason. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, white collar jobs employed 39 percent of Americans in 2015, “If you’re one of these employees, you almost certainly have to adhere to a dress code, which frequently includes haircuts.”

What Makes a Perfect, Professional Business Hairstyles for Men

Many office positions have traditionally demanded conservative haircuts in order to preserve a well-groomed appearance among employees. Haircuts that are recommended range from super-short crew cuts to somewhat longer cuts like the Ivy League or classic taper.

what makes professional business hairstyles

When fashion-conscious guys enter the workforce, they may find it challenging to follow business policy while also finding a style that suits them. Of course, not every white-collar worker desires a mohawk, but some men desire a more fashionable hairstyle that fits within the limits of a standard business hairstyle.

Conservatism: It does not have to imply “simple” or “boring.” The corporate hairstyle’s appearance is frequently more laid-back and unremarkable, yet it can still be fashionable. A mullet with a spiky top, in other words, would be a horrible business hairdo.

Cleanliness: Professional hairstyles are cut neatly and precisely around the edges. The haircut is even, and it appears to be well-kept. This is frequently caused by the barber or stylist who is cutting your hair, so choose a reputed hairdresser.

Versatility: Although it may appear paradoxical at first, a proper business hairstyle can be worn in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re going to work, eating dinner with your family, or attending a formal event, it should be acceptable.

If you’re having problems deciding on a style, we’ve put up a list of cuts that fit all three of the aforementioned requirements. There are a variety of sizes and shapes to pick from, so whether you want a traditional early twentieth century design or a no-fuss, shorter hairstyles style, you’ll find something you like here.

The Ultimate Professional Business Hairstyles For Men

Finding great-looking business hairstyles, whether for personal or professional purposes, may be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to search for. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our best professional business hairstyles for men, along with some remarks on what makes them unique.

Professional Business Hairstyles For Men

1. Slicked back

If you enjoy the slick-back, traditional look that has recently become fashionable, you can’t go wrong with this style. It boasts a shiny sheen and a sophisticated shape with a dramatic, defined side part.

mens slicked back hairstyles

To achieve this style, you’ll need a high-quality hair product. Apply gel or, better yet, pomade evenly to your hair. It will now have a beautiful luster. Then part your hair to one side and comb the hair beneath the part downward.

This is one of the most exquisite professional hairstyles, and it complements any office environment (or any job, period). This is a trendy professional men’s hairstyle that isn’t going away anytime soon.

2. Slick Back Long Hairstyles For Professionals + Businessmen

Longer hair is growing increasingly popular as men’s fashion and job expectations evolve. That isn’t to mean that you can show up to work with your hair down. This slicked back haircut looks short from the front and is a great hairstyle for long hairstyles. It can be worn straight back or with a side part, as shown above.

Slick Back Long Hairstyles For Professionals + Businessmen

3. Ivy League

Choose the Ivy League cut if you prefer the crew cut but want a little more length on top. It’s virtually always worn with a side part, which is one of a sophisticated businessman’s signature features.

ivy league haircut mens

The Ivy League, like the conventional taper haircut, has a taper that lends a sense of cleanliness to the style. It’s also a low-maintenance cut that’s perfect for those hectic weekday mornings. You can get up and go with minimal effort while maintaining a professional hairstyle.

4. Induction cut

The induction cut has evolved from a military tradition to a distinct style. It’s an excellent option for guys who want their hair to be incredibly short but don’t want to shave their heads altogether.

Professional Business Hairstyles Induction cut

5. Comb Over

While comb-overs have a poor connotation, they can actually be fashionable. A nice comb-over is ideal for generating movement, whether you’re attempting to hide thinning hair or just want a new look.

mens comb over hairstyle

6. High Volume Classic Cut

Haircuts for professionals don’t have to be overly short. With a style like this, you may let your hair grow out while still keeping it formal. It’s still a classic business cut with a little more fullness.

Hairstyles High Volume Classic Cut

7. Classic Taper

The traditional taper haircut, sometimes known as one of the most professional business hairstyles for men,” is a timeless design that works for any position. It manages to walk the narrow line between fashionable and professional with ease.

business classic taper haircut

The smooth taper and length on top of the head provide a pleasant contrast that suits various hair types and face shapes, especially round-faced men. You’ve probably seen other males wearing it, and it’s popular due to its simplicity and classic appeal.

The traditional taper haircut is simple to get and can be customized in length. Read our guide to the classic taper haircut for more information.

8. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can be difficult to manage, but with a medium-length cut like this one, you can let your hair’s natural waviness shine while still keeping it in check.

wavy hair men haircut

9. Ryan Guzman’s Short Crop

This attractive short crop shape can be worn formally or casually. (It looks great with a beard, too.)

ryan guzman's short crop haircut

10. Medium Length High Volume Ear Tuck

For men with thick hair who prefer longer styles, this swoopy ear tuck is ideal. This look stands out from the crowd thanks to the sideways brushing motion.

Medium Length High Volume Ear Tuck

11. Classic Brushed Back Pompadour

Many contemporary designs take inspiration from the neat, gelled pompadour of the 1950s and 1960s. To create the hair voluminous and textured, this one employs matte finish hair products.

classic brushed back pompadour dress

12. Medium Curly Hair

This stylish style exemplifies how curly, coiled hair can look fantastic even when it’s extremely long.

medium curly hairstyles men

13. Slicked Back Taper

This suave yet conservative slicked back taper style toes the line while maintaining the balance. This style is perfect for any corporate situation because it has a strong contrast cut that doesn’t impose.

slicked back taper haircut

14. Side Part

A classic gentleman’s style is the side part. To stand out from the crowd, comb your hair to the side for a natural part or have a firm part.

side part business haircut

15. Medium Length Professional Hairstyles For Men

Slicked-back styles, such as pompadours and quiffs, are among the most popular men’s haircuts. A pleasing and fashionable hairdo that should be suited for most workplace contexts is to style it with a matte product and some volume.

Medium Length Professional Hairstyles For Men

Hair might be long or short on top, with sides that are tapered or fading. This is a distinctive appearance that helps show confidence and ability in any way you wear it. This and the side part are good styles to decrease the appearance of hair loss for men in the early stages of thinning hair.

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