Top 10 Barbershop Haircuts & Hairstyles For Men In 2022

Men’s barbershop haircuts have become a craze in recent years. Instead of going to traditional barbershops like Sport Clips, Great Clips or Supercuts, guys are choosing to get professional haircuts.

As hair professionals, we appreciate this trend because it showcases the skill, talent and creativity of the best barbers in the world. In fact, our experience is that the best haircuts for men come from local barbershops. To prove our point, we’ve put together a collection of modern hairstyles that you’ll love and want to try.

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Ever wondered if getting a haircut at a barbershop matches the hype? As people who appreciate the skill and artistry behind the best barbershop haircuts, we certainly think so. To demonstrate how awesome your local barber can be, we’ve created a library of the coolest cuts and cuts you might miss watching Great Clips, Sports Clips, or Supercuts. So, instead of going to the barber shop to get your hair cut, head to your local barber shop and order one of these fresh new haircuts.

Best Men’s Barbershop Haircuts For 2022

Whether you want a fade, undercut, pompadour, quiff, faux hawk or buzz cut, these barbershop cuts will inspire you! Check out the stylish cuts below before your next visit!

Barbershop mens haircuts best

Barbershop mens haircuts best

Barbershop mens haircuts atlanta

Barbershop mens haircuts atlanta

Barbershop men's haircuts and styles

Barbershop men’s haircuts and styles

Barbershop men's haircuts and more

Barbershop men’s haircuts and more

Men's barbershop haircuts near me

Men’s barbershop haircuts near me

Classic men's barbershop haircuts

Classic men’s barbershop haircuts

Barbershop mens haircuts medium length

Barbershop mens haircuts medium length

Barbershop men's haircuts manchester

Barbershop men’s haircuts manchester

Barbershop men's haircuts london

Barbershop men’s haircuts london

Barbershop men's haircuts long

Barbershop men’s haircuts long

Barbershop mens haircuts katy

Barbershop mens haircuts katy

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Barbershop mens haircuts kaukauna

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Barbershop men’s haircuts kapolei

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Barbershop men’s haircuts kerala

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Barbershop men’s haircuts korean

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Barbershop men’s haircuts jordan

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Barbershop men’s haircuts jamaica

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Barber mens haircuts invercargill

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Barbers men’s haircuts ipswich

Barbershop men's haircuts in chicago

Barbershop men’s haircuts in chicago

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Barbershop mens haircuts green bay

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Barbershop mens haircuts gilet

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Barbershop men’s haircuts guayaquil

Barbershop men's haircuts gretna

Barbershop men’s haircuts gretna

Barbershop men's haircuts denver

Barbershop men’s haircuts denver

Barbershop mens haircuts barbour

Barbershop mens haircuts barbour

Barbers men's haircuts aberdeen

Barbers men’s haircuts aberdeen

1. The Flattop

I’ve always enjoyed working with Anthony – he has great hair and is always willing to try new things. This is a tall flat top, tapering to the No.1 blade on the sides and rear, trimmed short at the top with a smooth transition to a longer front. The nape is tapered and finished with a straight razor contour. I styled this hairstyle using Grant’s Pomade. This haircut can be a pretty high-maintenance cut as it requires styling every morning and frequent visits to the barbershop to keep the style in place.

The flattop haircut men

2. The Ivy League

Brandon rocked what I will now officially call my signature… Ivy League in short (it’s like a “military platform”). The edges and back are cut tight at the edges using an open shears. Of course, the nape is completed by shaving the taper neck and straight razor. The upper left is longer (about three inches). Brandon is about nine and a half feet tall, so the fact that he doesn’t have to cut so much on his head is a plus since I can’t really be that tall. For styling, we used Woody’s Pomade to add control and shine.

The Ivy League haircut men

3. The Tight Taper

For this hairstyle, I asked, “so what are we going to do today?” His response was, “whatever you think will look good.” I love it when a customer says so. John has thick, dark hair – it looks great with a tight taper. What I like about this haircut is the contrast you get between the scalp on the sides and the longer length on the top. The matting is done liberally with a 000 blade while the cut top is about 3 inches long – you can really see the contrast between the matte and the longer top. Of course, we cleaned the taper on the back and finished the cut using a straight razor. Styling is done with Woody’s Clay for hold and shine.

The Tight Taper haircut men

4. The Pompadour

I really enjoyed working with Kyle – he has a great haircut and he is always open to suggestions. For this classic pompadour, we went tight on the sides and back (using the #1 blade and freestyle). The hair is quickly elongated considerably on the top (combed down, the front will fall below his eyebrows). The traditional pompadour hairstyle is achieved by drying the front and back sections to add height and using pomade for shine and control. I love this cut because it offers a number of styling options – it can be worn as a ruffled look (as shown) or cut to the side and worn down for a more conservative look.

The Pompadour haircut men

5. The Classic Taper

This is the haircut you can’t go wrong – the one that suits any face or lifestyle. For Paul’s classic taper, we used a low number two blade around the sides and back (with a taper neckline and detailed straight razor around the edges). The sides blend evenly into the longer top (about three inches long) with no visible demarcation lines. This style is versatile in that it can be worn partially loosely with gel or pomade or worn loose and dry for a more casual look.

The Classic Taper haircut men

6. The Faded Pompadour

Ben is doing a short pompadour cut (or fuzzy shaggy hairdo). For this style we took the sides and skin using a 00000 blade (the tightest cutting blade available). The hair is cut close to the skin about half of the head and quickly grays to a considerable length on top (about 4 inches). If the hair is combed straight down, there will be a noticeable demarcation and much of the blend is achieved through styling. Hair was blow-dried and styled with MENSDEPT. Micro technology.

The Faded Pompadour haircut men

7. The Depression Era Taper

This haircut I did for Lucas is what I would call a Depression-style haircut (or a strong short ponytail). For this look, the hair is lightened close to the skin low around the sides and back and quickly coalesces into a considerable length on the top (about five inches in Lucas’ case). For this style, the real blend comes from the styling. If you brush it straight down, it will look like a bowl cut. I really like the sharp contrast between the stretchy skin and the length on the head. Pair this top with some jeans, a white shirt, and a tight black tie and you’re golden. The downside to this style is that the product is required to maintain the look, and the style can’t really be worn out.

The Depression Era Taper haircut men

8. The Modified Pompadour

I’ve been cutting Patrick’s hair since high school and it’s been fun watching him grow into the handsome guy he’s become. Of course he has a great face, but he also has a great haircut for this modified shaggy hairstyle. We used a 000 blade on the sides and back and brought it short on top, leaving a demarcation line between the short sides and the long top (this line disappears when styling). The top is about 4 inches long and styled with MENSDEPT. Micro technology. Of course, in fact, with that face, Patrick could wear any style and look great.

The Modified Pompadour haircut men

9. The Rockabilly Pompadour

This is my first time cutting Seth Loeb’s hair – and I’m so glad he came. This classic puffy hairstyle looks great on him and matches his trendy, classic style. We cut the short hair on the sides and back with an emphasis on clean lines around the ears and at the neck (complete with a straight razor, of course). The top section of hair, about 7 inches long, was styled back with MENSDEPT. Microtech (a little heat has been applied to the front for extra height).

The Rockabilly Pompadour haircut men

Above are the most famous men’s barbershops that you can search for. There are many different styles, no matter how difficult these barbers will help you do it in no time.