40 Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

The faux hawk haircuts, also known as the fohawk, is easily one of the coolest men’s hairstyles. And there are plenty of trendy ways to get and style a faux hawk. In particular, the faux hawk fade wig is a simple yet versatile hairstyle that not only creates a fashionable and modern look, but also allows you to try a lot of other styles.

Whether you want a long or short faux hawk, read on to learn about the year’s best fohawk styles. From hawk undercuts to black men’s wigs, this guide will help you choose the best cut and hairstyle for your straight, wavy or curly hair!

What Is The Faux Hawk Hairstyle?

The French word for “false”, the “fake” in the name of this cut suggests that you will be imitating something – in this case, a mohawk. The faux hawk is a recognizable slanted cut of the mohawk, a cut in which both sides of the head are shaved off, leaving only a long strip of hair along the center. The fohawk is characterized by this same distinctive long band, but allows you to leave some hair on the sides (“hawk”), not as long as the traditional cut.

What Is The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The best thing about the hawk wig is that you can incorporate a gradual or short cut instead of going bald. And with the fohawk fade, guys have the option to change up their hairstyle from time to time. For example, if a long faux hawk is too aggressive for the office, you can simply change your style to a faded, back stroked, or textured quiff comb. Finally, the trendy faux hawk style offers men several different looks.

Pictures Of Faux Hawk Haircuts In 2022

Afaux hawk (or fauxhawk) is a men’s hairstyle with short sides and a longer band that runs from the front to the back of the head. It’s a mohawk hairstyle minus the shaved sides but still as stylish as a punk hairstyle!

Mens faux hawk haircuts

Mens faux hawk haircuts

Cool faux hawk haircuts for men

Cool faux hawk haircuts

Faux hawk haircut asian for men

Faux hawk haircut asian

Faux hawk haircut black male for men

Faux hawk haircut black male

Faux hawk haircut back view for men

Faux hawk haircut back view

Faux hawk curly hair male

Faux hawk curly hair male

Faux hawk haircut design for men

Faux hawk haircut design

Faux hawk fade hairstyles for men

Faux hawk fade hairstyles

Faux hawk grey hair for men

Faux hawk grey hair

Faux hawk guy haircut

Faux hawk guy hair

Extreme Volume

If you don’t mind showing off popular and bold men’s haircuts, opt for a rich faux hawk. Faces must be blurred or cut very short for more contrast. Make sure you’re using a high-quality styling product with a strong hold to keep the hawk upright and pointed.

Faux Hawk extreme Volume haircut

Wavy Faux Hawk

At first glance, this hairstyle is very reminiscent of the traditional hawk wig for men. That’s all because the top part, unlike the classic one, is flat and short. However, if you go into the details, you will see that this is just an unusual variation of a very familiar hairstyle. The top part is styled in a sophisticated reverse swirl while the sides are shaved with leather. Curls for such a modern haircut can be done naturally or created.

Wavy Faux Hawk Haircut For Men

Tapered Faux Hawk

The tapered ponytail blends perfectly with the facial hair. Such modern men’s haircuts offer you absolute versatility, making them look good with any face shape. If you are new, start with medium length hair.

Tapered Faux Hawk Haircut For Men

Textured Hair Styles

Many guys shy away from exploiting their hair’s natural texture until the moment they find their perfect fade. The tapered sides and natural textured top create the perfect hairstyle for men who can proudly show off their figure. Besides, when you cut your hair in such a way, it creates a low point of the classic fake hawk. This hairstyle is very versatile, as you can show it off in both professional and casual environments. Don’t forget to highlight your hair particles with a splash of styling product.

Textured Hair Styles For Men

Clean Cut Faux Hawk

If this isn’t the only occasion for your hair to look neat, then switch to a clean-cut wig. It doesn’t have a lot of hair on the top and the sides are highly opaque for a soft look. So you can rest assured that your hairstyle will be a welcome guest on any occasion, whether it’s a casual weekend or an important business meeting.

Clean Cut Faux Hawk Haircut For Men

Classic Faux Hawk Style

The classic faux hawk hairstyle looks exactly as depicted on the picture. The sides are neat, but the top is left longer so you can experiment with it, styling it like a mohawk. Such a hairstyle will suit any job or occasion for sure!

Classic Faux Hawk Style Haircut For Men

Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

Faux hawk fade is a cut closest to the universal. The fohawk fade doesn’t require the faces to be shaved a lot, rather, the fade itself creates the necessary contrast, and that’s what makes the fohawk fade special. Also, if you’re looking for cool black haircuts – then this might be the one for you!

Faux Hawk Fade Haircut For Men

Short Faux Hawk Haircut

A short fohawk is the best option for those of you who want to add a bit of boldness to your look but realize that lifestyle won’t accept that much. The short faux hawk is both chic and sassy and can be fitted into any type of professional environment.

Short Faux Hawk Haircut For Men

Taper Fade Faux Hawk Haircut

The fading faux hawk can nicely blend hair on one side of the face, and if you want to maximize the proportions of this cut, you’ll want to know what lengths will look best with individual features. mine. The safest option is to combine with medium length hair for this hairstyle.

Taper Fade Faux Hawk Haircut For Men

Faux Hawk Undercut Hairstyle

Cropping is another great way to complement a fake hawk. It helps to create a more contrasting and edgy look for this hairstyle while keeping the focus on the prominent curls on top. So, be creative when considering your styling options, as all eyes will be on the top section of your head.

Faux Hawk Undercut Hairstyle For Men

The point is that the Fake hawk is definitely one of the classic cuts to stay in 2022. What makes it so special, you might be wondering? The truth is that there are a lot of benefits that come with this cut: it’s comfortable, stylish, and versatile, not to mention the fact that it can suit any lifestyle or hair length. Now, when you know why you should at least consider it, we’ll go over all the details!

How To Style A Faux Hawk Male?

There are many ways to style a fake hawk. To get started, you will definitely need a good quality hair styling product like pomade or wax. To get and style a fake hawk, you’ll want:

How To HairStyle A Faux Hawk Male

  1. Start with clean hair and dry with a towel.
  2. Apply the wax or pomade evenly to the hair for the product to work its magic.
  3. Depending on the type of fake hawk you want to style, this next step may be different. To create a voluminous hairstyle, use a blow dryer to blow your hair upwards and toward the center of your head. For a more pointed hairstyle, push your hair together with your hands.
  4. Finally, add more product if you need a hold boost.

The key to styling a fake hawk is to experiment and find the right style for the head. Some guys like to style their hawks in a particular direction, while others let both sides lift and meet in the middle. If you’re bored with the fohawk hairstyle, you can even brush all of your hair back for a different look that day.

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