30 Best Men’s Layered Haircuts (Trends Hairstyles For 2022)

Men’s layered haircuts continue to become more popular as the trend for men’s hair leans towards longer textured hairstyles.

Although the layered hairstyle can suit any short or long hairstyle, this cut is best suited for guys with thick hair. This is because layered hair can easily turn out to be at worst exposing too much of a scalp for a guy with thin hair. However, if you’re able to layer your hair properly and give it more texture and volume in the process, we highly recommend you try the stylish layered men’s hairstyle!

What Is Layered Hair For Guys?

The importance of layered hairstyles for men cannot be overlooked. With the multitude of advantages they offer, there’s hardly a viable reason not to get one. You will not confuse layered haircuts for men with any other hairstyle, as they have a rather distinctive structure.

What Is Layered Hair For Men

The upper part of the hair is the shortest, and the part around the hairline is the longest. The middle sections are cut so that they create a transition between the short top and the long bottom. These sections form the upper layers of men’s haircuts.

There are a million reasons why guys love layered haircuts. They are versatile and stylish, low maintenance and eye-catching. They smooth all hair lengths and textures and they work wonders for thin curls. Already intrigued? So don’t hesitate any longer to explore our layered men’s haircut tutorial.

Best Men’s Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles In 2022

Whether you are looking for short or long layered hairstyles for men, check out these cool examples! To help you choose the best layered hairstyle for your next cut, we make sure to combine a variety of styles, including back combs, curls, puffs, back strokes and medium length hair!

Men's Layered Haircuts

Men’s Layered Haircuts For 2022

Medium layered haircuts for men

Medium layered haircuts

Long layered haircuts for men

Long layered haircuts

Layered haircuts curly hair for men

Layered haircuts curly hair

Bob layered haircuts for men

Bob layered haircuts

Layered haircuts bangs for men

Layered haircuts bangs

Layered haircuts blonde for men

Layered haircuts blonde

Layered hair and bangs for men

Layered hair and bangs

Layered haircuts above the shoulder for men

Layered haircuts above the shoulder

Layered haircuts around the face for men

Layered haircuts around the face

Pictures of short layered haircuts for men

Short layered haircuts

Short medium layered haircuts for men

Short medium layered haircuts

It’s no surprise that there are many ways to layered haircuts for men. To show you how versatile style can be, we’ve picked the trendiest layered haircuts and put them together below.

Layered Comb Over

Even if the combed back is traditionally a sleek and polished look, you can modernize this classic with a layered, textured cut. Another way to define the cut is to separate the sides from the top with a piece of hardware. A centered blur on the sides and back will make the textured layered cut the focal point of the entire look.

Layered Comb Over for men

Comb over layered hairstyles men

Layered Comb Over

Messy Layers Haircut

If you think it’s impossible to make the pompadour even bolder and edgier than it is now, try cutting it into layers. Although pompadour hairstyles are a bit classic, they can be easily transformed into a modern style with a few extra layers. Pompadour hairstyle for men is best suited for straight and wavy hair. Even so, curly-haired men shouldn’t shy away from it either.

Messy Layers Haircut For Men

Medium messy layered haircuts

Straight Textured Hair

Layered haircuts show their texture best on straight hair. And the interesting thing is, it doesn’t really matter which guy you cut your hair because they are always clearly defined. Just keep in mind that with the short sides and back, the top hair will have a different direction and stand out.

Straight Textured Hair For Men

Straight textured hair weave

Short Layered Haircuts

The basic short haircuts for men that anyone can do is the layered short haircut. Hair texture makes no difference to such a look. To style, ask your barber to cut your normal style and add more layers to the top section of your head.

Short Layered Haircuts For Men

Medium to short layered haircuts

Mid Length Layered Hair

The medium length men’s hairstyle is a perfect choice for guys who are hesitant between cutting their hair short and long. Such a cut gives you the opportunity to style it however you like while keeping the curls from sticking to your face. Multi-layered cut, the middle long curls look relaxed and cool, like a surfer hairstyle.

Mid Length Layered Hair For Men

Mid length layered hairstyles men

Long Layered Haircuts

One of the best ways for men’s long hairstyles to show off their impressive manes is with multiple layers. This is also a great option for guys who are intending to trim their long hair, but are afraid to regret it later. Adding some layers to your long locks will satisfy your cravings for change without resorting to drastic measures. Also, if you have thick curly hair, a long layered haircut can help you lighten and hold it.

Long Layered Haircuts For Men

Long layered haircuts with bangs

Layered Bang Haircuts

This short straight hairstyle is up to 4 inches long with shorter front curls that you can for a dramatic look. You’ll need some styling help, though—for that perfect summer sun kiss look, we recommend using a hot roller or blow-drying your hair at night before bed!

Layered Bang Haircuts For Men

Medium layered bangs haircuts

Quiff Layered Haircuts

Since the quiff is one of the most popular men’s haircuts in recent years, we cannot give it up. While it gives you a very chic and bold edge, the quiff is a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t require much styling. Layers of hair, in addition to making it more textured and defined, also make the haircut more manageable.

Quiff Layered Haircuts For Men

Layered quiff hairstyle

Layered Side Part Haircut

Add texture to men’s hairstyles, making them more prominent and vibrant. Cut the hair short on both sides and long on the top and style it to the side, using an adequate amount of styling product with a strong hold. A side cut makes your look more defined and bold. If you combine this hipster hairstyle with a mustache on the handlebars and a manicured beard, you won’t be able to exaggerate this look.

Layered Side Part Haircut For Men

Medium layered haircuts side part

Grown Out Layered Hair

If you prefer long hairstyles over short ones, you can make them pop by adding different layers. Although intentionally cut, it will give your hairstyle the appearance of layers of hair growing out, looking both carefree and stylish. Besides, this is a low maintenance cut that doesn’t require much styling.

Grown Out Layered Hair For Men

It’s hard to think of a better way to add texture and definition to your hair than by cutting it in layers. Regardless of your hairstyle or face shape, you can always find a layered cut that will flatter your contours. Create lots of fun layers with a variety of styles, lengths and ‘doses of your choice!

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