40 Stylish Mens Perm Hairstyles (Trends Haircut 2022)

If you’ve always wanted a curly look, then a mens perm hairstyles might be the right salon treatment for you. Men’s perms have become trendy in recent years and there are some interesting styles that you can adopt. Also known as men’s curls, perms can suit any natural hair type and your hairstyle will add volume and volume.

Most guys prefer short curls with tight curls and tapered or cropped at the sides and back. However, long hair can look trendy with loose curls. Check out the best perm hairstyles for men to find a unique style that will make your curly hair stand out.

Best Mens Perm Hairstyles For 2022

Men everywhere are starting to love curly hair again and with modern curling techniques, it has never been easier to try out new styles. Whether you want a dramatic change or something more subtle, a curling iron can do it. Plus, since the curling process lasts for months, you’ll do less damage to your hair than you would with heat styling every day. Check out these beautiful and bouncy curls that will show off your unique style.

Mens Perm Hairstyles

Perm hairstyles for men 2022

Cool perm hairstyles for guys

Cool perm hairstyles

Permed hairstyles for thin hair men

Perm hairstyles for thin hair

Black mens perm hairstyles

Black male perm hairstyles

Dry perm hairstyles for short hair for men

Dry perm hairstyles for short hair

Afro curly perm hairstyles for guys

Afro curly perm hairstyles

African dry perm hairstyles for men

African dry perm hairstyles

Asian guy perm hairstyle

Asian male perm hairstyles

Spiral perm hairstyles for men

Spiral perm hairstyles

Short perm hairstyles for black hair men

Short perm hairstyles for black hair

Perm hairstyles for medium length hair men

Perm hairstyles for medium length hair

Wavy Perm

For guys with medium length and long hair, wavy curls can be a stylish option. The wavy part is the result of the curls being loosened and stretched, creating a textured wavy hairstyle.

Wavy perm men's hair

Tight Perm

Braided hair is a great choice for men with short hair who want a stylish modern hairstyle. A tight curl comes with defined rolls and is often complemented by a gradual or short cut at the sides. Easy to grab and simple to style, guys will need a sturdy hair product to push and pull tight curls around.

Tight perm men's hair

Loose Perm

Liquid perm is best suited for men with medium length and long hair who want a new hairstyle. Loose curls can be styled messy, combed back, brushed forward, or swept to the side. Guys should use a lightweight styling product like mousse to achieve control and texture but maximize bounce and bounce.

Loose perm mens haircut

Fade with Perm

Dye fading is an easy way to achieve a low-maintenance look that exudes masculinity. Before curling your hair, ask your barber to cut the hair on the sides and back. With so many different opacity types to choose from, guys can choose high, medium or low opacity combined with boom, drop, leather/bald or taper finishes.

Men's perms with fade

Fringe with Perm

Curling with a curling iron can be a modern way to style your curls. Messy curly hair has been a beautiful men’s hair trend for many years now and is especially popular with guys with large foreheads. To style sparse bangs, start with lighter sides and longer curls on top.

Fringe with perm hairstyle for guys

Undercut with Perm

Cutting hair with a curling iron is a special way to style hair. The bob hairstyle is just an alternative to the fade hairstyle and allows you to change up your hairstyle for a different look. To create an undercut, your barber will curl the sides and to a uniform length. How tall and short your undercut is is up to you, but some guys even like to shave the sides for a sharp cut.

Undercut with perm hairstyle guys

Short Hair with Perm

Short curly hair for men is trendy and easy to style. When you curl your hair short, it creates tighter curls, maintaining natural volume without any styling products. Guys should combine curls for short hair with loose bangs or side cuts.

Short Hair with Perm for men

Long Hair with Perm

Men who want long curls can style their curls like a ’70s rock star with tight curls or opt for a modern look with loose and natural curls. We recommend guys to opt for long hairstyles that add volume and movement with simple styling products.

Long Hair with Perm for men

Caesar Cut with Perm

Short and sleek, the pleated Caesar cut has been popular for generations. Similar to the crab cut, the Caesar haircut has short front bangs. For this hairstyle, your curly hair is cut short but leaves the long hair in front. Combed forward and loose, a Caesar with permed hair creates an iconic look.

Caesar Cut with Perm hair for men

Medium Length Perm

Go for the traditional short men’s haircut and apply a medium length curl for a masculine, textured look with longer hair. To accentuate your medium curls, smooth your hair with sea salt spray and comb through with your fingers. Messy and textured, this will make you look like you spent the morning enjoying the waves and leave you feeling more relaxed.

Medium length perm hairstyles men

There are curls that can be perfectly cut with short and long haircuts alike. To get the Korean oppa or Cole Sprouse look you’ve been dying to get, a quick call to the salon and a few hours of your time is enough for this extreme makeover.

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