2022 Must Try Coolest Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Finding the ideal haircut can be difficult since there are so many aspects to consider, such as your face shape, your hair texture or curl pattern, how much time you spend on styling it, and how long you want it to be. Check out our selection of the coolest haircuts for teenage guys to help you get the appropriate style for you.

Must Try Haircuts for Teenage Guys (special edition for 2022)

Here are some pointers if you’re new to hair style. To begin, finding the proper product for your hair type simplifies the process. Pomade should be applied when the hair is dry or nearly dry. If you shower first thing in the morning, towel dry your hair and apply product to moist hair. The recipe is weakened by too much moisture. Because the pomade is not diluted, use less when applying it to dry hair. Now welcome the appearance of 10+ coolest haircuts for teenage guys in 2022

Cool haircuts for teenage guys

1. Undercut Teenage Guys

The undercut, unlike the gentle gradient effect of a fade, is all about strong contrast. Without blending, your barber will shave the sides of your head exceedingly short – or entirely clean – leaving the top area of your hair longer. An undercut always draws attention because to the noticeably shorter sides. An undercut is a terrific method to swiftly alter up your haircut. You could go for a Peaky Blinders-inspired undercut with a crop, or keep the top longer for a more dramatic effect.

undercut hairstyle for teenage guys

2. Long Wave Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Long wavy hair has become one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men thanks to celebrities like Kit Harington, which is great news if your hair develops that way naturally. Allow your hair to grow out and don’t use too much product to achieve the look of purposely ‘unstyled’ wavy hair with a rugged and manly feel. Simply tuck your hair behind your ears after sweeping it back from your face.

Long Wave Haircuts for Teenage Boys

3. Crew Cut for Teenage Guys

The crew cut is great for those who prefer a straightforward, masculine hairdo. It was named after the legendary college rowing teams who made it renowned decades ago. Because it’s so low-maintenance, it’s still one of the most popular haircut among athletes today. Your hair is cut short all over when you get a crew cut, to the point that it sticks up and can’t be combed over. Your barber will taper the sides while leaving the top area somewhat longer to make your hair appear fuller.

Crew Cut for Teenage Boys

4. Spiky Hair for Teenage Guys

You will need spiky hair if you want to be the focus of everyone’s attention? It’s a punk-inspired haircut with a lot of attitude, similar to the mohawk and faux hawk. Spiky hair has become a favorite among celebrities and footballers due to its eye-catching look. Pair spiky hair with a skin fade to add to the edgy mood and avoid the “child with too much gel” image.

spiky hairstyles for teenage guys

5. Messy Fringe Haircuts for Teenage Guys

A fringe is one of the simplest ways to liven up your hairstyle. A messy fringe could be an excellent alternative, especially since messy texture is one of the biggest trends in men’s haircuts. Messy hair looks more easygoing and comfortable than sleek or blunt bangs, making it ideal for any occasion, from school or university to a night out. To achieve the chaotic appearance without adding shine or weight to your fringe, use a matte clay.

messy fringe haircuts for teenage guys

6. Afro for Teenage Guys

With an afro haircut, you can show off your natural curls and coils. It’s ideal for guys who enjoy being noticed, as an afro always attracts attention. Consider how big you want your afro to be before you start growing it out. A large afro provides a laid-back retro vibe, but a lesser afro is more manageable. Regularly wash, moisturize, and detangle your hair, and have your afro shaped by a barber so it grows evenly.

Afro for Teenage Guys

7. Faux Hawk for Teenage Guys

The faux hawk is a good option for those who desire the edgy, punk vibe of a mohawk without the commitment – or even a school dress code infraction. A faux hawk can be created in a variety of methods. Request a high fade from your barber, leaving the core region of your hair exceptionally long – especially in the front. Then, to produce a modest variation of the mohawk, apply gel and heavy hold hairspray.

faux hawk for teenage guys

8. Side Part for Teenage Guys

Side-parted hair is a classic hairstyle for men that flatters all facial shapes and works with a variety of textures. The side part looks polished and clean-cut in its conventional form — straight hair in an Ivy League cut. It can, however, be customized to fit your preferences. For a more edgier style, pair it with a quiff, shaved parting, or high fade.

side part for teenage guys

9. Bowl Cut for Teenage Guys

Because of the unfortunate mushroom look of the past, the bowl cut has a poor reputation. Today, though, many males are mixing it with an edgy undercut or adding asymmetric fringe cuts. Another alternative is to add texture to the hair to ‘break up’ the uniform appearance. A bowl cut also balances out your features and hides a large forehead.

Bowl Cut for Teenage Boys

10. Quiff Haircut for Teenage Guys

The quiff is among the most popular haircuts for men. It has a similar raised effect to a pompadour but is more subtle. It flatters all facial shapes. It also looks fantastic on any hair length, however short to medium hair is the most common. A side-parted quiff, which is more informal than a standard quiff, can be used to put your own spin on the style.

quiff haircut for teenage guys

11. Natural Wavy Hair for Teenage Guys

Wavy hair is flattering at all lengths, from short to shoulder-length. Your barber should cut your hair to complement your wave pattern, just like curly hair. This guarantees that your haircut is natural-looking and properly frames your face. Natural wavy hair looks calm and casual when cut correctly. To avoid the frizzy birds’ nest effect, it’s also important to keep your waves defined and moisturized. To keep your hair from drying out, use pomade or styling cream to give it a somewhat damp look.

natural wavy hair for teenage guys

12. Caesar Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Try a Caesar haircut if you want to keep your hair short but still display your uniqueness. Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy have worn the Caesar, which is named after Roman emperor Julius Caesar. It entails pushing the top layer of your hair forward to produce a little fringe and using a hair paste or texturizing spray to add texture. If you have fine hair, a large forehead, or an uneven hairline, this is a good alternative.

caesar haircuts for teenage guys

13. Line up Cut for Teenage Guys

Your barber will use clippers to shave straight lines or sharp angles into your hair when you want a line-up, also known as an edge up or shape up. It’s typically worn with a fade, undercut, or buzzcut, and it can also be worn alone for an edgy ‘disconnected’ style. The line-up gives your hair a unique look, especially if it’s short.

Line up Cut for Teenage Boys

14. Blowback for Teenage Guys

For men, the blowback is a classic haircut. It was made popular in the 1950s by old school performers like Elvis Presley and James Dean, and it still looks as slick and effortless today as it did then. The blowback, like other volumized hairstyles like the quiff and pompadour, looks good on practically everyone. Combine it with a taper fade for a modern take on a classic look.

blowback for teenage guys haircuts

15. Mid Fade with Fringe for Teenage Guys

Pairing a fringe haircut with a mid fade creates a more edgy look. This haircut stands out because of the contrast between the lengthier fringe pieces and the short sides. As a result, it’s a distinctive look that will capture people’s attention. It’s also an excellent choice if you want to hide a larger brow while maintaining your fade. Plus, you can style your fringe into a faux hawk or a quiff using products, making it a versatile haircut.

mid fade with fringe for teenage guys

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