22+ New and Trendy Fade Haircuts for Men in 2022

Fade Haircuts for Men are one of the most popular hairstyles for guys, partly because there are so many different types of fades to choose from. In addition, current men’s haircuts have emphasized a fade with long hair on top.

Faded hairstyles offer something for every male, including White, Black, Latino, and Asian guys, whether they prefer a low, mid, high, taper, bald, or skin fade haircuts.

Check out these images for the most Fade Haircuts for Men

A fade haircut is one of the most appealing ways to freshen up your look. There are so many different types of fades that everyone can choose one that meets their tastes and requirements. Long top hair is matched with a variety of fade haircuts for guys, including low, mid, and high fades, depending on the boldness desired. So don’t wait any longer to acquire the perfect fade haircut for yourself.

Fade Haircuts for Men

Furthermore, the location of your fade request isn’t the only aspect that influences the type of fade you get. Men can get a razor, bald, or skin fade, as well as temp, burst, drop, flat top (box), and high top. Please check out these images for the most up-to-date fade haircuts for men.

1. Spiky Hairstyle

The hairline is blurred all around with this short fade. The spiky texture on top contrasts with the clean trimmed edges.

spiky fade hairstyle

2. Long Curly Haircuts for Men + Low Fade

Fades can be applied to any hair type or length. This haircut for guys with long curly hair has a lot of texture on top and at the sides and fades the hairline.

Long Curly Haircuts for Men + Low Fade

3. Pomp + Low Fade + Temple Fade

The top of this traditional pompadour fade has some wavy texture, while the sides have a fresh fade. A low skin fade begins at the back of the neck and gradually increases to a temple fade over the ear.

Pomp + Low Fade + Temple Fade

4. Pompadour Fade Haircuts

The pompadour fade can be cut and styled in a surprising number of different ways. With a matte finish and a low fade down to the skin, this cool version has that classic silhouette.

Pompadour Fade Haircuts

5. Comb Over + Low Fade

An ultra low fade adds a stylish touch to this ultra slick comb over hairdo with a full beard.

men's low fade comb over

6. Quiff + Side Part + Low Fade

With a quiff in the front, side part, and skin fade down low, this retro-inspired look is absolutely on trend right now.

quiff + side part + low fade haircut

7. Textured Sweep Back + Low Fade

This sleek design features textured medium-length hair swept back with a fuzzy fade around the edges.

Textured Sweep Back + Low Fade

8. Side Part Haircut

One of the newest fade haircut styles for men is to contrast shaved sides with short hair in a step. This stylish design blends a traditional side part with a trendy mid fade.

men's side part haircut fade

9. Textured Sweep Back + Mid Bald Fade

Short sides and backs taper down to the skin in a mid fade with a hint of texture, with medium-length hair brushed back.

Textured Sweep Back + Mid Bald Fade

10. Curly High Top Fade Haircuts

The kinky texture up top contrasts with a smooth mid fade in this curly high top fade.

Curly High Top Fade Haircuts

11. High Fade Haircuts

The high fade starts tapering near the top of the hair, producing a stark contrast between the longer top haircut and the short sides. High fade haircuts also require more contrast for a stronger look because the cut starts at the highest point on the side of your hair. Finally, if you want to put more attention on your haircut, high fades are a terrific choice, especially if you’re getting a short look on top.

mens high fade haircuts

12. Low Fade Haircut

The low fade is the polar opposite of the high fade, beginning just above the ear and neckline. Low fade haircuts are ideal for medium-length to longer hairstyles that require a thicker look, as they have less contrast and more texture on the sides. Similarly, guys might request a faded beard or a buzz down to the skin for a gritty look from their barber. Low fades are great for classic hairstyles and business situations, but they don’t have to be boring.

low fade haircut men

13. Mid Fade Haircut

In the middle of the skull, the mid fade begins. For a soft look, your barber will start trimming halfway up your sides and back, also known as a medium fade. If you can’t decide between a high or low fade, a mid fade haircut offers more options. Plus, medium fades complement practically all cuts and styles, offering you the best of both worlds.

mid fade haircut men

14. Bald and Skin Fade Haircut

The skin fade, also known as the zero or bald fade, is a hairstyle that takes the fade to its logical conclusion. The bald fade haircut necessitates a trim right down to bare skin, rather than simply fading to very short hair with the smallest clipper size. Your barber will either use no guard, an outliner, or a specialist shaver to produce a zero fade haircut.

Bald and Skin Fade Haircut

A high skin fade or a bald temp fade is one approach to create a highly striking cut. If you want your sides shaved down for a high-contrast finish, a mid or low skin fade is also a viable alternative. While the look is appealing when paired with the current thick hairstyles for men, showing a lot of skin without longer hair on top of your head may appear too harsh.

15. Undercut Fade

The undercut is similar to the fade in that it features short hair on the sides and rear of the head. The faded undercut mixes the two styles. Most undercut hairstyles are cut quite high and trimmed all one length. The men’s undercut fade shortens swiftly and abruptly before gradually tapering. To suit their hairdo, guys might receive a high, mid, or low undercut fade. In recent years, the undercut fade has been very popular. The undercut is usually an excellent choice if you want a short haircut that is fashionable and easy to wear.

fade undercut mens hair

16. Matte Pomp + Mid Skin Fade

Mid fades can take an arc behind the ear or a more direct path in a straight line.

Matte Pomp + Mid Skin Fade

17. Curly Flat Top + Hair Design

With curly texture on top and a delicate hair style, this cool look modifies the standard flat top fade.

Curly Flat Top + Hair Design

18. Textured Quiff

With a texture quiff on top, a fuzzy fade, and a pair of scratches on one side, this medium-length haircut has a lot going on.

textured quiff fade haicut

19. Short Men’s Hair +Mid Fade + Hair Design

Without much hair, this playful men’s haircut contains a lot of intricacy. Short hair is shaped into thick spikes, the sides and back are cleanly faded, and a couple of swoops at the temple add a cool hair tattoo.

Short Men’s Hair +Mid Fade + Hair Design

20. Buzz Cut + High Fade + Line Up

The trendy combination of a buzz cut, line up, and high fade creates this fashionable and super short hairstyles men.

Buzz Cut + High Fade + Line Up

21. Heavy Crop + High Fade Haircuts

Hair in fringe over the forehead has become fashionable thanks to the crop haircut. This stylish hairstyle features thick wavy hair with a high fade.

Heavy Crop + High Fade Haircuts

22. Comb Over Haircut + Side Part

A line up and a hazy fade provide a new dimension to a basic pompadour.

side part comb over mens haircut

How To Get A New Fade Haircuts

To get a taper or fade haircut, select whether you want the fade to start high, low, or in the middle. Then you’ll need to figure out how short you want your hair to be and where you want the tapering to be most obvious.

All of these factors will aid your barber in determining the type of fade you desire. Your barber will be more precise in executing your preferences if you are more precise.

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