10+ Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles for 2022

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles can be worn up or down, sloppy or neat, traditional or trendy. More length equals more possibilities. Short hair may appear to be little maintenance, but this is not always the case. Barber visits can be spaced out with a beautiful cut with tapered sides. A half-inch of growth on a shaved fade completely changes the shape of the haircut, whereas a half-inch of growth on longer hair only adds length.

Some of the longer cuts also include fades or tapers, which look great as they grow out but require regular barber appointments to keep up.

Let’s Find Out The Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles for You!

If you have medium-length hair, you have a lot of styling options to choose from to change up your look. Every day is an opportunity to try something new, whether you prefer the charming bro flow, a sleek slicked back, or a fashionable pompadour.

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

Furthermore, with so many skilled barbers out there, a fade or undercut may completely transform and modernize your look. 10+ Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles for 2022 with medium-length hair are shown below.

1. Bro Flow Medium Length

The breezy, attractive bro flow is designed to win hearts for men trying to whisk admirers off their feet. This easygoing cool, easy-to-maintain hairstyle is ideal for medium-length locks in the process of growing out. The bro flow can ensure you look your best if you’re in that awkward in-between stage of long and short hair.

Bro Flow Medium Length

2. Pompadour Medium Length Hair

Long may the king reign! (of rock and roll). Take a page from Elvis’ book with a sleek, sculptural pompadour if you’re seeking for a classic approach to style medium length hair. Blow-dry your hair upwards to create height, volume, and shape for this look. Combine your pompadour with a healthy amount of self-assurance for the greatest results, because this is one look that is sure to turn heads.

Pompadour Medium Length Hair

3. Quiff Medium Length Hair

A quiff is perfect for a man who wants to look polished, sophisticated, and confident. Brush the hair up to build volume with some style gel before curling it back in a defined wave. Simply increase the height of your quiff if you want something a little more daring.

medium length quiff hairstyle

4. Afro Medium Length Hairstyles

During the civil rights movement in the 1960s, afro hairstyles became popular, and they are connected with empowerment and resistance. This style is wonderful since it helps you to enhance your natural hair while still wearing it with pride. A mid-length afro is a terrific choice if you have medium-length hair. It’s long enough to show off your curls and give a volumized look, but not too long to make styling difficult. For a more edgier look, pair it with a fade.

afro american medium length hairstyles

5. Blowout Medium Length Hair

The blowout is a casual hairstyle that demands you to mimic the impact of wind. Blow your hair upwards with a hair dryer to add volume and height. After that, rub some pomade through your hair to add texture. You’re finished with a spritz of hairspray.. On windy days, this look will not move an inch.

Blowout Medium Length Hair

6. Natural Curly Hair

One of the best things about having naturally curly hair is the variety of styles you can achieve. The unusual texture of your hair adds intrigue to even the most basic outfit. Curly hair is highly attractive on guys, despite the fact that it is difficult to maintain, requires specific products, and can appear unkempt and uncontrolled. To accentuate your curls, try different combinations, such as a fade or undercut. Alternatively, go for a bold look like man braids or a pompadour.

natural curly hair hairstyles

7. Slick Back Medium Length Hair

The smooth back’s sleek and refined style may instantly boost any man’s appearance. This hairstyle can be worn at any time of day, but it looks especially lovely in the evening. Apply a liberal amount of gel or mousse to your hair to achieve the appearance. Pull the hair back with a fine-toothed comb until it is smooth and silky.

Slick Back Medium Length Hair

8. Surfer Hairstyle Medium Length

The surfer haircut is a seductive choice for any male because of its unstructured and carefree approach. Surfers popularized the hairstyle in the 1950s because of their beautiful, disheveled hair. This style is easily cool and makes you appear calm and carefree, even if you are not spending your days at the beach. To achieve this look, you’ll need some length, but it can be achieved with wavy, curly, or straight hair. To assist create texture and volume, use sea salt sprays or pomade products.

surfer hairstyles medium length

9. Natural Wavy Hair Medium Length

What’s not to like about hair that’s naturally wavy? The texture can help you generate tousled appearances that appear casual and relaxed. It can also be styled in a more polished manner by pairing it with a fade for a more trendy and masculine look. The beauty of wavy hair is that it can be styled in a variety of ways and lengths, and it never gets old. Use a wide-toothed comb to style it and add sea salt spray to enhance the texture and keep it looking great.

natural curly hair medium length

10. Hard Part Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

A hard part hairstyle isn’t as difficult as its name suggests. Furthermore, while this edgy style is simple to create with the help of your trusted barber, it will instantly change your appearance. This look allows you to emphasize a number of styles such as the pompadour, quiff, or combover by adding definition and detail to your hair. The tricky part includes producing a distinct new part by realigning the hair’s natural parting. This is usually located on one side of the head, above the temple. The hair below this area is then clipped close to the scalp, leaving the hair on top medium length and styling ready.

Hard Part Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

11. Shag Medium Length

The shag, a haphazard and unstructured appearance popular in the 1970s, is still fashionable today. The feathery, choppy layers and a larger crown distinguish it, yet there are numerous current changes. This cut has the advantage of being highly adjustable and may be done on a variety of hair textures and lengths. If you have medium-length hair, this is an excellent choice because it may give you a relaxed look while also adding texture and volume. It can also be customized to fit any facial shape.

Shag Medium Length

12. Comb Over Medium Length

There are numerous reasons why the side-swept comb over is usually a winner when it comes to medium long hair, and it is a favorite of both young and old men. To begin with, the name says it all. This look is adorably informal and simple to achieve because all you need is a comb. This is used to part your hair on one side of your head and then comb it across and “over” to the other side. A little styling gel may be used on occasion, but this look is all about the simplicity. The comb over is an easy approach to restore fullness to thinning hair caused by stress or time.

medium length comb over fade

13. Curtains Medium Length

Men who want a fun appearance that draws attention to their faces adore the curtain haircut, which has a grunge aesthetic. A fringe defines the style, which is frequently divided into a center parting. The current technique, on the other hand, lends itself to customisation and may be used with a variety of textures, haircuts, and partings. Curtains look great on men with medium-length hair, especially those with wavy or curly hair.

medium length curtains hairstyle

On finishing this post, have you decided on your ideal haircut among 10+ Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles for 2022

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