Achieving Best Side Part Hairstyles for Men For 2022

Side Part Hairstyles for Men Trends Haircuts 2022. A side portion is always a good choice. Traditional, low-maintenance hairstyles are versatile and timeless, and they’re a great way to style your hair. The side part is versatile, flattering all textures and lengths.

Whether your style is elegant, stylish, or ready to rock, there is a cut that will look great on you. We’ve got you covered if you’re unsure how to incorporate this elegant and sleek ‘do into your daily routine.

Attractive Side Part Hairstyles for Men In 2022

Side part hairstyles for men are the most classic of men’s hairstyles and haircuts. It’s as simple as it gets. Comb a section of moist hair into place with a comb. You can blow dry or air dry your hair, add product or go natural. However, the side part hairstyle isn’t limited to the conventional combover. Side portions with greater length, volume, and texture are some of the most fashionable trends right now. It’s suitable for short hair men, wavy or curly hair, and more.

Side Part Hairstyles for Men

1. Classic Side Part

A classic side part exudes “gentlemanship.” This haircut was worn by Cary Grant, David Beckham, and Don Draper from Mad Men, and it’s still one of the most popular. To achieve this look, make a side part and comb one side over, leaving the remainder to fall naturally. Use gel if you want a wet-look finish, and pomade if you want a matte finish. This timeless style isn’t going away anytime soon.

Men's classic side part hairstyle

2. Side Part Wavy Hair + Low Fade

These effortless waves, regarded as one of the most favored side part hairstyles for men, have made hair inspired by the sea even easier. This side part looks great when paired with a short fade because it’s carefree and low-maintenance. The modern man will love this new and edgy spin on a traditional hairdo that is appropriate for any occasion. To keep your hair textured, use matte pomade and style gel. The fade contrasts with the delicate waves, giving the modest mop on top an edginess.

Side Part Wavy Hair + Low Fade for men

3. Side Part + Volume

Everyone looks great with a typical side part and a high volume finish. Begin by sectioning and turning your hair to one side. Dry shampoo adds depth and height to your hair, giving it more volume and depth. Secure the height using a strong hold gel. This sleek and stylish hairstyle is sure to turn heads.

Side part volume hair men

4. Side Part + Pompadour

Keep your hair in a fashionable pompadour and away from your face. Unlike a typical side part, the pompadour sweeps your hair out of your face and to the side. This hairdo is perfect for a night out or for individuals who work in an office. For persons with medium to long hair men, use a firm hold gel to keep the side-swept style in place.

Side part pompadour hairstyle men

5. Side Part + Disconnected Undercut

With a side part and disconnected undercut, you can change things up. This haircut is perfect for the man who enjoys taking chances. A modern guy will look great with a traditional side part and a radical undercut. This style is classic and trendy at the same time, whether you work at a desk or on a construction site. Make an undercut beneath the hair on top with a standard or hard part, leaving the length on your head much longer. Despite the fact that this style is fairly edgy, its sleek and tidy appearance exudes refinement.

Side Part + Disconnected Undercut men

6. Side Part + Afro

Men with natural hair look wonderful with a clean side part, so don’t be afraid to ask for one the next time you see your barber. The side part is a terrific technique to add dimension and flair to your natural afro without looking like Bobby Farrell from Boney M. It’s excellent for males with shorter hair. Keep your hair healthy by applying nourishing oil on a regular basis and brushing your hair when necessary to maintain the side part. This haircut, which is likely one of the greatest hairstyles for guys, is cool and fashionable, and it will catch everyone’s eye.

Side part afro hair men

7. Side Part + Quiff

The side part with a quiff is the ideal style for men who want their hair to be polished and tall. The quiff, unlike the pompadour, is suitable for men of all hair lengths and looks wonderful for any occasion. Using a gel or matte pomade, sweep your hair away from your face and upwards. When combined with a side part, you’ll be ready for any occasion, whether it’s a professional environment, a black tie event, or a trip to the bar. Don’t be frightened to try this hairstyle because it’s adaptable and timeless.

Side part quiff hairstyle for men

8. Hard Part and Burst Fade

The rough part and blast fade are for the man who establishes his own rules, rebellious and edgy. Burst fades usually start behind the ear and fade outwards into a soft upward fade. A hard part is a thick, shaved section that is much sharper than a soft or regular section. When these two styles are combined, you get an appealing rockstar hairdo that’s ideal for anyone feeling defiant.

Hard part and burst fade haircut men

9. Side Part and Fauxhawk

This hairstyle isn’t for the faint of heart, similar to the rebellious nature of the hard part and burst fade. To turn heads, you don’t have to go full mohawk; a fauxhawk would suffice. Split your hair on the side and shape the remaining mop upwards with shorter sides and a longer top for drama. To keep the spikey ‘do in place throughout the day, heavy-duty gel is employed. If you want to try out several looks without committing, this is the hairstyle for you.

Side Part and Fauxhawk for men

10. Side Part with Curly Hair

Those who have wavy tops should rejoice. Nothing looks better than a curly haired woman with a side part. Messy tendrils with a classic side part are a winning combination. Whether you have naturally kinky hair or need a little help from a curling iron, you can get this style with ease. Enhance your corkscrews with a mousse that keeps them in place and gives them the appropriate bounce all day.

Side Part with Curly Hair For Men

11. Hard Part + Slicked Back

This hairdo will bring out your inner rockabilly star from the 1950s. The right combination of an edgy hard part and a preppy slicked back finish will turn you into a rebel without a cause. It doesn’t have to be a large piece to make a statement; sometimes a small part is all that’s needed to create drama. Slick your hair backward with a comb and strong-hold gel to create a smooth and sleek finish to an otherwise rockstar-esque haircut.

Slicked back hair with hard part

12. Side Part + Long Hair

Prepare to have your hair whipped and everyone around you looking at you with envy. If you have long, luscious locks, don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair parting. You can instantly add volume to your mane, whether it’s shoulder-length or waist-length, by simply establishing a deep side part. This minor modification might also give your overall look a beachy vibe. Apply some sea salt spray to the ends of your hair to create textured waves; this will add dimension.

Side Part + Long Hair For Men

13. Side Part + Asymmetrical Fringe

Who says everything has to be symmetrical? A uneven fringe can hide a large forehead, give a classic haircut a rocker edge, and keep things looking hip every day. You’ll be the freshest guy in the room if you wear it with a side part. This hairstyle suits all textures and lengths and is perfect for those with a sharp jawline.

Side part + asymmetrical fringe hairstyle men

14. Side Part + High Fade

This hairstyle gives a precise shave, similar to a skin fade, for a sleek and stylish image. If you’re going out for drinks with friends or headed into the office, a high fade with a side part is a fresh and great style to chose. Choose between a standard or hard part; when combined with a high fade, it’ll definitely get folks talking.

Side part high fade haircut men

15. Side Part + Slick Back

A side part with a smooth back finish is the ideal method to bring an outfit together, since it looks sleek and professional. This retro look is easy to maintain and perfect for a night out. Sweep the hair backwards with a comb and a strong-hold gel for a damp look. It’s the perfect classic hairstyle with a modern twist.

Slick back side part mens hair

Best men’s side part hairstyles Updated for 2022. Many beautiful hairstyles are waiting for you, change your old style with one of the distinct styles above to make a new impression.

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