24+ Best Hairstyles for Asian Men in 2022

Best Hairstyles for Asian Men have the most attractive hair. Because of their thick, straight hair, they can pull off practically any haircut, and many Asian men are regarded for being hairstyle trailblazers.

Hot and Sexy Best Hairstyles for Asian Men in 2022

Asian men are known for having thick hair, which is a quality that many countries do not have in common. With such a large head, there is plenty of room for hair experiments. As a result, it’s no wonder that when a new hairdo hits the streets, Asian guys are usually the first in line. We’ve selected the best hairstyles for Asian men, from the bare-it-all buzz cut to flowy long locks.

Best Hairstyles for Asian Men

Asian males, on the other hand, confront particular challenges due to their hair. If you’re interested, this LA Times article is a good place to start. Because Asian hair is thicker but not dense, some hairstyles are unsuitable.

1. Mid Fade Haircut

Because it works with hair that tends to stand out in every direction, this fashionable haircut is simple to style. While faded sides shave hair down to the skin, a touch of pomade maintains hair in place.

Mid Fade Haircut Asian

2. Messy Textured Haircut

This short hair with a temple fade could be styled into an Ivy League for a conservative look. Instead, the strong texture complements the hair’s glittering platinum hue.

Messy Textured Haircut Asian

3. High and Tight

Because it looks nice with minimum style, the high and tight is a military haircut that is popular with all guys. Simply run your fingers or a comb through your hair and push it into place.

High and Tight Asian

4. Line Up + Skin Fade + Short Spikes

This variation of the high and tight is longer and spikier, with a line up at the hairline. Use hair gel to achieve the effect.

Line Up + Skin Fade + Short Spikes Asian

5. Thick Crop

Many younger Asian men like thick crop styles that emphasize their hair’s thickness. Crops are well-rounded cuts that give the appearance of fullness and are also very versatile. Even a sloppy crop will go with everything from jeans and a tee to chinos and a sweater.

Thick Crop Asian

6. The Short Quiff

Quiffs demand thicker hair to provide the greatest look, which Asian guys have no difficulty with. That’s why so many Asian men wear their hair in a quiff. The quiff in this photo is on the shorter side, making it a more versatile look than longer quiffs.

The Short Quiff Asian

7. Thick Brush Up

The brush up, like the quiff, is achieved by brushing the hair straight up. This means adding absurd amounts of volume and depth to thicker hair. To keep everything in order, the hair is blended smoothly with an even cut on top and tapering sides.

Thick Brush Up Asian

8. Swooping Fringe

Asian males can have fantastic fringe haircuts since their hair holds its shape nicely. This sweeping fringe is a great example because it takes a lot of thick hair to keep it in place like that. If you want a practical and low-maintenance hairstyle, this is a good choice.

Swooping Fringe Asian

9. Spiky Quiff

This is a lengthier look with a short quiff in the front, taking the high and tight to the next level. The low fade across the sides and back creates a neat cut finish while also slimming round faces.

Spiky Quiff Asian

Asian hair may be moulded into any gravity-defying style you can think of using a product like Gatsby Moving Rubber. The longest hair is concentrated into a textured quiff with these modern spikes.

10. Layered Locks with Texture

Guys with thick hair have it easier when it comes to texture than those with thinner hair. With its basic yet high-impact look, this casual schoolboy haircut demonstrates how luxurious thick hair can be. The hair is carefully layered to increase texture and make this haircut stand out.

Layered Locks with Texture Asian

11. Short Korean Cut

While Asian hair is adaptable, it can also be tough and unmanageable at times, a problem that many Korean men face. One solution is to cut the hair short, as the sheer thickness of the hair will make it appear longer than it really is even at short lengths. This is a stylish design that will go with any sophisticated casual ensemble.

Short Korean Cut Asian

12. Textured Crop Haircut

The textured crop is one of the year’s most popular men’s hairstyles. It complements Asian hair by balancing the straight fringe and spiky texture.

Textured Crop Haircut Asian

13. Loose Waves

Wavy hair is typical among Asian males, and if your hair is thick and wavy, you can wear it in a variety of fashions. That’s evident in this tousled hairstyle. The waves stretch forward and to the side, resulting in a look that is something between fringe and side swept. Overall, this is a fantastic casual style that lets your wavy hair do its thing.

Loose Waves Asian

14. Medium Taper

A medium-length taper is a good compromise. It keeps your hair thick and full while taming it just enough to keep it from becoming too wild. Many Asian celebrities, like John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame, favor this look.

Medium Taper Asian

15. Heavy Fringe

This innovative style contrasts a line of hefty blunt fringe with a fuzzy skin fade in a crop without the texture.

Heavy Fringe Asian

16. Textured Fringe

Thick hair is lightened by textured fringe with a high fade, which also looks amazing. The jagged look is due to the haircut rather than the styling.

Textured Fringe Asian

17. Modern Comb Over

This comb over style includes some aspects of a popular textured crop, making it an updated classic. Swap sleek hair for loose fringe, comb marks for structure, and shiny hair for matte.

Modern Comb Over Asian

18. Diagonal Faux Hawk

The line of the faux hawk is cut diagonally instead of straight down the middle in this really cool but surprising short hairstyle.

Diagonal Faux Hawk Asian

19. Blunt Bang

Long blunt fringe can be worn with the crop fade. This short sides, long top haircut features layers that lighten thick hair and give jagged structure.

Blunt Bang Asian

20. Tangled Volume

Another alternative is to embrace your hair’s thickness and coarseness by growing it out and letting it naturally tangle. Because of the waves and loose ends, the outcome is a messier style with a lot of movement.

Tangled Volume Asian

21. Messy Spikes

These sloppy spikes take the texture trend to the next level. Let the hair be thick, glossy and diagonal to refresh it. Check out our list of the top 100 men’s haircuts if you’re looking for a new look. Choose a style, mix and match styles and show off your haircut photos. It is quite simple.

Messy Spikes Asian

22. Short Sides, Long Top

This unstructured, untidy look is both unique and fashionable. Wear it slicked back or comb over, as shown above.

Short Sides, Long Top Asian

23. Long Hair + Undercut + Man Bun

Long hair twisted into a man bun over an undercut isn’t the most recent men’s haircut, but it is novel in men’s hair history. It’s a trendy modern look that looks fantastic.

Long Hair + Undercut + Man Bun Asian

That’s why we put up this list of more than 24 best hairstyles for Asian men. These styles will all look great on Asian boys. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from fashionable Korean haircuts to classic samurai-inspired cuts, in the hopes that you’ll find a new style that you like.

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