40 Best Bleached Hairstyles For Men (Trends Haircuts 2022)

While you might think that platinum or bleached hairstyles is more exclusive to the fairer sex, some famous male faces have rocked it in their ever-changing hairstyle history.

When it comes to colors and dyes, many men are experimenting with bleached hair for a stylish look. While most guys might think blonde or platinum hair is too bold and edgy, bleached hairstyles look great and give a striking, modern look, especially if you have dark hair. Whether you keep your hair short or long, there are many different haircuts for boys with bleached hair to consider.

Top 40 Bleached Hairstyles For Men In 2022

Some men may prefer a bleached blonde hairdo with fades for a chic short look, while others may prefer a slicked back or brushed undercut and platinum highlights for a long look. more unique. With so many hairstyles and hair colors for men to choose from, deciding how to bleach your hair can be a challenge. To inspire you with ideas, we have compiled a list of the best bleached hairstyles for men. From white hair to platinum blonde, explore all the most popular ways to style bleached hair to find the trendy cut and sexy style you love.

Men's bleached hairstyles

Men’s bleached hairstyles

Bleached hairstyles for black guys

Bleached hairstyles for black guys

Cool bleached hairstyles for men

Cool bleached hairstyles for men

Short curly bleached hairstyles for men

Short curly bleached hairstyles for men

Bleached hairstyles asian for men

Bleached hairstyles asian for men

Bleached blonde hairstyles for men

Bleached blonde hairstyles for men

Bleached hairstyles dyed for men

Bleached hairstyles dyed for men

Bleached hairstyles dark hair for men

Bleached hairstyles dark hair for men

Bleached Afro Hair

Bleached afro is a statement hairstyle that cannot fail to attract attention. The unique color will be a bold accent to the popular black men’s hairstyle, sure to make you stand out in any crowd. Curly hair needs more moisture than most hair types, and the bleaching process can dry it out quickly, so be sure to use a professional stylist.

Bleached Afro Hair For Men

Bleached Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is one of the most daring and trendy bleached hairstyles. As one of the best short haircuts for men, the buzz cut is a masculine and low-maintenance style that looks great with faded or shaved sides. The superiority in both length and color of the hair provides a cool, minimalist confidence that is the perfect blend of fashion and function. Dyed haircuts are a great style for men with darker skin tones, creating a bold contrast. Sharp and trendy, try the bleached haircut on your next barber shop visit.

Bleached Buzz Cut For Men

Bleached Long Hair

Bleached long hair is a cool, rebellious hairstyle favored by rock stars and surfers. For many years, long bleached hair has been one of the sexiest hairstyles a man can have. Guys can wear it for a casual feel, bun it up for a chic casual look, or even let it float for a stylish contrast with the suit. Facial hair of any length works well with this style, adding to the casual look. Colored long hair requires some nourishment, especially deep conditioning, to stay moisturized and healthy, but this extra work pays off with sheer charm. Whether you dye your hair blonde or platinum, you’ll find that women like guys with long hair.

Bleached Long Hair For Men

Bleached Comb Back

By adding volume and natural texture, the comb back is a more casual take on the classic backstroke. The bleached back comb can’t help but stand out with its effortless cool style. This hairstyle goes well with both clean shaven faces for a classic cool look and beard, which creates contrast and highlights for colored hair.

Bleached Comb Back For Men

Bleached Pompadour

Puffy hairstyles are a great way to show off your bouncy hair with a youthful and modern style. The ruffled hairstyle is often cut in a fade or undercut style on the sides for a sleek look. For pompadour hairstyles, use a high hold styling product like pomade, wax or putty. Styling with a hair dryer can also be helpful if you want a textured finish or tend to struggle with creating enough volume. Pompadour works well on all face shapes due to the raised front part. Your front hair will need to be a bit longer to achieve this look, so make sure to let your hair grow out.

Bleached Pompadour Hair For Men

Bleached Undercut Hair

The bleached undercut takes an already daring hairstyle to the next level with blonde or platinum hair. Undercut is a masculine style that has become one of the most popular men’s haircuts. The undercut haircut is versatile and trendy, styling well with a variety of hair types and lengths, which adds to its mainstream appeal. Adding a bleached look provides an edgy, modern update to this effortless chic style.

Bleached Undercut Hair For Men

Bleach Blonde Hairstyles

Bleached blonde creates an iconic style that can complement the best men’s hairstyles. While platinum white is very light and produces silver, bleached gold is a color that resembles a light and vibrant yellow. When styling men’s blonde hair, most experts recommend using low to medium hold products with matte finish for texture, natural look, maximum volume and volume. floating. Whether you have thick, straight, wavy or curly hair, you can achieve a wavy, bleached blonde look.

Bleach Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Bleached Short Hairstyles

With side and back side cuts, bleached short hair is easy to style and styled simply for a fresh look. Short men’s hairstyle is masculine and naturally sharp, creating the perfect foundation for platinum blonde hair to become the focus. Shorter haircuts like the ponytail, back comb, parting, hawk and French cut allow you to cut the traditional look and turn it into a sleek look. For this bold look, men with short hair can dye and color their locks but still leave some darker strands for contrast.

Bleached Short Hairstyles For Men

Bleached Quiff Hairstyles

The quiff is an undeniably attractive and timeless hairstyle that will enhance your hair color. While this style has a subtle and masculine appeal, the bleached quiff adds a trendy, trendy element to the combination. With volume and bounce, the quiff is a versatile hairstyle that will suit most face shapes and hair textures, especially guys with thick straight hair. However, men with coarse hair may find it difficult to maintain this hairstyle without frizz. Use a medium hold matte hair product like wax, yarn or paste to add texture and definition to your curly hair for the perfect finish.

Bleached Quiff Hairstyles For Men

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Platinum blonde is a stylish look that can add flair to any men’s hairstyle. Dyed hair is a trend in recent years, and guys are using this white hair color to transform their aesthetics. Great with short, medium and long hair, you can bleach all hair in platinum blonde for a uniform finish or experiment with highlights and tape studs to take advantage of contrast against darker hair. than. Guys can add another dimension to their look by growing a beard.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles For Men

To get you bleach-ready this season, we’ve curated some cool ways to rock bleached hair, and included some simple tips and tricks to help you decide if you’re ready to go. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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