Top 21 Long Layered Bob Women In 2022

Long layered bob, the perfect hairstyles pictures in 2022. If you’re looking to add more texture or thickness to your thinning hair, then you’ll definitely want to consider one of these popular layered bob haircuts! A long bob (also known as a Lob), is when the hair is below the chin and above the collarbone and is cut like a bob.

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Best Images Of Long Layered Bob Haircuts In 2022


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Summary: The traditional bob as we know it hit the market in the 1920s and has remained a staple in hairstyling ever since. Today, there are many modern take on this classic. One of the most voluminous hairstyles is the long layered bob. It has the sassy look of its predecessor, but without the commitment to go too short, plus the layers add a new level of movement. This really is the perfect transitional cut if you are transitioning from long to short hair or are just looking for a seasonal transition.

While the name itself gives some grounding, there are still a full range of options to choose from while searching for inspirational photos. Preparation is key when approaching a new chapter in your hair story, so here are some great examples to get you on the right track.

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#1 Long Layered Bob Hairstyles in 2022

  • Summary: A long layered bob is a perfect hairstyle to create more movement and volume! Here, we will show you the hottest layered Lob hairstyles this season.

#2 Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

  • Summary: Layers for every taste · #1: Subtle inverted Lob · #2: Light brown Lob with multiple layers · #3: Sophisticated ready-to-work style #4: Lob with…

#3 Long, Layered Bob Haircut Ideas and How to Style

  • Summary: Try one of these layered bob hairstyle ideas for every hair type and learn how to cut a lob.

#4 Layered Bobs You Will Fall in Love With

  • Summary: Find the layered bob hairstyle that suits you in the list below! 1. Bob classifies the medium. Bob hair slightly longer than shoulder length is still considered…

#5 Trendy Layered Bob Hairstyles For 2022

  • Summary: The layered bob haircut is a short haircut that can be achieved when you cut your hair to different lengths, giving the illusion of more texture…

#6 Trendiest Long Bob Haircuts with Layers and Bangs

  • Summary: How to cut a long layered bob… Step 1: Comb your hair and remove unwanted tangles. Section your hair the way you want. However, part of the…

#7 Bob Hairstyles for Older Women That Feel Fresh and Fun

  • Summary: Bob hair is a great hairstyle for women over 50 years old. It leaves you with the hair… We’ve all gravitated towards the bouncy bob that reveals the long layers.

#8 Sexy Long Bob Hairstyles To Try in 2022

  • Summary: Long Bob Hairstyle – Long layered bob hairstyle is being loved by almost every woman. Adding medium layers to a standard long hairstyle adds volume, bounce,…

#9 Awesome Ideas for Layered Bob Hairstyles

  • Summary: Bob is shoulder length layered. Long bob hair is often reduced to a lob, which is considered by hair experts to be the safest length for long-faced girls, …

#10 Gorgeous Long Bob Hairstyles For A Stunning Look

  • Summary: A long bob is a cut bob that reaches the length of your hair closer to your shoulders instead of the short length of a regular bob. The perks of this…

#11 Stylish Lob Haircuts & Haircuts for 2022

  • Summary: Where once the glamorous long waves were, now luxury ships and sharks reign supreme. From sharp planters to beautiful layered designs, these statement styles…

#12 Trendy Layered Bob Haircuts in 2022

  • Summary: Layered long hair is a hairstyle that pairs perfectly with balayage and ombre dyed hairstyles. Style your long layered bob with a center part with a darker base…

#13 Best Layered Bob Hairstyle Ideas To Try In 2022

  • Summary: Bob hair refers to the hairstyle that cuts across the ears. It’s longer than the traditional pixie and shorter than the “lob” (aka long bob). As we mentioned…

#14 Amazing Layered Bob Haircuts – Modern And Stylish

  • Summary: Lob Hairstyle for Long Layered Hairstyles – Such layered technique involves cutting the hair into different layers that look sharp and edgy while still providing…

#15 Totally Trendy Layered Bob Hairstyles For 2022

  • Summary: Long Layered Straight Bob – A layered play style in which the front hair is extremely long, and the back hair is cut relatively…

#16 Things You Need to Know Before You Cut a Lob

  • Summary: After accepting that long, voluminous, textured hairstyles are not in my… my cut for the current moment’s short: “lob” or long bob.

#17 Stylish and Perfect Layered Bob Hairstyles for Women

  • Summary: Long layered Bob haircut. Bob looks good on any face shape. You can wear it in weather you have short or slightly long hair.

#18 Long Bob Hairstyles – Our Favorite Celebrity Lob

  • Summary: The bob is the unofficial cut of the season, but let’s leave it out like this… Olivia cut her long hair for this layered lob,…

#19 Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hairstyles 2022

  • Summary: Layered Bobs for Every Taste · #1: Sophisticated inverted Lob. Angled layered long hairstyle · #2: Light brown lob with multiple layers · #3: Exquisite style ready to work…

#20 Long Layered Bob Hairstyles For Women in 2022

  • Summary: As popular as the LOB, the long layered bob is a bob hairstyle. Here, your hair stays below your chin. But you have to remember to keep it above the collarbone. To get some…

Layers are still hot this season, so if you have long hair and are considering a haircut, the Lob might just be the cut you’ve been looking for! Add some nice layers to add more movement and volume. Check out the layered bob hairstyles below for inspiration to create your next layer!