Top 20 Mohawk Fade Haircuts (Updated for 2022)

Super Cool ​​Mohawk Fade Haircuts That Probably Make You Stand Out. The mohawk haircut features a shaved side and a strip of hair down the center of the head. The mohawk haircut has been worn by warriors for millennia, despite the moniker referring to Native Americans. Fighters and soldiers still like Mohawks, but they can also be a sign of defiance. You may also just go for a mohawk because it’s cool (and tough).

Therefore, if you consider yourself to be edgy and work in a studio rather than an office, a Mohawk Fade Haircut could be the appropriate hairdo for you. This daring haircut, long favored by punks and rockers, is bold and unique. Although the style has come a long way since its inception, it’s still a great option for gentlemen who want to stand out from the crowd.

Top Hot Mohawk Fade Haircuts For 2022

The typical mohawk has a shaved side and a small strip of hair through the center. Traditionally, hair is spiked vertically. These latest hairstyles for males are mohawk fades. Burst fades are the most frequent approach to trim a mohawk, but temp fades and taper fades also work. Some of these styles resemble mullets, while others culminate in a point or shape.

mohawk fade mens haircut

Hair doesn’t even need to be spiked up on top. Hair can be short hairstyles, curly hairstyles, spiky, or any other style you like. You can also play around with the neckline to create a bigger statement. Check out these 20 different ways to wear a faded mohawk.

1. Mohawk + Taper Fade

The hairline of this fashionable mohawk is the longest in the center of the forehead. It tapers and fades into shaved sides and back from there. This modern mohawk is ideal for gentlemen who prefer a more conservative haircut. Despite its spiked top and shaved sides, the entire style is sleek and trendy because to its short length and light texture.

mohawk taper fade haircut

2. Mohawk + Disconnected Undercut

Against a detached undercut, a mohawk looks the most striking and edgy. With such a striking contrast, your hair doesn’t even need to belong to be seen.

Mohawk + Disconnected Undercut haircut

3. Mohawk + Grey Hair

A mohawk can be worn by men of all ages, especially when it’s a stylish variation like this one.

grey mohawk hair styles

4. Short Spiky Mohawk Fade Haircut + Beard

A mohawk does not require long hair. This short spiky cut with a V at the back achieves the desired effect.

Short Spiky Mohawk Fade Haircut + Beard

5. Mohawk + Thick Hair + Fade

Thick hair appears bold and can easily be molded into the proper shape, whereas thin hair looks limp in a mohawk style.

Mohawk + Thick Hair + Fade

6. Mohawk + Volume

Despite the fact that most modern mohawks are more modest, there’s still room for a huge and aggressive style. Just make sure to utilize the appropriate products to keep your mohawk from looking rock hard or crunchy.

mohawk volume haircuts

7. High Mohawk + Fade

Without resorting to ultra-short, shaved sides, this towering and wide mohawk offers a sharp contrast.

high fade mohawk haircut

8. Mohawk + Hard Part + Mid Fade

A strong part and a mid fade characterize this trendy mohawk. The fade begins just above the temple and quickly fades to a skin shave halfway down the side of the head.

Mohawk + Hard Part + Mid Fade

9. Short Mohawk + Drop Fade

A drop fade is an excellent way to soften and modernize a mohawk’s appearance. The aesthetic is still unusual and interesting, but the intensity has been decreased to make the style more wearable.

drop fade mohawk short hair

10. Modern Mohawk

This modern mohawk is more polished and cleaner than previous versions. It also has additional volume, making it appear fuller.

modern mohawk haircut

11. Mohawk + Buzz Cut

Even the shortest mohawks can make a big impression because the sides are trimmed right down to the skin. One such example is this buzz cut, which draws attention to the longer (but still short) middle strip of hair.

Mohawk + Buzz Cut haircut

12. Mohawk + Curly Hair

The curly mohawk is a great new twist on a traditional style. The curls’ delicate and bouncy texture creates a much gentler and more modern look.

mens curly hair mohawk fade

13. Short Mohawk

This neat and sharp short mohawk is a classic. It gets shorter in the back and blends in with the rest of the side and back strands.

short mohawk hairstyle

14. Mohawk + Hair Design

If you still want more edge after shaving your hair into a mohawk, consider some creative hair patterns.

men's mohawk hair designs

15. Taper Fade Mohawk For Black Men

It’s not easy to achieve that taper fade mohawk profile, but here it is.

Taper Fade Mohawk For Black Men

16. Mohawk + Pompadour

This stylish design combines two popular hairstyles: the mohawk and the pompadour.

mohawk vs pompadour haircut

17. Mohawk + Textured Hair

Pomades and gels can be used to give your mohawk the height you want, but they can also be utilized to add some texture.

mohawk + textured hairstyles

18. Mohawk + Wavy Hair

This thick, full, and wavy mohawk is an excellent choice.

mohawk wavy hairstyles

19. Mohawk + Line Up

This broad and long mohawk with a lineup is much more audacious and striking than normal thanks to the juxtaposition of significantly diverse lengths.

Mohawk + Line Up

20. Mohawk + Fade

In various current styles, a wide mohawk with a fading undercut can be worn.

mohawk fade mens haircut

How to style your own Mohawk Fade Haircut

While telling your hairstylist what you want will probably get you a decent undercut or Caesar cut, you’ll want to bring good images of the exact mohawk fade hairstyle you want. This is a more difficult technique to master, thus we strongly advise taking photos.

You should probably start with the fading. Determine the width of your mohawk crest and fade up to that point. Fade your hair till it reaches your temple lines if you want your mohawk to reach your temple lines.

How to style your own Mohawk Fade Haircut

For the sides, use a short clipper setting. Depending on how dramatic you want the fade to be and how short you want it, anywhere from a #1 to a #3 or so will suffice.

Make sure not to fade the entire back of your head if you want your mohawk to go all the way down the back of your head. Instead, merely fade the sides of your back, leaving a mohawk-ready strip of hair.

A mohawk fade haircut can have any neckline style you like. Because the entire cut is naturally faded, a tapered neckline will work best.

The mohawk crest itself is completely customizable. It can be either flat or irregularly shaped. Ask your stylist to only cut the hair that will form the mohawk to give it a neat look for a more inconspicuous crest. The sky’s the limit, and you can have any type of mohawk you want.

how to give a mohawk haircut

Request that your hairstylist taper the hair upward into a crest for a more defined mohawk effect. This can be accomplished by cutting or buzzing your hair, depending on your or your stylist’s inclination. Hair should make a triangle shape as it rises toward the center.

A mohawk is a punk-inspired hairdo that is popular among men who are rebellious. Its distinct appearance is defined by a strong contrast between two lengths of hair. The sides of a mohawk are shaved and cut very short, but the top is left long with a strip extending from the hairline to the back of the head. While this portion of hair is frequently spiked for a unique look, it may be fashioned in a variety of ways.

The mohawk has long been associated with warriors. The hairstyle is now connected with the punk rock scene, where it represents rebellion against authority and self-expression. Hope you will find your own Mohawk Fade Haircut after this post!

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