Top 35 Flat Top Haircuts for Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

Flat top haircuts is a hairstyle for men with the hair standing up at the top and the sides shaved short or short, creating a boxy top. Originating in the 1950s and making a comeback in the 1980s, this classic hairstyle is making its way back into the charts this year!

Like the high ponytail, the flat bangs emerged in the 1950s like so many other popular men’s hairstyles. While flat bangs are a classic hairstyle you wouldn’t expect to see often on the streets these days, that doesn’t mean it’s not a style choice. The structure and silhouette of flat bangs for men is very unique and some aspects are similar to other interesting cuts including fading. If you’re curious about flat bangs, this guide will detail how to get, cut and style the best flat bangs whether you have straight or curly hair.

What Is Flat Top Hairstyle ?

The flat bangs cut is so named because of the flat bangs on the top. Simply put, the sides often have a high skin opacity and the top looks like a box or rectangle, depending on how high the hair on the head is. This design is why flat tops are also sometimes referred to as peaks or fuzzy boxes.

What is a flat top haircut

While this hairstyle is more popular for straight hair, you can cut your bangs flat if you have the right cutting and styling products. This is why we strongly recommend getting a flat haircut at a reputable barber shop where your barber really knows what he’s doing.

Most barbershops, especially those with older barbers, will know exactly what a flat top is and how to cut it. The popularity of this classic hairstyle makes it an easy request, but the hardest part of a flat bang is getting the top of the hair even and straight. For those of you with curly or wavy hair, this cut will be even more difficult.

The Best Flat Top Haircuts for Men 2022

Flat bangs give a great look with a beautiful design. Since there are so many different bun hairstyles, we’ve put together a collection of trendy short and long flat bangs for inspiration. Check out these fun flats before heading to your next barbershop!

Flat Top Haircuts for Men

Pictures Of Men’s Flat Top Haircuts

Military style flat top haircut

Military flat top haircuts

Flat top haircut black guy

Flat top haircut afro

Flat top haircut and a fade

Flat top haircut and a fade

Black mens flat top hairstyles

Black flat top haircuts

Flat top haircut curly hair men

Flat top haircut curly hair

Flat top classic haircut men

Flat top classic haircut

Flat top crew cut haircut men

Flat top crew cut haircut

Cool flat top haircuts pictures

Cool flat top haircuts

Flat top haircut with ducktail men

Flat top haircut with ducktail

Funny flat top haircuts men

Funny flat top haircuts

Best haircut for round flat face men

Best haircut for round flat face

Mini Flat-Top

You can barely see it, so this flat mini-top can be called a low flat hat. The sides are completely shaved and the top is cut extremely low, mimicking the popular military hairstyle.

Mini flat top haircut men

Mini flat top

Side Part Flat-Top

Cutting bangs and adding a simple element to personalize is the best way to differentiate your style. This flat top has neat side panels, softened edges, and full edges.

Side part flat top hairstyles men

Side part flat top

Precision Flat-Top

The low plane is rarely cut with such precision and professionalism, however, a perfect cut like the one pictured here certainly fits the bill. Besides the professionally accentuated sides and back, this flat hat features a perfectly square angle above the forehead.

Aero precision flat top upper haircut men

Aero precision flat top upper

Very High Flat-Top

Black men love to experiment with shaving styles, parts, and extreme heights when it comes to flat bangs. Here you have a high flat top, faded sides and a perfect part.

Very high flat-top haircuts men

Very high flat-top haircuts

Black Faded Flat-Top

Black men look best with flat bangs, as they match their natural texture. This tall flat top features a faded leather in the middle along the sides and back.

Flat top fade black guy

Black Faded Flat-Top

Neat Casual Flat-Top

You don’t have to keep your hair too long on top to try out flat bangs. Also, if your hair isn’t thick or thick enough, it won’t straighten with a longer length, so short flat bangs are the only possible variation if you want this look.

Neat Casual Flat-Top Haircut men

Neat Casual Flat-Top Haircut

Pompadour Flat-Top

This is a conservative version of the plane. The puffy hairstyle is often associated with the past decades and the look is neatly pulled up, however, you can bring this style into the modern era by pairing it with flat bangs, as shown in the photo. this. Complete with a section on one side and wear as a full-fledged hairstyle.

Pompadour flat top haircut men

Pompadour flat top

Lightly Faded Flat-Top

Undoubtedly, fading is one of the most popular techniques in modern men’s haircuts. This particular flat top style opts for a faded temples and a precise, cropped top.

Lightly faded flat-top haircut

Lightly faded flat-top hairstyle men

Blunt Blonde Flat-Top

A flat plus fade is a very popular combination for guys of all ages. The top of this cut is cut bluntly to give it a tough, precise look, with short edges.

Blunt Blonde Flat-Top haircut men

Blunt Blonde Flat-Top haircut

Natural Flat-Top with Designs

Flat bangs are inherently an attention-grabbing style, but when you add some edgy shave, you’ll take it to the next level. In this example, the designs line the sides, while the flat top is stretched down to create a pointed look at the back.

Natural flat-top with designs hairstyles pinterest

Natural flat-top with designs haircuts

In the world of men’s fashion, the flat bangs changed a lot of roles before appearing with its modern face. You can see it on all the members of your favorite hip-hop band when your mood is about to kick in. And if you come across several photos of US military officers, you will come across them with the same image. An intriguing change, isn’t it? Fortunately, modern flat bangs have ideas in between those extremes.

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