17+ Cool Messy Hairstyles For Men (Updated for 2022)

Artsy and Messy Hairstyles for Men, Men’s hairstyles 2022 with texture are hot this year. Crops, spikes, and disorganized appearance are the textures in order from least to most. The best-looking messy styles begin with a cut that complements your hair type and takes little styling. To keep natural waves in place, several of these looks just require air drying and a small amount of product. Blow drying is beneficial to longer hair.

17+ Must-Try Artsy and Messy Hairstyles for Men

Messy looks for spiky or larger volume men’s hairstyles can be easily achieved with second-day hair that still has product in it, as well as some extra grit and hold from scalp oils. Apply a little additional product and style your hair with your fingertips.

Messy Hairstyles for Men

Of course, messy hair does not have to be untidy. Many of these men’s hairstyles add textured tousle to clean-cut short and medium-length hairstyles. Now have a look at these men’s artsy and messy haircuts.

1. Short Textured Spikes

This short haircut with a high fade can be styled in a number of ways but these textured spikes are clean cut and cool.

Short Textured Spikes

2. Short Messy Hair

For a night out or a casual get-together, short and unkempt hair is ideal. You may simply achieve the flawless disheveled appearance no matter what texture your hair is. Choose a wax or matte pomade and apply it gently into your scalp with your fingertips to produce this sloppy hairstyle. Apply the cream to the ends of the haircut to give it a rough and wild look. This is a fantastic choice for a day at the office or a night out at the bar!

short messy hair men

3. Medium-Length Messy Hair

A medium-length messy hairdo will keep it looking calm and comfortable. This is a wonderful choice for a day when you want to be casual but also a little wild. You can go for a messy swept-back look or let it run free and loose, depending on your mood. To create the latter, run a medium-hold gel or pomade into your hair and let the strands fall into place naturally.

Medium-Length Messy Hair

4. Long Messy Hair

Nothing shouts “rockstar” like a sloppy mop for individuals with long, luscious locks. This hairstyle is ideal for you if your hair reaches your jawline or shoulders. Apply some sea salt spray to damp hair and let it dry naturally to achieve the appearance. Your hair will have a beachy, lived-in aspect to it.

long messy hairstyles

5. Bed Head Hairstyle

With this sultry and low-maintenance ‘do, you’ll look like you just wandered out of bed. The bedhead hairdo is simple to achieve and looks wonderful on a date or on a night out with friends. It looks best on people with straight or wavy hair. Begin by applying little amounts of volumizing powder to your hair’s roots. Run some low-hold pomade through the ends of your hair with your fingers; don’t overdo it, as it will destroy the easy look.

Bed Head Hairstyle

6. Messy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

With your thick hair, you may easily achieve a tousled and textured look. This messy cut is the answer you’ve been looking for on days or evenings when a slick back haircut just won’t cut it. Make sure your tendrils are almost dry before applying matte pomade to the roots and mid-sections of your hair to add volume. You won’t want to go crazy in the product category if you have dense tresses. Whether you have a short or medium-length mane, this may help you stand out at any gathering.

Messy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

7. Messy Faux Hawk

A messy faux-hawk will help you stand out and turn some heads. To achieve a hard-edged and rock star appeal haircut, you don’t have to commit to completely shaved sides, but this works just as well. This hairstyle looks great with a longer mop on top and a tapered or low fade cut. Work a texturizing product through your curls with your fingers. This is a youthful and fresh appearance for anyone who wants to experiment with their style.

messy faux hawk style

8. Messy Pompadour

Put on your leather jacket and sunglasses; this is a hairdo that is both classic and hip. The pompadour is a hairstyle that dates back centuries yet remains as fresh and relevant as ever, making it ideal for guys who prefer a retro look. By leaving it a little messy, you may offer a fresh and casual attitude to this cut, as opposed to the typical styling. Sweep the front of your locks upwards and over the back of your head with your fingers, using a gel or wax. Don’t worry if it appears a little unkempt; this hairstyle is perfect for a night out on the town or a concert.

messy pompadour haircut

9. Messy Fringe

Keep it choppy and wild to attract attention. For a day at the workplace, a sports match, or cocktails with friends, a messy fringe is the way to go. This look is simple to achieve; all you need is a mattifying product to add texture to your bangs. Sweep your hair to the side for a more angular look, or keep it front and center for a more classic look. This cut is excellent for reducing a big forehead and for providing a low-maintenance, sensual appearance.

messy fringe hairstyle

10. Messy Spiky Hairstyle

A spiky cut is a great alternative for people who want to change up their look and is suitable for all texture types. The rustic finish offers an edgy but cool sense to any event or occasion, and it looks well on folks with thin or thick hair. When a matte pomade is dry, work it through the ends, squeezing and splitting the tresses outwards for people with coarse locks. These products are particularly great for folks with fine manes because they don’t weigh it down or make it look greasy.

mens short spiky messy hairstyles

11. Messy Blowout

The blowout is a stylish and modern take on the pompadour that seems as if your hair was blown into place by a strong gust of wind. You don’t have to keep this style perfectly quaffed to appear smooth and classy; the messier your hair is, the better. To achieve this look, scrunch your hair with your hands, matte pomade, and a hair dryer. This is the perfect haircut for the elegant and modern gentlemen who isn’t afraid to try something new.

messy blowout hairstyle

12. Messy Bro Flow

You can just grow your hair long while keeping it off your face thanks to the bro flow. This ultra-cool and tousled look would look amazing on men with medium to long hair, regardless of texture. This hairstyle is so basic and low-maintenance that you may do it while sleeping. Comb damp hair backwards and away from your eyes, then let it air dry. There’s no need for extra products; simply let your mane do its thing. This technique works well with a wide range of hair textures, including curls and poker straight hair.

messy bro flow haircut

13. Blue Spiky Hair

The metallic blue hair lends a distinctive touch to this big crop haircut with wild spikes. Leave a tiny bit of hair in the front fringe and pull the rest of the hair up in all directions.

Blue Spiky Hair

14. Spikes for Fine Hair

A sloppy style can also assist fine hair. The idea is to use a tight product. Matte pomades keep hair in place without being greasy or heavy.

Spikes for Fine Hair

15. Heavy Crop Haircut

Instead of spikes, this variant of the crop with a lot of weight adds a sloppy texture in the shape of fringe. The style is kept tidy with a low skin fade.

Heavy Crop Haircut

16. Modern Bedhead

In a sloppy quiff with loads of length in the front, this fresh style offers structure to the top of the hair and allows the rest to do what it wants.

modern bedhead haircut styles

17. Messy Soft Side Part

With the soft part, a relaxed and casual haircut just became hotter. This look is simple to execute and may be worn to a variety of occasions. You may wear this look with confidence whether you’re walking down the aisle or playing beach cricket. Begin by making a part in your hairline; don’t worry if it’s too pronounced; the messiness adds to the appeal.

messy soft side part hairstyle

This men’s haircut looks fantastic with a light-hold gel or pomade, depending on the texture you want. Allow your fringe to hang forward; this relaxed style is the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.