19+ Hot and Trendy Shaved Sides Haircuts for Men

Hairstyles with shaved sides are trendy, clean, and simple to wear. Shaved sides haircuts, whether in an undercut or fade, draw attention to the hair on top and make it appear fuller.

Fade haircuts fade from short to shorter or all the way to the skin. The fades on these shaved sides hairstyles range from mid to high. Undercuts are similar to high fades in that they shave hair from the top of the temples to the bottom, but they are all the same length.

19+ Shaved Sides Haircuts for Attractive Men

Men’s hairstyles are currently dominated by shaved sides. Your haircut will look cleaner overall with shorter sides, giving you more leeway to do something bold with the top. Shaved sides can offer you a sharp and edgy look, from military-inspired buzz cuts to hipster-inspired man buns. If you need some ideas for your next haircut, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest and trendiest shaved sides haircuts for men.

shaved sides haircuts for guys

Hair can be short or long on top, styled or unstyled, curly or straight. Anything goes, really. Shaved sides make hair easier to wear in longer styles or with more difficult hair types.

1. Slick Back + Disconnected Undercut

Keep the top a little longer for this style that draws inspiration from several eras. Slicked-back haircuts reflect a man who is serious about his work. He still parties on the weekends, as seen by his disconnected undercut. Choose a short length and, as with other shaved side styles, be sure to visit the barber on a frequent basis. This is one haircut that could use a little more shine. A medium-hold gel or pomade works well for a wet look.

Slick Back + Disconnected Undercut

2. Short Haircut + Mid Drop Fade

A medium fade slips down behind the ears in this sleek and easy haircut for thick hair. It’s textured with a sloppy quiff near the hairline.

mid drop fade haircut short hair

3. Short Hair + Taper Fade

This is one of the most macho and tidy haircuts on the list. It’s also a cut that looks great with beards, thanks to the tapered, short sides that complement facial hair for a manly image. For people whose hair is beginning to grey, shorter styles are a safe bet. It’s also a good choice for lazy people because it requires little maintenance and can look great with short, unkempt hair.

short haircut taper fade

4. Bald Fade + Slick Back

This is a good option for those who don’t want their tops to be too long. The reduced length on top also allows you to shave the sides down to a bald fade. Hair gel or pomade work best for the slicked back look.

skin fade slick back haircut

5. High and Tight

The top is short, and the sides are even shorter. The military also inspired the high and tight haircut; you may have heard people with this hairstyle referred to as ‘jarheads.’ The dramatic change in length from the sides to the top of the head creates a distinct appearance.

high and tight haircut

6. Undercut

The undercut is as fashionable as ever right now. For those guys who prefer to avoid some of the more extreme styles in this book, the traditional form of this style is a safer option. It’s a simple and adaptable hairstyle to style that just requires a little product. Matte-finish products look best, especially on finer hair.

mens undercut shaved sides

7. Slick Back + Mid Fade + Hair Design

This haircut features a slick back and a mid fade. You’ll need to let your hair grow a little longer to achieve this style. The tapered sides make the transition to the longer length at the top less abrupt. For a more modern spin on this look, use a product with a matte finish.

Slick Back + Mid Fade + Hair Design

8. Bowl Cut

If the words ‘bowl cut’ make you cringe, don’t worry: We’re not promoting a comeback of the style in all its ’90s splendor. Bowl cut elements have been reinterpreted and can be a daring option. The abrupt change in length further down the side of the head is the main feature of this cut. Maintain a short top length for the best form of this cut.

Bowl Cut

9. Low Fade + Slick Back

When men go to the barber for a shaved side haircut, many assume the shave must start at the part line. Your shave’s length should not be assumed. You can modify the entire look of your cut by adjusting the shave lower. A low fade can be used with a classic hairstyle for the modern male (such as this slicked back look).

mens low fade slick back

10. Hi – Top + Taper Fade

You might be able to pull off this ’80s classic if you have thick and manageable hair. The hi-top fade is a dramatic cut that represents hip hop’s golden age. The style has reappeared now and looks as fantastic as ever.

high top taper fade black male

11. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a more conservative alternative for those who prefer to shave their sides. Crew cuts come in a variety of styles, but in essence, they are short haircuts with shaved sides. The front of the length is frequently longer than the back. It’s low-maintenance, though a little texture or wet-look product can give it a little more personality.

crew cuts hairstyle

12. Long Hair + Side Part + Undercut

Another fashion trend that is frequently considered as a hipster fad. Long hair men hairstyles with an undercut and side part has become increasingly popular for a reason, and it looks great. You’ll look wonderfully macho if you combine the hairdo with a beard.

Long Hair + Side Part + Undercut

13. Curly Hair + Fade

One option for men with medium-length hair is to employ a fade to create a separation between the top and sides. To achieve a carefree and fashionable look, use pomade and sea salt spray on your hair.

Curly Hair + Fade

14. Messy Pomp + Shaved Sides

This form of the mid fade haircut leaves hair thicker on top. The bald fade and shaved line are contrasted by dark hair dressed into a disheveled pomp.

Messy Pomp + Shaved Sides

15. Short Curly Hair + Fade

If you have short curly hair, a faded cut can be a great way to show off your natural curls. Keep the hair on top at a length that allows the curls to stand out without being too dominating for a more subtle look. Avoid using too much product because this look is all about your hair as it develops naturally.

short curly fade haircut

16. High and Tight + Skin Fade

It has a similar pattern to the typical ‘high and tight’ haircut, but the sides are tapered. The sides taper down near the ears, while the top still has a clear transition in length from top to sides. You can go for a skin fade that fades down to no hair at all for the most stunning appearance.

high and tight skin fade haircut

17. Man Bun + Undercut

Hipsters went crazy for the mix of man-bun and undercut a couple of years ago. Today, though, it’s a widespread trend, and that’s because it can look terrific on the appropriate person. Remember that the shorter the sides are, the more attention your bun will receive. As a result, this cut can make features appear top-heavy, so think about your face shape before going for it.

man bun undercut styles

18. Mid Fade + Line Up

Especially for black hair, fade haircuts are usually coupled with line ups. A short high top fade with a curled finish creates this striking style.

Mid Fade + Line Up

19. Curly Hair + Skin Fade

Curly hair men and lengthier hairstyles look great with shaved sides. The thick curls on top of this stylish crop taper down to the skin in a mid-drop fade.

curly hair low skin fade

Shaved sides haircuts for guys is the hottest fashion trend for 2022. You love this hairstyle, please choose one that suits your style.

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