60 Best Beard Styles For Men (2022 Beard Ideas)

To inspire you with design ideas, we’ve compiled a list of different beard styles to consider right now. From shaggy beards to long facial hair, explore the best beard styles to find ideas you’ll love.

When it comes to creating a masculine look for men, beard styles top the list in 2022. Beards can be cut short or long, thick and full, or genetically restricted to thin and patchy. With so many popular styles, it can be a challenge to choose from all the beard styles you can grow and groom. While there are several beard ideas for every man, it’s important to choose a look and shape that suits your face, hair growth, and hairstyle.

Top 60 Beard Styles For Men In 2022

Beard style is a personal decision that depends largely on your face shape and unique hairstyle. It can take some trial and error to find the right shape for you, but if you are growing a beard for the first time or are just looking for a change, it helps to know your end goal. yourself — whether it’s long or long beard, or something short and cropped.

New beard styles mens

New beard styles mens

Men's long beard styles

Men’s long beard styles

Mens short beard styles

Mens short beard styles

Beard style for asian man

Beard style for asian man

Older men's hair and beard styles

Older men’s hair and beard styles

Men's salt and pepper beard styles

Men’s salt and pepper beard styles

Men's chin strap beard styles

Men’s chin strap beard styles

Men's beard styles under chin

Men’s beard styles under chin

Men's clean beard styles

Men’s clean beard styles

Classic men's beard styles

Classic men’s beard styles

Dubai men's beard styles

Dubai men’s beard styles

Men's gray beard styles

Men’s gray beard styles

Middle aged men's beard styles

Middle aged men’s beard styles

Beard in 2022? Absolutely, that means it’s time to refresh your look. Facial hair changes the shape of a man’s face and completely changes his appearance, so give up the traditional shape you usually wear and try the best beard styles in 2022.

Anchor Beard

Sometimes, beard and mustache go together like bread and butter and an anchor beard with matching storks is no exception. A full beard requires commitment, patience, and a lot of dedication.

Anchor beard style for men

Goatee Beard

Goose beard styles also don’t require much effort but they still look really attractive on faces from slim to round. In the past, a long goat was preferred by scholars and celebrities; although these days it’s pretty much worn by just about anyone. To get this beard style, you need to leave the hair above the upper lip and below it unshaven or you can add an angle to it by tying the hair around the mouth.

Goatee Beard For Men

Garibaldi Beard

This is a beard style that also takes time. It is very similar to Bandholz; however, Garibaldi Beard has a round shape. For this look, you don’t even need a beard style image. You just need to let the hair on your face grow naturally for about four months and cut the bottom part from time to time.

Garibaldi beard style for men

Bandholz Beard

If you are looking for men’s beard styles that require effort and patience, this is it. Named after Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, it will take you up to 4 months to develop on your own.

Bandholz beard style for men

Imperial Beard

What is royalty without a little extra money? This elegant style is for those who want the face Medusa-fy to make some waves. The mustache was very popular in the 19th Century, when men wore it as part of wealth or a symbol of style – but you can tweak your look by varying the thickness of the suits. this mustache!

Imperial beard style for men

Viking Beard Styles

The “beard” style requires the presence of a lot of facial hair. In the past, it was used to protect the skin of the face. It’s more of an element of style these days, especially when you’re referring to those brutal Nordic people.

Viking Beard Styles for men

Balbo Beard Styles

Balbo beard is one of the most recognizable beard types. Robert Downey, Jr., the only person who helped popularize it for a long time. To achieve style, you need a full beard to have plenty of material to work with. In addition, you are required to grow a mustache to round out the look.

Balbo beard styles pictures for men

Beardstache Styles

Looking for really cool beard styles? Then you should definitely try the beard. This is a combination of mustache and beard where the former is intentionally longer than the latter. Beard is a controversial style: you can love it or hate it, but never ignore it.

Beardstache Styles For Men

Circle Beard Styles

Basically, a round beard is a basic beard style. As one of the most popular short beard styles, it combines a round beard and a mustache. It looks very neat and clean, so it is very suitable for business people.

Circle beard styles pictures for men

Short Beard Styles

It’s rare for a man with a beard who can’t keep his beard short. Particularly popular, they not only suit any face shape but are also suitable for any occasion, whether formal or informal; Therefore, the short beard looks organic whether at the office or on a night out. If you really want to push boundaries, try a short beard without a mustache, which will look provocative but still smart.

Short beard styles for men

Stubble Beard Styles

A beard is beautiful in its simplicity. It is easily maintained and pleases anyone. To achieve this style, you just need to not shave for a few days. One study even showed that women actually favor men with thick beards, so why not take advantage of it?

Stubble Beard Styles For Men

Trimmed Beard Styles

The mustache on the handlebars can become a solid basis for different beard styles. It comes in different lengths but has one thing in common – the tail of your mustache must be bent. You can achieve their shape by wrapping the ends around your fingers dipped in curling wax in an orderly fashion.

Trimmed Beard Styles For Men

Ducktail Beard Styles

If you want to give your traditionally full beard an unusual touch, try the ducktail. As the name implies, the shape of such beards resembles real duck tails. This often tapped beard style is a combination of a full, rugged beard and a neatly trimmed beard. It is very popular among male celebrities.

Ducktail Beard Styles For Men

Van Duke Beard Style

This beard style has quite interesting origins. It is named after Anthony Van Dyke, a famous Flemish artist. Regarding rather bizarre beard styles, Van Duke Beard combines a mustache and a goatee, while all other facial hair is shaved. The hair in the beard should form an inverted T and finally be trimmed to make it a V.

Van Duke Beard Style pictures for men

Chinstrap Beard Styles

Thick or light beard requires more maintenance than other beard styles. It defines your jawline while maintaining that pomp.

Chinstrap Beard Styles Pictures For Men

Common Beard Questions Maybe You Want To See?

The question is, does beard make you look hotter? Sure they do! Beards are a real sign of a man’s maturity, so virility, obviously, is a very attractive trait. Besides, the beard helps to highlight the masculine lines on your face, making them sharper and more prominent.

Common Beard Questions Maybe

How Do I Choose My Beard Style?

Thinking about how to choose your beard style? There are several factors to take into account when choosing the perfect hairstyle on your face. First and foremost, you should match your beard to your face shape. As a general rule, beard should restore balance if your face looks disproportionate. Then consider the amount of time you can allocate for beard maintenance. Remember, the more complex the style, the more effort it will require. Ultimately, your beard should match your personal style and work environment. If you have a strict dress code, then you’re better off choosing a discreet or restrained beard style.

How do I know if I have a facial beard?

Not sure how to tell if I have facial hair? In the age of advanced technology, it is a piece of cake. Just install a mobile app that allows you to try on different hairstyles on your face using your phone’s front camera. The best apps for Android are Beard Camera Live and Beard Photo Editor, while for iOS, there’s Mooch as well as Hair and Beard Styles.

What Type Of Beard Is Most Attractive?

Who doesn’t want to know which beard style is the most attractive? Maybe there isn’t a guy like that. According to a recent survey, women prefer to keep their beards short and clean. Then, let the beard be long and full beard with goatee, mustache and circle beard close to the seven ends.

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