20+ Super Stylish Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

It’s time for a change when thick hair becomes too much of a good thing. These Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair are trendy and simple to style.

There are many different looks to pick from, including fashionable crops, traditional pompadours, and hipster sleek styles. For least effort, go for short hair with a fade, or go for longer hair with a taper for maximum height.

Super Stylish Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair In 2022

Thick hair is a double-edged sword for many men. With thick hair, there are many hairstyle options, but it may also be unruly and difficult to manage. Thick hair can be challenging to work with for those who desire more volume. Although not every haircut is appropriate for thick hair, the proper style can completely transform your look.

Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

The majority of these stunning men’s hairstyles 2022 may be created using the same technique. Pomade should be applied to moist hair. Allow hair to air dry or use a blow dryer to provide more hold and volume. The textured trend this year benefits from finger styling.

1. Heavy Crop Haircut For Men With Thick Hair

This popular European hairstyle is gaining popularity in the United States. For guys with thick hair, this heavier version with a high fade at the sides is an appealing and easy-to-style option.

Heavy Crop Haircut For Men With Thick Hair

2. High Fade Haircut For Thick Hair

Another method to wear a crop with bangs is like this. It features the same rough style and forward fringe as the original, but it’s rounder with one jagged piece jutting out.

High Fade Haircut For Thick Hair

3. Comb Over Fade Haircut For Thick Hair

Because it looks excellent and is simple to style, the comb over fade is a popular men’s haircut. Simply comb it over, as the name suggests.

Comb Over Fade Haircut For Thick Hair

4. Classic Taper Haircut

This thick variant of the gentleman haircut is fashioned with some informal texture but can also be worn professionally.

classic taper haircut side part

5. Slicked Back Hair + High Fade

Another fashionable and elegant haircut for men is the sweep back. Around the sides and back, a high fade reduces hair to the skin. The top of the head is styled back with fingers to provide texture.

mens slicked back hair high fade

6. Medium Fade and Uniform Brush Back

This incredibly clean brush back is the way to go if you want a classic appearance with contemporary flair, with every hair slicked into place.

Medium Fade and Uniform Brush Back

7. Swept Back Hairstyle

Rather than brushing the hair to the side, it is brushed backwards here. To add even more fullness to the hairdo, the sides are chopped (not trimmed).

Swept Back Hairstyle

8. Wavy Side Swept

For a dramatic impression, the hair is grown long and swept to the side. The thick hair gives the style a full-bodied look that’s tough to overlook.

Wavy Side Swept

9. Blown Quiff

When styled into a quiff, thick hair stands out even more. The smooth arc of motion created by this attractive quiff captures the eye.

blown quiff hairstyle

10. Spikes + Line Up + Temple Fade

This modern take on the blowout haircut is stylish. It has volume at the crown and a temple fade, but it is short on the sides and back.

Spikes + Line Up + Temple Fade

11. Comb Over + Quiff Haircut For Men With Thick Hair

Comb hair at the forehead straight up into an on-trend quiff to give the comb over a twist.

Comb Over + Quiff Haircut For Men With Thick Hair

12. Short Textured Crop Men’s Haircut

A crop hairstyle without fringe in a shorter variant. To achieve this rough, almost spiky look, use your fingers.

mens short textured crop haircut

13. Dyed Undercut Pompadour

On top of a coloured pompadour, there’s beautifully styled, incredibly thick hair. With a cut like this, thick hair has the added benefit of holding its shape!

dyed undercut pompadour haircut

14. Finger Styled Pompadour with Taper Fade

We’ve already seen lots of styles like these in the gallery, but it’s difficult not to get excited about undercuts and pompadours when they look so well on thick hair.

Finger Styled Pompadour with Taper Fade

15. Wavy Crop + Fringe + Drop Fade

Check out our curated list of the top 100 men’s haircuts if you’re looking for a new look. Let’s choose a style, mix and match styles and show off your beautiful haircut photos.

Wavy Crop + Fringe + Drop Fade

16. Side Swept Fringe

This long top hairstyle has enough length to shape bangs diagonally across the forehead.

men's side swept fringe hairstyles

17. Short Comb Over + Bald Fade

This men’s short haircut is just long enough to comb over and add volume.

men's comb over bald fade

18. Slick Back + Low Fade

Taper haircuts with no fade are becoming increasingly fashionable. The silhouette is the same, but there is a very slight fade around the edges. The top of the head is fashioned straight back with texture. To achieve the appearance, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

mens slick back low fade

19. Taper Haircut For Thick Hair

From the back, here’s a cool taper. While the hair is longer on the sides and back than a fade, it simply requires a little more styling.

taper haircut for curly hair

20. Rusty Thick Texture with Clean Sides

This is an outgoing, adventurous style you won’t see every day. For maximum contrast, the top hair is shaped into separate columns of waves, while the sides are skin faded.

Rusty Thick Texture with Clean Sides

Useful Tips To Make Your Hair Thicker

The thicker and stronger your hair is, the easier it is for you to make different hairstyles. Here are some tips to make your hair thicker.

How to make your hair thicker

1. Wash your hair

Many men are concerned that the more they wash their hair, the more they lose, however washing actually thickens hair since dirty, greasy hair sits flat and seems ‘gappy.’ Use a regular shampoo like Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Men and wash with warm water for optimum results (hot water dries out the hair and scalp). Simply avoid these grooming blunders.

2. Use a thickening product

Thickening shampoos, conditioners, and sprays include unique polymers that plump up the hair shafts to make them appear thicker. The effects are just temporary, so you’ll need to use them on a daily basis, but they can thicken your hair by up to 20%.

3. Put the comb down

Remove yourself from your toothy tangle tamer. Thin hair might become limp and flat as a result of constant combing and brushing. Instead, try styling your hair with your fingers, which will thicken your hair while also adding volume and texture.

4. Use the right styling products

You’re not doing your thinning hair any favors by applying strong waxes and gels. “These can weigh hair down, making it appear thin and flat,” adds Michael John hairdresser Enzo Volpe. “Mousse, as well as sprays designed to give the hair “root lift,” are the most effective style products for adding volume to hair.

5. Don’t be so Rough

Over-combing or vigorous towel drying can damage human hair and induce snapping, which is the last thing you want if you’re already a little thin on top. Allow your hair to air dry or gently pat dry and style with your fingers to add texture.

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