Hot and Sexy Men’s Haircuts With Beards for 2022

Let’s check out 15+ hottest and sexiest men’s haircuts with beards for 2022. So you’ve decided to go for it and start growing a beard? Put your razor away and start taking notes. This rugged, macho facial hair choice is the ideal method to give any man’s face definition. However, choosing a complementary hairstyle can help you get the most out of your new beard.

There are a variety of methods to style your hair when rocking a beard, from the buzz cut to the bro flow, the shaved head to long, lush curls. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest men’s haircuts with beards for guys this season to help you sort through the many alternatives.

Cannot Miss These Hot And Sexy Men’s Haircuts With Beards for 2022

Men’s hair and facial hair can be balanced in a variety of ways. Balance isn’t always the desired outcome. While a haircut can complement a beard, opposing styles can also be effective.

best men's haircuts with beards

The transition between the two is crucial to making haircuts for guys with beards. The look of the beard and hair is influenced by what happens at the sideburns. There are two options available. The sideburn is shaved off in the beard fade to create separation, whereas the sideburn is kept in taper haircuts.

1. Beard + Bro Flow

While the name of this style may sound like a statement from ‘That 70’s Show’ by Ashton Kutcher, the mens beard beard and bro flow are far from antiquated. This sleek mix is the answer if you’re seeking for a modern, effortlessly chic new style. The long, flowing hair recalls a youthful, boyish charm, while the beard emphasizes raw masculinity, giving you the best of both worlds.

beard and bro flow haircut

2. Beard + Long Hair

Channel your inner might with a look that will have people mistake you for Thor, the god of thunder played by Chris Hemsworth. The mix of long hair and a beard, made popular recently by a number of celebrities, movies, and TV shows, is one of this season’s most popular hairstyles. To avoid a disheveled appearance and maintain that sparkling, movie star appeal, keep your hair and beard clean and well-groomed when wearing this style.

Beard + Long Hair

3. Beard + Afro

With this modern, fashionable style, you’ll be able to walk right into the VIP section of your neighborhood club, pub, or restaurant. If you’re a man with an afro, a beard will offer your look a delightful new touch this season. Keep your beard on the shorter side to balance out the fullness of your head hair for optimal effects.

afro beard styles hairstyles

4. Beard + Wavy Hair

This is among the hottest and sexiest men’s haircuts with beards that add a fashionable full beard to your wavy hair. This striking appearance will highlight your healthy, robust hair, while the sculpted beard will draw attention to your face. While this outfit may not be appropriate for the boardroom or during the summer, it is ideal for a tough winter look.

beard styles for wavy hair

5. Beard + Shaved Head

Have you spent all that time and work sculpting a truly great beard but aren’t sure how to make it truly stand out? When it comes to your appearance, be bold and shave your head to make your beard the focal point. The contrast between a clean shave and a full, thick beard will draw everyone’s attention to your magnificent facial hair. This incredibly manly style is sure to draw admirers thanks to its impression of distinction and confidence.

beard shaved head style

6. Beard + Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the most outstanding men’s haircuts 2022 with beards which is simple to maintain grooming and will leave you looking great. While a well-groomed long beard may suit this hairstyle, this look is ideal when paired with a clean buzz-cut and a short, close-cut beard.

Beard + Buzz Cut

This style is so adaptable that you’ll want to wear it all year. It’s not only simple to do, but it’s also the ideal way to keep your corporate demeanor in the office while yet looking macho and laid-back on the streets. If you have long or curly hair and a beard, consider getting a buzz cut in the summer to freshen up your style and keep you looking and feeling cool.

7. Beard + Drop Fade

The drop fade is certainly one of the most popular and on-trend men’s haircuts with beards this season. This look is accomplished by cutting a smooth rounded curve into your fade that starts at the front of the ears and progressively curves down to the rear of the head. Because this distinctive haircut necessitates constant upkeep, it’s a great match for a well-kept beard.

drop fade beard line up

The drop fade and beard pairing will have you blending in with the fashion crowd in no time, whether you’re just trying out this style for the new season or you’re in it for the long haul. This style is not only striking, but it is also appropriate for all situations and locations.

8. Beard + Man Bun

Tie your long locks into a sleek man bun while letting your beard flow freely to channel the elegant Viking. This style, which combines two big trends, is ideal for men who wish to flaunt a full head of hair and a long, lush beard. This style adds polish to the effortlessly cool long hair and beard appearance by simply sweeping the hair up and away from the face into a bun.

beard and man bun styles

9. Beard + Pompadour

If you like your pompadour neat and combed up, a beard could be the perfect addition to your grooming routine. To obtain an overall stylish, on-trend appearance, your facial hair, like the hair on top of your head, will require attentive upkeep. Whether you choose a short, close-cropped beard or a longer, more masculine style, wash your beard on a regular basis and keep those locks clean and combed.

beard with pompadour hairstyle

10. Beard + Quiff

The immensely popular quiff, which resembles the pompadour in look, can be boosted in elegance by adding a beard. This refined style, like its companion hair and beard combination, the pompadour and beard, necessitates consistent upkeep. While the quiff and beard may require frequent maintenance to attain maximum results, you can be confident that you will look elegant and sleek in any circumstance.

beard + quiff haircut style

11. Beard + Short Curls

Complement your short curls with a beard this month for a hair combo that will add volume, texture, and ultimately interest to your image. Balance the richness of your curls with a thick, medium-length beard to keep your look sharp. Keep your beard tamed and looking stylish with regular washing and combing, as this sought curled hair gene is likely to appear in it as well. To smooth down those fun beard curls, a styling gel may be required.

Beard + Short Curls

12. Beard + Short Haircut

With a short haircut and beard, take a page from the grooming book of one of Britain’s most in-demand actors, Tom Hardy. The Hollywood star wears this no-nonsense style on a regular basis, resulting in a nice, beautiful appearance. This modest style also works well in corporate or formal environments, where long hair is often frowned upon. While this style may be worn by guys of any hair color or texture, it looks especially good on those who have naturally darker hair.

Beard + Short Haircut

A temple fade that swiftly fades down to the skin at the sideburn and then back up into facial hair is the quickest transition between any form of men’s hairstyle and a beard. The temp fade hairstyle is very flattering for men with beards since it elongates the face without adding girth.

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