30 Best Men’s Quiff Hairstyles (Trends Haircuts 2022)

The men’s quiff hairstyles is certainly one of the trendiest haircuts in recent years. Along with the undercut and pompadour, the modern quiff haircut for men offers a fashionable style that is both stylish and versatile for many different face shapes and hair types.

If you’re looking for a popular men’s haircut that transcends time, the quiff and its variations (e.g. classic, textured, disconnected, etc.) for curly, straight, or wavy hair might be just the thing for you!

What Is The Quiff Haircut?

As a hairstyle, the quiff haircut follows the men’s hair trend “short on the sides and long on the top”. The crest is typically styled with some height and volume, and finished with a messy, brushed or over-combed texture. Like other thick, voluminous hairstyles like the pompadour and loose undercut, the quiff is memorable for its high contrast style. However, what makes the crest unique and different is its somewhat messy, wavy and slanted appearance.

What Is The Quiff Haircut

Ultimately, the quiff haircut is as effortless as it is timeless, allowing men to instantly create a trendy look by simply incorporating the features of the quiff into any style.

Now that you love the hairstyle, you want to know how to comb your hair. To style a classic quiff, you need at least 3 to 5 inches of hair on the top of the head. If you have short hair, you may have to experiment to see if you can pull it off, but longer hair is of course ideal.

Best Men’s Quiff Hairstyles For 2022

Since there are so many quiff hairstyles like the loose quiff and the modern textured quiff, we have put together a great collection of the best quiff hairstyles for men. You’ll find examples of each trending type of crest variation, so you have a photo to show your hairdresser and a model to follow when styling.

Best Men's Quiff Hairstyles

Men’s Quiff Hairstyles 2022

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The quiff haircut has been one of the most influential and enduring hair trends for decades. It is one of the most classic, timeless styles that can be used by different age groups and is suitable for different events. The quiff was also the haircut of choice in cinema, music and even politics. Coming to the first versions to the current versions that follow today’s trends, we present you the best men’s quiff hairstyles in this 2022.

1. Classic Quiff

The classic crest, which was hugely popular in the 50s, relies on more balanced proportions. While you’ll still want longer measurements on top of your head, you’ll want to keep some length around the back and sides while also maintaining a clean, crisp hairline. A high-gloss product also gives you the desired shine that the classic crest demands. For reference, think of Don Draper in Mad Men.

Classic quiff hairstyle for men

2. Modern Quiff

The modern quiff requires more length at the top of your head, with pompadour-esque proportions. Keep in mind that contemporary interpretations also rely on a distinction between the hair on the sides, at the back of your head, and your hair on top – you should aim for unbalanced proportions to extend the length from the crest to the front of your head. accentuate. The modern quiff can also be styled efficiently with more matte hair products. Glossy products will also work well, but a matte finish can update it for a more modern version. For inspiration, think of Bruno Mars.

Modern quiff hairstyle for men

3. Slick Back Quiff

The smooth back quiff is a sexy and polished take on the hairstyle. It is usually combined with a side part, which gives it a retro 60s vibe. It is a great look for men with naturally thick hair. To get the smooth style, apply a generous amount of pomade with your hands. Then use a comb to position your hair, creating the part and quiff itself. Finally, use a blow dryer on low heat to quickly set the hairstyle so it doesn’t lose volume and stays in place all day.

Slicked back quiff hairstyle for men

4. Taper Fade Quiff

A chic, modern version of the crest can be combined with a trendy taper fade. The combination creates a cool contrast between the short hair on the sides and the longer hair on top. The haircut has the same cool, edgy feel of an undercut quiff, but it’s not as extreme. A taper fading quiff is still a clean, professional look and will suit you if your style is more preppy.

Taper fade quiff haircut for men

5. Thick Hair Quiff

Make the most of the natural volume of your thick hair by embracing the quiff. To nail this look, keep the hair short on the sides. Then add enough height to the crown of your head. Make sure there is a lot of movement and direction when you style your hair in the thick quiff. Subtle waves and lots of texture help break up the hair mass and keep you from getting the “helmet” look. When done correctly, this hairstyle adds length to the face and helps to balance and flatter strong features such as a square jawline and high cheekbones.

Thick Hair Quiff for men

6. Comb Over Quiff

The comb over quiff is another retro-inspired take on the style, but with a modern update. Elvis Presley’s style is cool but never goes out of style. While the sides aren’t as short as a tapered fade, there should still be some contrast to the longer hair on top. However, there is no clear parting – instead, the hair is blended to make it look thicker. A comb and pomade are essential for you to give yourself this impressive look. Build volume at the roots and work some product through the hair before using the comb to set it into a slanting curl. It is an excellent choice for you if your hair is naturally wavy.

Comb over quiff hairstyle for men

7. Long Hair With Quiff

It can be a little trickier to create a quiff with longer locks, as it can weigh down your hair. This requires a product with a stronger hold, such as wax. Using it keeps the volume built up in the front. To make this style look balanced, try a side-swept quiff. The front part of your hair can then sit on top of your medium lengths, giving it more height and volume. To create the illusion of shorter sides, tuck your hair behind your ears. Doing this will draw more attention to the crest, with the bonus of making your face stand out more as well.

Long Hair With Quiff For Men

8. Short Hair Quiff

A classic short hair quiff is easy to maintain and has a Mad Men vintage look. It’s similar to the Ivy League cut, with the same graduated length and side parting. However, your hair is a little longer on the top, with some even longer pieces in the front that you can style however you like. A popular choice is a soft comb over or side-swept crest. The sides are still short, but since this is an old-school look, they won’t be buzzed or faded by your stylist. Like the Ivy League, the short quiff is a youthful style with a polished feel.

Short hair quiff hairstyle for men

A quiff haircut generally has a shorter back and sides and a length on top with more volume in the front. It is styled so that the front part sweeps up and back to create volume and shape. It can be worn tight and smooth, or you can add a messier texture and movement. It’s a more casual, toned-down version of the pompadour and goes well with a variety of face shapes.

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