30 Classic Taper Haircut For Men (Trends Hairstyles 2022)

The classic taper haircut is the perfect men’s hairstyles with the right balance between sophistication and versatility. The men’s spiky hairstyle is a stylish, well-groomed style that will look great at the office or at the beach. You can even wear the classic taper in a ruffled, textured look for a laid-back look, swipe back for a more trendy look, or keep it long and professional for formal business meetings.

For any occasion or hairstyle, the best classic  taper haircuts stay fresh with a traditional yet fashionable look. Check out these hot taper haircuts for ideas before heading to your next barbershop!

What Is The Classic Taper Haircut ?

The classic taper haircut for men dates back many years and consists of short hair around the sides, pulled down with a trimmer. At the top, there is a length all the way through the hair, giving you flexibility in styling choices.

What Is The Classic Taper Haircut

Between the two sections of hair is a tapered band, consisting of the short sides that grow longer as they near the top. In other words, the taper shortens and fades as you get closer to the taper neckline.

Some prefer the taper all the way down to the neck, while others prefer the short taper in the mid-transition area – the choice is up to you. Depending on the emphasis and contrast you want to add to your hair, there can be a complete difference between the short sides and the long top, or a slight fade between them.

The Best Classic Taper Haircut In 2022

So, what exactly is a taper haircut? It’s a short men’s haircut where the hairstylist leaves the hair long on the top of your head, then buzz cuts the hair on the sides and back of your head in an ascending or, in other words, “reduced” fashion. hair towards you. neckline. And, how long does a taper haircut take? Generally, it is 2-4” long.

Men's classic taper haircut

Men’s classic taper haircut

Short classic taper haircut

Short classic taper haircut

Tight classic taper haircut

Tight classic taper haircut

Classic taper haircut black

Classic taper haircut black

Classic taper haircut side part

Classic taper haircut side part

Classic taper haircut asian

Classic taper haircut asian

Classic businessman taper haircut style

Classic businessman taper haircut style

Classic taper haircut drop

Classic taper haircut drop

Classic taper fade haircut

Classic taper fade haircut

Undercut Taper

A truncated taper has a short back, is often pointed to near baldness, or is only minimal in length. It’s a nice addition as the top is long and brushed to the side. Goofy bangs or minimal beard look best with this cut. To liven up the top, add blonde color.

Undercut taper haircut men

Styled Pompadour

To attract the attention of a beautiful person, a high bald clutch is essential. The top is about 3 inches near the hairline and has shorter layers closer to the back of the head. The temples stand out with detailed shaping. With its clean neckline and thick layering on top, this cut is particularly flattering on many face shapes.

Styled Pompadour Haircut men

Taper Fade Haircut

A fade haircut is an extremely popular haircut for good reason. It always comes out no matter what style you choose. Thanks to the shorter sides, you make your crown the focal point of your entire look. Besides, it helps you tame locks with neat and clean shape.

Taper Fade Haircut mens

Mid Taper Haircut

A cropped line, where the back and sides of the head are very short, emphasizes the fading fade in the mid-taper of this model. It is usually located above the ears, below the temples.

Mid Taper Haircut for men

High Taper Haircut

As you can see, with imagination and some styling products, the taper allows you to do whatever you want. Low fade and high fade fade are among the most popular variations. High taper fades are usually about 2 inches away from the top of the head.

High Taper Haircut for men

Low Taper Haircut

In addition to deciding on a taper haircut, you also need to decide where you want the taper to start and end or consider a variation. One of such variations is a haircut with a low taper fade. With low taper fade, the taper begins about an inch past the ear and is closer to the neck and ear than other taper types.

Low Taper Haircut for men

Taper Haircut Types

Almost all barbers know what you want when you ask for a classic taper haircut. But of course, carrying a picture will always get you really good results. Decide which taper haircut you like and suit better and then boldly visit your stylist!

Medium Crop Haircuts for thin hair

Medium Crop Haircut

For a cropped haircut, make sure that the bangs are cut straight and just above the eyebrows and choose one with a low fade. The bangs will match where the side hair starts to get shorter. You can keep the top straight and brush it flat or use the product to shape the texture.

Medium Crop Haircuts for thin hair

Textured Brushed Up

A leather taper allows you to maintain a thick texture on top while keeping the overall look low with its short sides. The hair is almost bald near the ears and gradually increases in length up to the tips. Maintain at least a few inches to get this spiky texture.

Textured Brushed Up haircut men

Tapered Side Part Haircut

Another stylish way to wear a tapered cut is a side cut. You choose your good side and the stylist will shave a hard part or simply separate the hair at the point above the center of one eyebrow. Use a bit of mousse to smoothen your hair and give it some waves. To keep the overall look fresh and neat, be sure to regularly groom your facial hair to avoid a messy look.

Tapered Side Part Haircut men

Taper haircut is the perfect hairstyle for men. Its variations, including gradual haircuts, offer the ideal versatility for a man today. He can do whatever he wants, go anywhere and his hair will always look modern and fresh.

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