17+ Burst Fade Haircuts – Style Collection for 2022

In barbershops all around the country, the Burst Fade Haircuts has become a popular men’s fade haircut. The burst taper fade is cut by integrating the taper around the ear and down the neck, and is typically used with a mohawk hairdo. The burst fade’s shape is often rounded and curled around the sides and back, making it the ideal fade for the mohawk.

The burst fade haircut is similar to the drop fade in many aspects, although the burst focuses more on the hairline’s edge. A burst taper can be added to any of the best men’s haircuts because there are so many various ways to do it. The comb over, quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, flat top, and mohawk fade are among the fashionable short sides, long top styles to consider.

Check Out 15+ Burst Fade Haircuts for Men 2022

Although the burst fade has traditionally been a black man’s haircut, white men can incorporate it into their own short, medium, or long styles. This sleek, fresh look may be achieved by men with a variety of hair types, including straight or curly hair. Scrolling down to see our ultimate collection of Burst Fade Haircuts for Men this 2022

Burst Fade Haircuts

1. Low Burst Fade

This low burst fade keeps the sides and back short while riding comfortably high. This variation is perfect for those who need a professional hairdo but yet desire an edgy haircut like the burst fade. This appearance is highly recommended since it has a natural textured style on top and a fresh taper on the sides. It’s also a great example of how guys can get any style of burst fade – high, mid, low, tapered, or skin – from their barbers.

low burst fade haircut

2. Burst Fade Mohawk

The most classic style of the haircut is the burst fade mohawk. A high bald burst fade on the sides and an edge up along the hairline and temples complement this wide mohawk with kinky hair. This mohawk fade is cool, classy, and sexy all at the same time thanks to the clean cut finish. This is one of the best haircuts for black males, and you can’t go wrong with it.

burst fade mohawk haircut

Mister T’s mohawk isn’t the only one with a tiny landing strip. This broad mohawk is cool and classy, with longer hair on top and a huge burst fade on both sides. Everyone will appreciate the volume on top and the close cropped sides.

3. Burst Taper

The burst taper allows you to shorten the sides without exposing any skin. This burst taper fade is styled into a mohawk with thick, straight hair on top. This type of fade is badass and modern, and it can be mixed with any number of current men’s hairstyles to create a great look. Guys should apply a heavy pomade or hair wax to achieve this natural, textured look.

burst taper haircut

4. Burst Fade with White Guy

This burst fade haircut is an excellent example of how this style works with all hair types. The best fades suit men of all races, including black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. A low bald fade and shape up with thick, natural hair on top can be found here. This short to medium-length hairstyle has great volume, movement, and flow since it’s brushed back in the front and slightly combed over. To achieve this effect, use high-quality clay or cream.

burst fade haircut white guy

5. Burst Taper Fade

A burst taper fade with curly hair on top is blended short on the sides and back. The curly hair fade is reflected in the untidy curls and styling. Using a cream and booster is one of the finest ways to manage and control frizzy curly curls.

burst taper fade haircut

6. Burst Fade Comb Over

A unique touch on a traditional haircut is the burst fade comb over. The comb over fade is commonly fashioned with a low, mid, or high taper on the sides, but a burst will help you stand out. The hair is then brushed to one side to create a parted appearance. Use a high-quality matte men’s styling product for volume and texture.

burst fade comb over haircut

7. Burst Fade Faux Hawk

Here’s a textured burst faux hawk with a shaved back and full beard. With a fade on the sides, the faux hawk, also known as the fohawk, looks very good. The surgical line or portion creates a lovely hairstyle. Guys should use a strong hold, low shine wax to keep their fohawk fade styled all day.

burst fade faux hawk haircut

8. Burst Taper with Curly Top

A burst fade with short curly hair on top is a popular look for black men. This skin faded mohawk with tight curls is simple to achieve and maintain. Furthermore, a long, full beard gives you a really macho appearance.

burst taper with curly top haircut

9. Burst Fade with Design

With a hair design on the sides, the burst fade can be modified to fit your unique style. Hairstyles that are cool span from symbols to text. The edgy and fantastic thick, long mohawk with highlights and nappy curls (or twists) looks great. Request a fresh line up along the hairline from your barber for an extra clean finish.

burst fade haircut with design

10. Mohawk Fade For White Guys

While the mohawk fade is more commonly associated with black men, it also looks fantastic on white men and anyone who enjoys the hairdo. The low burst taper fade blends in effortlessly with the sideburns and beard, and the hairline around the temples is nicely shaped. We strongly advise you to try this style this year if you think you can pull it off.

mohawk fade haircut white guy

11. Flat Top Mohawk

These styles are represented here in a unique way by the flat top mohawk. While a flat top fade is a classic look, this cut is distinguished by the burst fade. This current haircut has a fashionable profile with the edge up, mohawk, and length in the back.

flat top mohawk haircut

12. Straight Hair Burst Fade

The burst fade is proof that it works on all hair types, including thick, straight hair. Unlike most black men’s hair, which is kinky, this straight messy haircut is the perfect contrast. The styling is sleek and sophisticated, following the short sides, long top hair trend for guys.

straight hair burst fade haircut

13. South of France and Burst Fade

The burst fade mohawk is also known as the South of France haircut. This design has a high burst fade tapered down to the skin, which was once Usher’s hallmark cut. The thick twists or curls on top form a wide mohawk. This style is clean and fashionable without nappy hair.

south of france haircut burst fade

14. Mid Skin Burst Fade with Line Up

The burst fade haircut is available in several variations, including a mid-bald fade. On top, the very short spiky hair is a hybrid of a blowout and a mohawk. The barber was obliged to use zero fade clippers and an edge up trimmer along the hairline to provide some contrast on the sides. This incredibly awesome hairstyle was the result.

mid skin burst fade with line up haircut

15. Burst Fade Pomp

All sorts of fades, including black and white, are suitable for all hair types. The burst fade with a high volume pompadour is shown here. The burst fade is a terrific option for leaving extra length around the crown so hair that tends to stick up can be long enough to rest flat.

burst fade pomp haircut

16. The Gentleman’s Mohawk

If you’re looking for a fresh new style, check out our list of the top 100 men’s haircuts. Choose a look, mix and match styles, and bring images to your barber. It’s quite simple.

the gentleman's mohawk haircut

The burst fade mohawk, often known as the South of France haircut, is shown here in a shorter variation. This short men’s hairstyle has a huge burst fade with nappy curls, similar to Usher’s hallmark look.

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