Pompadour Fade Haircuts Every Man Should Know!

Pompadour Fade Haircuts can be done in a variety of ways. A pompadour, for example, can be sloppy or clean, textured or glossy, and paired with a comb over or hard part. Finally, a faded pomp is adaptable enough to turn your medium or long hair into a variety of different sophisticated men’s hairstyles.

This is a men’s hairstyle that will continue to evolve in the years ahead, from enormous slicked back and sculptured pompadours to the more recent long loose and untidy pompadour fade combinations. Matte finishes, texture, hard pieces, and other unique aspects are being used to give the classic style a modern twist.

Dive in to know the most unique Pompadour Fade Haircuts for Men!

The pompadour was first popular in the 1950s and has since been modernized for the twenty-first century. The trademark height and roll are still present, but there are pompadour fade haircuts available with a variety of fades and styling options on top.

Pompadour Fade Haircuts for Men

For inspiration on how to cut and style your next cut, check out these fantastic pompadour fade hairstyles!

1. Razor Faded Pompadour

Men’s fade hairstyles have recently become incredibly fashionable. The fade haircut is normally associated with shorter haircuts, but we are also seeing longer hair on top with a fade making an appearance in men’s hairstyle trends. Check out these barbershop fades that range from short buzz cut fades to medium length haircut fades that we’ve compiled for you.

razor fade pompadour schorem

This is a traditional low-mid razor faded pompadour that has been done quite well. This cut required a great deal of barbering expertise.

2. Modern Pompadour Fade

For good reason, the modern pompadour is one of the most popular men’s haircuts. With the high bald fade, the back and sides are given an undercut, while the pomp is grown fairly long. If you’re wondering how to dress a pompadour in a modern approach, it should be worn loose and unkempt, unlike Elvis’ hair. Touch up the pomp with a dependable wax or pomade to finish the effect.

modern pompadour fade undercut

3. Messy Pomp

One of the most classic haircuts for males is the untidy pompadour. Men have embraced and worn this haircut with panache from the 15th century to the present day, from pop singers to 18th-century French courtesans. However, this iconic men’s design is named after a woman. This design was influenced by Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s official mistress from 1745 to 1751.

messy pompadour hairstyle

As a result, the chaotic pompadour cut’s styling remains crucial. Either brush it up and out of your face, or wear it slick. In that scenario, you can brush the sides back. The cut is distinguished by the bulging and rearward sweep.

The style of pompadour that will work for you is determined on the length of your face and the length of your hair. Your personal style and tastes have a significant impact.

4. Low Fade Pompadour

On thin hair, the low taper fade pomp draws attention away from the density and instead emphasizes the lightness of the hair. The hair doesn’t have to cover as much space when the sides are pulled in and tapered low, which draws attention to the sleek, stylish volume on top.

low fade pompadour hairstyle

The top is blown dry with a Demi or medium round brush and a volumizing hair mousse or gel to encourage the hair to be styled back without parting. A light pomade or hair spray completes the look and keeps the hair in place throughout the day.

5. Mid Fade Pompadour

A mid fade pompadour with a line cut on one side may not be everyone’s preference, but when styled correctly, it looks fantastic. The haircut combines two haircuts and is difficult to manage, especially if you work. This haircut will look best on you if you have medium-length hair.

mid fade pompadour haircut

6. Side Part Pomp

For a slightly different Pompadour hairstyle, you can use the bangs in the styling section. While the classic Pompadour is usually a back and forth cut, the side Pompadour uses your cut as the background of the quiff.

side part pomp fade

It’s a versatile look and allows you to be comfortable without too much styling when compared to a slicked back hairstyle. While the sides can look great with wet hold products, you can get better results with a matte finish and some natural looking textures.

7. Pompadour Comb Over Fade

Working the pomp over into a comb over instead of back gives this retro men’s haircut a new twist. This pomp combover has greater volume and sharper fading sides than the combover.

pompadour fade undercut quiff comb over and slick back

This style works nicely with long hair on top. The pompadour hairstyle is a blown-back style. Pompadour hair became famous in the 1990s and has remained in the hearts of trendy and extravagant guys ever since.

8. Razor Fade Pompadour

A razor fade is another wonderful method to draw attention to the textured top. You can go for enormous pomp and style it loose and high with this fade cut. Razor fade hairstyles contrast with the top by giving the sides a tidy and clean appearance. If you still think the look is missing something, add a carved line to the side.

low razor fade pompadour

9. Burst Fade Pompadour

Pompadour fades in general are a man’s best friend when he wants a dynamic, playful, and cool hairdo. Even though the pompadour first debuted hundreds of years ago, it has never gone out of vogue. It was updated for modern times and does not appear to be going out of style anytime soon.

burst fade pompadour medium

With well-defined corners and structure, this Burst Fade Pompadour is edgier. It has a burst fade that turns into a gorgeous haircut with volume, height, and structure. The layers are nearly undetectable, and the haircut is reminiscent of a stylish mohawk.

10. High Fade Pomp + Hard Part

The hard part is still one of the year’s most popular hairstyles. The divided pompadour produces a trendy design, while the high fade and line up create a fresh style.

high fade hard part pompadour haircut

11. High Fade Pomp + Side Part

A basic combination of a high fade and a pomp, but this one is elevated by a shape up at the forehead and a side part in the pomp.

high fade pompadour side part

12. Skin Fade Pomp

The skin fade is still a fantastic option to cut the sides of your hair. People’s eyes quickly jump to the wonderful textured style of this elegant pomp because of the incredibly short men’s cut and the contrast it generates.

skin fade pompadour haircut

13. Pomp for Wavy Hair

Curly Pompadour looks great with straight hair, but it’s much better when it’s fashioned with curls. Adding curls to a pompadour hairstyle gives it a vintage vibe that you’ll enjoy. Even if you have naturally straight hair, you can liven up your pompadour hairdo by adding a few curls.

pomp for wavy hair roblox

14 High Bald Fade + Shape Up + Slick Pompadour

A shape up is a fantastic method to tidy up your hairline while highlighting your top hair.

High Bald pompadour fade haircuts

15. Back and Neckline of Pomp Haircut

back and neckline of pompadour haircut

Because most photos of a pompadour haircut show the front and sides, we thought it would be helpful to show you the back and neckline. This low skin fade mixes in beautifully with the neck.

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