25+ Men’s Taper Haircut Styles To Refresh Your Hair In 2022

Consider the ever-popular classic men’s taper haircut styles if you’re searching for a haircut that’s not too dull, not too wild, and never goes out of style. The traditional taper haircut is a classic and timeless low-maintenance, high-performance style. It’s simple to obtain and customize to your preferences. It’s one of those classic male fashions that never fails.

Check out these best 25+ Men’s Taper Haircut Styles in 2022

Let’s start by defining what a taper haircut is and isn’t. Some people refer to faded haircuts as tapers, however this is incorrect. Hair edges are blurred all the way around the sides and back of the head with a fade. It might be a low, medium, high, bald, or shadow fade, but it always results in a different neckline than the original.

Men's taper haircut styles

The taper haircut, on the other hand, is a refined, precise version of the natural hairline. Hair on the neck and sideburns has faded, creating a pronounced arch behind the ear. Look for that arch to discern the difference between a fade and a taper fade. Tapers might be low, mid, or high in height, but they always have the same arch.

Taper haircuts, like the fade, work with every hairstyle and style. A taper fade can be short, medium, or long, straight, black, or curly. Here are 27 of the most common ways to style men’s taper haircuts.

1. Taper Fade Haircut

A taper can be trimmed in a variety of ways. A beard fade and neckline hair decorations are added to this bold and fresh variant. Hair allows you to be creative because it is readily changed and always grows back.

Taper fade haircut black men

2. Brushed Up with Layered Taper

This pompadour has a youthful taper on the sides and is a little untidy. When coupled with a strong jawline and light stubble, this cut says a lot.

Brushed Up with Layered Taper

3. Layered Push Back with Temple Fade

This short haircut is neat and orderly. Although the hair is a little longer than a military hairstyle, the tidiness conveys the same sense of high value.

Layered Push Back with Temple Fade

4. Taper Haircut for Men

With a V-shaped neckline that is repeated in the lines of the beard, this is another unusual way to flaunt a taper. Hair is done with some on-trend texture on top.

Taper Haircut for Men

5. Low Taper Haircut

With just a hint of a taper, these edges are cleaned up for a natural neckline that is even better than nature intended. This low taper haircut looks fantastic.

Low taper haircut curly hair

6. Textured Classic

This could be the hairstyle for you if you want a little extra texture in your hair. The golden rule of “length on top, short on the sides” is followed in this simple cut, but with extra roughness to contrast the tapered sides.

Textured classic haircut men

7. Casual Brush Up with Taper Side

This masculine cut, also known as a faux hawk or a brush-up, uses mild brushing to create a ridge in the center. This casual style is impossible to fault, especially when paired with a short taper on the sides.

Casual Brush Up with Taper Side

8. Taper Haircut For Black Men

Mark Ingram of the Baltimore Ravens uses a taper fade to separate his waves from his beard. Take notice of how the arch extends behind the ear. That’s fantastic.

Taper Haircut For Black Men

9. Long Braids + Taper Edges

The taper is ideal for long hair on males, such as braids, dreadlocks, or straight hair. If you merely want to define the natural hairline, it’s better than a fade.

Long Braids + Taper Edges hair men

10. Confident Combed Top

If you have a little more time in the morning, you can use the tiniest amount of product to create some pretty unique effects with your top hair. With the short sides, this smooth, floating sweep works nicely.

Confident Combed Top haircut men

11. Taper Haircut + Dreads

This unique dreadlocks style starts at the hairline with a higher-than-normal taper, connects with a shape up, and finishes with a temple fade.

Taper Haircut + Dreads For Men

12. Layered Quiff

The sides of this slicked-back quiff are finished with a classic taper. The contrasting style of the high top and closed sides plays on your facial shape for a completely new look.

Layered quiff hairstyle men

13. Classic Taper and Beard

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option. This hairstyle appears to be well-kept and well-groomed.

Classic taper and beard styles men

14. Low Taper Fade Haircut

It’s most likely a taper if it appears to be a very modest fade from the back.

Low taper fade haircut curly hair

15. Classic Taper with Fade

Looking for a more refined look? Any discerning gentleman looking for a smart haircut will love this.

Classic taper fade haircut men

16. Perfectly Side Combed

What a neat and exact cut! This is a style that can be handed down from generation to generation. Crisp as usual.

Perfectly side combed haircut for men

17. Blowout Haircut + Arch

The arch of a taper replaces the normal fade in this short variation of the popular blowout hairstyle. The beard is also new.

Blowout haircut + arch hair men

18. Extravagant Pompadour

This pompadour right here would make the King himself proud! The sideburns blend in seamlessly.

Extravagant pompadour hairstyle men

19. Classic Taper and Brush-Back

Another scissor crop that is flawless, complete with matching beard. When the weather becomes chilly, a long taper like this provides extra warmth on your head while keeping your look put-together and controllable.

Classic taper and brush-back hairstyles men

20. Broken Quiff with Brush Back

This light tapered haircut embodies everything a man’s hairstyle should be: fresh, bold, and masculine. It complements the face hair well, and the swirly element at the top is a welcome accent.

Broken quiff with brush back hairstyle men

21. Classic Taper on Medium Scissor Crop

Another pompadour to add to the collection! If you use a blow dryer to provide some of the volume you’ll need to style it like this, it might assist.

Classic taper on medium scissor crop hairstyles men

22. Medium Scissor Crop and Tapered Sides

This medium scissor chop does an excellent job of framing attractive features. Because the top must be brushed to the side and combed backward, it is left longer.

Medium scissor crop and tapered sides hairstyle men

23. Medium Scissor Crop

You should be able to get pretty much anywhere with a scissor cut this length. The taper on this style is pretty much essential for any barber as a typical cut.

Medium scissor crop hairstyles men

24. Textured Wavy Crop with Classic Taper

Wavy hair practically grants you VIP status when it comes to texture, and this crop takes full advantage of it! When picking a haircut, keep in mind your hair pattern.

Textured wavy crop with classic taper hairstyles men

25. Long Taper Haircut

There’s more to having long hair than simply growing it out. Long men’s hair still has to be cut every now and then to look its best. Add a lineup and taper fade for a more deliberate look.

Long Taper Haircut For Men

26. Medium Length Flow

With chaotic texture and tapered edges, this cool medium length men’s haircut modernizes a classic design. It’s yet another fun method to go with the flow.

Medium length mens flow haircut

Check out our list of the top 100 men’s hairstyles 2022 if you’re looking for a new look. Choose a style, mix and match styles and show off your haircut photos. It is quite simple.

27. Classic Taper Haircut

With a rapid fade at the sideburns and neck, as well as the pompadour volume, this cut is clean and classic. This is a stylish style for work, special occasions, and whatever else comes your way.

Classic taper haircut side part men

This buzz cut with a taper fade is a close second to the buzz cut with a fade as the most popular hairstyle for males. Without style, the very short cut looks excellent and keeps you cool. The crisp style is enhanced by the distinct edges.

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