15 Cool Mens 90s Hairstyles (The Curtain Haircut 2022)

Mens 90s Hairstyles, the Good Old Days vs The Modern And Trendy Styles. The curtain haircut, popularized by Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Johnathon Taylor Thomas in the 1990s, is making a comeback. Are people yearning for a better, simpler time at this turbulent period?

Is it merely a cool style that a new generation has rediscovered? Curtain bangs are here for some reason. Timothee Chalamet, Charles Melton, and Zayn Malik have all worn them, as have eboy influencers on social media.

If you’re unfamiliar with the style, it consists of a center part with a long unkempt fringe that hangs down on either side of the forehead like curtains. It can be worn with a side part or slightly off-center part. It’s a medium-length hairstyle with shorter sides and bangs.

The Curtain Haircuts Mens 90s Hairstyles For 2022

The curtain haircut is distinguished by a long fringe parted in the middle or on the side. The Curtain Haircut was popularized by Oscar Wilde towards the end of the nineteenth century, and it remained popular until the 1920s. The hippie movement in the 1960s sparked the first rebirth. Grunge bands like Nirvana and Hollywood heartthrobs like Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio popularized it again in the 1990s.

90s mens hairstyles pictures

The hairdo is making a comeback these days, thanks to the ’90s fashion renaissance. From runways to K-Pop stages, it’s everywhere. In contrast to previous iterations of the hairdo, the curtain haircut for men in 2020 is far more adaptable. Depending on the gentleman sporting the look, it now lends itself to much more customisation and personalisation.

1. 90s Curtain Haircut

For maximum fringe, the curtains are cut the longest at the front. Hair gets shorter as it approaches the head. The sides can be shorter in a fade or longer with some flow like this 90s variant, which is cut short all around.

90s Curtain Haircut Men

2. New Curtain Haircut

This is closer to Jared Leto’s Jordan Catalano’s curtain-raising performance. Typically, fringe is dressed with untidy volume, but this variation is kept low. To find your signature look, try both methods.

New curtain haircut trends

3. Short Blonde Curtain Haircut

Blonde looks well with a curtain hairdo, as young Brad Pitt can attest. Whether your hair is naturally blonde or tinted, you can rock this look. A slanted section in the middle looks quite remarkable. Combining it with an undercut also allows the hair to sit flatter against the head. Keep the ends super sharp and straight for a sleek style, and add some styling gel for a slick look.

Short Blonde Curtain Haircut

4. Medium Length Curly Curtain Length

Timothee Chalamet is a well-known actor with a medium-length curly curtain hairdo. For gentlemen with natural curls, this is a no-brainer. To make the curls look more outstanding, simply wash your hair and add hair oil or a mild gel through it to create the look. The benefit of this medium length curly curtain length is that it does not require too much uniformity. Finish with texturizing spray for a light grip.

Medium Length Curly Curtain Length MEN

5. Curtained Hair

This contemporary take on the curtained hairstyle incorporates disheveled styling and a messy part. Instead of using a comb, set the part with your fingertips.

Men curtained hair 90s

6. Fade + Curtain Haircut

A fade is another technique to bring the curtain haircut into the twenty-first century. A temple fade is visible above the ears, and the back hair is short. Any kind of fade would work, from a low fade to an undercut for the fashionable disconnected look.

90's curtain fade haircut mens

7. Short Black Curtain Haircut

A short black curtain hairstyle is a throwback to the bad boys of the 1990s. You don’t, however, require bad life choices or a shady reputation to pull off this appearance. Keep the back and sides short, but allow the top to grow to the middle of your ear to obtain this look.

Short Black Curtain Haircut 90s

Therefore, in order to achieve that Peter-Andre-emerging-from-the-ocean appearance, the use of a wet-look gel is highly recommended. Finally, perfect your seductive ‘blue steel’ appearance, and you’re ready to rock this curtain hairdo.

8. Curtain Bangs Haircut

Men’s fringe hairstyles were revived thanks to the crop haircut trend. Curtain bangs part hair at the middle and give volume instead of short, blunt bangs or fringe worn down over the forehead. Add the hanging earring in one ear for a full-on Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street look.

Curtain bangs haircut medium hair 90s

9. Long Wavy Curtain Hairstyle

The center-parted curtain hairstyle is the best way to show off long, rich, curly locks if you’re a gentleman with them. To make this work, gentlemen with naturally curly hair merely need to take care of their curls. To reinforce and heal any damage to the hair strands, utilize nutritious hair treatments on a regular basis. You can still achieve this look with a flat iron or curling wand if your hair is long and straight.

Long Wavy Curtain Hairstyle 90S

10. Medium Length Curtain Hair

Although a couple of inches of bangs are required for the curtain hairstyle, this medium length cut is much longer all over. Fringe measures around six inches in length and angles up toward the rear. Without extending below the neckline, the sides and back have some length.

Medium length curtain hairstyle 90s

11. Short Messy Curtain Haircut

For guys who enjoy a little adventure in life, short messy hair in a curtain haircut is an ideal option. It shows off your rebellious side while still remaining fashionable and appealing.With this technique, the position and precision of your part are less important. Simply keep the length over the ear to avoid seeming unkempt. Finally, finish the style with a texturizing product like sea salt spray or pomade.

Short messy curtain hairstyle 90s

12. Curtain Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Finally, here’s a stylish curtained style with a naturally wavy texture. This variation is pushed up and out from the middle section. To achieve the look, use your favorite curly hair product. You can also straighten your hair for a distinct look.

Curtain hairstyle for wavy hair 90s style

13. Medium Length Curtain Wavy Hairstyle

A medium-length wavy curtain haircut lends a somber mystique to the look. For this look, channel your inner Supernatural’s monster-hunting, demon-killing Sam Winchester. The trick to pulling off this look is to keep your hair clean and greasy, so wash it on a regular basis. With some sea salt spray, you may give texture and movement.

Medium Length Curtain Wavy Hairstyle 90s

If your hair is starting to feel greasy and you don’t have time to wash it, freshen it up with some dry shampoo, which will help add texture. Finally, the extra length on this curtain hairstyle looks well on men with oval, heart, or diamond faces. Keanu Reeves and Jared Leto are excellent examples of this approach in action with those face shapes.

14. Curtain Hairstyle with Beards

With a beard, curtain hairstyles look fantastic. It provides a contrast between your soft locks and scruff and looks tough and macho. You should keep your neckbeard clean and apply a nice beard oil. You can leave your bangs wherever it falls naturally and at a length that suits your face, just like other forms of curtain hairstyles.

Curtain Hairstyle with Beards 90s

15. Long Straight Curtain Hairstyle

A popular homage to the ’90s grunge movement is rocking a long straight curtain hairdo. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl both nailed this look. It’s also been continually popular in the metal music genre, making it ideal for headbanging to Slipknot or Gojira. If you don’t like grunge and metal but still want to wear this style, your outfit will make all the difference. It’s also vital to wash your hair on a regular basis to avoid a carefree look.

Long Straight Curtain Hairstyle 90s

16. Asian Curtain Hairstyle

The curtain haircut looks amazing on Asian males, as several members of globally successful K-Pop bands such as BTS and SuperM have demonstrated. The style works well with Asian hair’s thickness, allowing it to be worn sleek and straight or with texture.

Asian Curtain Hairstyle men 90s

Depending on your face shape, the length should be at ear level, and the portion should be centered or slightly off to the side. Mix up this style by coloring it hot pink, vibrant orange, or emerald green, as seen on K-Pop stars.

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